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A Multiverse Cinematic Adventure


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Have you ever dreamed of being able to travel through your favourite movie worlds? Well, that's exactly what happens to Jack, an ordinary dude who suddenly finds himself getting isekaied. He has a system that allows him to travel to different worlds inspired by popular movies. In each world he will have a new profession. He will have to reach the peak of that profession to get stronger and be able to unlock new worlds. In the "Fast and Furious", Jack becomes a master mechanic who can fix any car and outdrive even Toretto. In the "Mission Impossible", he is an IRS officer with a knack for catching tax evaders like Tom Cruise. In the "Flash", he is an ordinary courier delivery boy who can run circles around the Flash and deliver packages with lightning speed. In "DC", he is a gym coach who can bench press the moon and Bruce's esteemed magic teacher. In the "Harry Potter", he is a staff maker with magical powers that would make Dumbledore jealous. And so on.... Join Jack on his epic journey as he becomes the ultimate god of the multiverse and through the most epic, action-packed, and hilarious multiverse journey ever... ========== Do you want to read ahead? Explore more chapters filled with sizzling encounters, and heart-pounding adventures. Then what are you waiting for Join my Patreon right now. Link : patreon.com/thebookaddict


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