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My Multiverse Trip

Reincarnation? Wishes? A System? Magic? Harem? Pudding? This story has all of those. Multiverse travel, kingdom building, fan boy dreams come true in this wild story starting in the Harry Potter world. Instantly op character? nope. sharingan at the start? nope. shameless Mc? yep. shameless comedy? yep. NTR. nope. Just to let everyone know this is my first story English is my native language I planned 0 chapters in this whole book and I literally started writing it because I simple wanted to read it myself. It contains parts from bringing the farm to another world, shadow hack, and supreme Anime system. leave any advice you want I read all comments and try to take them into account. (disclaimer I only own my characters I personally make) also there will be some grammar errors and some plot holes think of this as a rough draft I'm just winging it basically at this point lol doing well so far tho I plan to go back later to fix small things like speech and paragraphs sometimes I miss things. be gentle it's my first time.

Ryan_Colman · Fantasy
467 Chs

HPRP (New Chapters in fanfic section version)

A young man reborn into his favorite world. He was granted some request after his death, but the problem was that the granter had no control over how those request were to be granted. Watch as he grows from a single boy in the dark to a protector who wishes to light the path forward for the magical world one step at a time. ———— I just couldn’t read other fanfics cause this idea just kept ringing in my head. It’s my very first time writing or posting anywhere. And I obviously don’t own any of the settings, but so what? I’m doing cause I felt like it and for the fun of it.

Alexander_the_grey · Fantasy
121 Chs

The Lost Heir (A Harry Potter Fanfic)

An unexpected tragedy happened, and a boy suddenly died. Because his death was unexpected even in the eyes of Fate, he was given a chance to reincarnate to the world of his liking. Follow the boy in his misadventures and series of misfortunes as he lives his second life while being burdened by the curse of his name. Author's notes: So this story will have slow updates as this idea was stuck in my head for a while, and I can't really find a fanfiction with this idea so I'm making one. You can even copy my idea since I don't know if I will put an end to this story. I will apologize in advance if there are grammar mistakes because English is my second language. I don't own any of J.K. Rowling's works, except my SI-OC character.

MapleLeaves · Fantasy
29 Chs

Harry Potter: The Grind is Real

HogScape ... where you grind for the mastery of magic the old school way. Disclaimer: The franchise and copyright for Harry Potter and Runescape are not owned by the author of this novel. This is a fanfiction.

Fluffypie · Fantasy
44 Chs

Uninterested as a Malfoy in Harry Potter

I, as in my incredible wisdom, have decide to publish my idea on self insert. The mc doesn't want to be included in any way with plot or interact with people at all. "Why should I become the greatest wizard or a savior, if fate already has a whipping boy?" Chapters will be irregular. Disclaimer inside.

Krsak · Fantasy
25 Chs


A guy saves a young girl from truck-kun. then he meets an old God who decides to transmigrate him as Harry frickin Potter. Watch as "Harry" messes up canon and takes matters into his own hands. Strong and smart MC. Please do enjoy my book. I'm new here and I'm inexperienced at this. Criticism is allowed but pls don't make me cry. I don't own Harry Potter and I don't own the picture. Bye.

some_writer · Fantasy
28 Chs

Master of the Death(18+)

The men of the Weasley Family have peculiar desires. And Harry's here to fulfil them at the same time try to control the Elder Wand.

inoharamito · Fantasy
15 Chs

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

Just read it. not mine

Teraten · Fantasy
122 Chs