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dcmcu: kaiju system

a fan of monster movies max is reborn with the a system that also him the powers of many of fictions greatest monsters but what's happened when a monster trys to be a hero in a world of marvels and gods

wiz161 · Sci-fi

Vex (Man of Steel × MCU)

An average guy somehow finds himself in the DC Universe. By some sort of miracle, he didn't go mad and ended up planning an escape. He nearly succeeded. Perhaps he succeeded a little too much. The DC universe lost a potential hero but that doesn't mean he can't be one in another place. The only problem is that the line between friend and foe is truly blurred here. Man of Steel crossover with MCU. You can find more chapters in my pa.tre.on page: https://www.patreon.com/Dragonspectre

Dragonspectre · Fantasy

Minecraft Player reborn as a God

Disclaimer: don’t own Minecraft or Percy Jackson

v29 · History

Smallville: Brand New Clark

I transmigrated into the body of a teenage Clark Kent in the Smallville universe. What will I do differently?

Anonny_Anonymous · Fantasy

Reincarnated as Superman in Marvel/DC [ Rewriting]

This was my first story I know it is not good but please leave postive feedback if you have any. ( All the right go to Marvel studio's also Stan Lee and the owners of the DC universe, the oc is the only thing I own. )

klaft_isaiah · Martial Arts

Reborn As Harry Potter in an Au world.

This is my first time go easy on me alright? A young teen dies suring a battle with a demon God and is reborn as Harrypotter My presence already changed things because since when did Harry ever have a sister?

Magna_Prime · Fantasy


Used to be Batman Beyond: Legacy moved to fanfiction section

BatsyJihu · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings

In Marvel, let's see how it goes

Smart MC, does whatever it takes. Name: Vinal M William Mental age: 34 Physical age: 15 Backstory: He was a scientist in his past life. Who was always a  fan of marvel cause of there technology and futuristic thinking. So, he wanted that technology to be real. So, he tried to create them himself. And he succeeded making a few, using three-3d printers and sold them for a reasonable price making him some money. Another thing about vinal is that he liked to research blueprints from marvel. But he made a mistake once trying to make the super soldier serum. And when it was to late. He knew messed up....

PowerStorm · Fantasy
Not enough ratings