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In a world full of superhumans with fantastical abilities the idea of superheroes is seen as nothing more than childish dreams. The superheroes are instead streamers, people stream their crime-fighting ordeals for the world with the whole reason of getting rich and famous, nothing more, nothing less. The concept of great power means great responsibility is thrown out the window for a new era of supers. Alton Brantley is one such person. Working two part-time jobs to make ends meet he keeps his powers a secret not wanting the burdens of his past to define him. This changes however when he is met by a larger than life girl Zinnia, she dreams of being a real-life superhero like the ones of old. Forming Team Rhapsody they begin to climb the ranks gaining new allies in order to become the most famous streamers the world has ever seen.

Nightfall_Protocol · Fantasy
348 Chs

DcMcu: kaiju system

A fan of monster movies Max is reborn with the a system that allows him the powers of many of fictions greatest monsters and creatures and far more surprises. But what's happenes when a monster trys to be a hero in a world of many wonders and darknesses

wiz161 · Sci-fi
110 Chs

Damage Controllers

Robert was just a young man who accidentally went missing when he was on a combat mission in China.  During the days he was gone, he encountered something incredible that gave him superpowers.  He would become a "Legend" that lives on and on and on... even to this day.... But where is he now?     Jack is a New York City detective who doesn't play by the rules. After an incident at work, he starts to come across mysterious people and receives strange requests. He will soon realize, some of these people have evil plans, and they are quite impossible to defeat. Unless, Jack can recruit a team of people with special talents, including a "Legend" who never dies. Together, they may have a chance to defeat the villains. But first, can they find the "Legend" to join the team? Can they control the damage that's about to happen? * All Rights Reserved. Cover designed by me. **!! Strongly suggest that you don't waste any money on this. Use free coins if you want but don't pay. I will NOT get whatever you spent here so please don't spend any money!!** * Visit my page for other stories: bio.link/PageTurner

Choyee_Lin · Urban
Not enough ratings
208 Chs

Technomancer of Marvel

(New author so I'm just writing this new idea in my free time) Join Daniel Shade, an average Mechanical Engineering University student, as he gets a second chance at life. After a freak accident he finds himself waking up in a new but all so familiar world. This story is a reincarnation story with a main character sent to the Marvel world with Technomancer powers/abilities. *still getting used to writing my stories so helpful criticism is welcomed. just don't expect a regular update schedule until I figure out where I want to go with this.

WMF18 · Action
43 Chs

Total War System: Stuck between DC and Marvel

How would a third generation rich kid which was the black sheep of his family react when he discovers that he has been chosen as host of a system but the price is that he is bound to a place where he has limited freedom and could only leave on certain conditions? Freak out of course!!!! “Why!? I was comfortable in my house leeching of my family! Why must I be subjected to this confinement!!” [Host was chosen randomly out of trillions of many possible candidates, so in the words of your fellow humans it is better for you to ‘enjoy’ it if you can’t fight it.] So Mark Johnson was stuck within a weird three story building with a late Victorian design. [Host has discovered ‘The Shop’] [Mission Issued: Where are you?] [-Host must discover where you are and what or which worlds you can access.] Mark then fumbled around and realized that there are two doors that led to two different worlds. Namely DC and Marvel Universes. [Mission completed!] Mark could only say two words when realization dawned upon him. “I’m Fucked!” [Note: Any character in this novel is not mine except for the main protagonist. Also I would change some things about some characters as I am not quite knowledgeable in every canon facts about many of them Also I only write in my free time to release some stress so don't expect consistent uploads of chapters.]

Warcry_Ayms · Fantasy
102 Chs

Now, where am I? [Completed]

Blessed with six wishes, join Kyle on his adventure to the Marvel world. It is going to be a fun ride. So hold your seat. You may find this story to be somewhat similar to some of the other fics initially, but believe me it will change drastically.

wheretonow · Realistic
74 Chs

Reality Warping in Marvel (A Crooked Man)

What happened when i was self inserted in one of the most dangerous universes. But thankfully i won the power lottery... Let's hope i don't get mad with power. After all reality warping is and will always be maddening to all it's users. Original work here: https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/a-crooked-man-marvel-si.759274/#post-58430281 Be warned the site is virtually unreadable so i posted it here for a better reading experience.

Bagoury · Fantasy
52 Chs

Marvel 10000x Times Multiplier System- In Marvel With 10000 Multiplier

After Travelling To Marvel World SJ (Sam Jackson) Got 10000 Multiplier System which he can strengthen anything that is nonliving, From That Day he started his journey to win the universe. "Ding - it is detected that host has defected lizard serum, Strengthen It Or Not?" SJ- yes 'Ding- congrats hosts for getting 10000 times multiplied lizard serum "Ancient dragon immortality formula" Level- Multiverse level. {1 chapter daily} Please support my novel. [The story is slow so if you comment while reading a few chapters, you will only mislead other people. please, wait for updates. Mc is not an idiot, the story is just slow to reveal relevant details.] Marvel world.

Adult_Hoodie · Fantasy
40 Chs