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Love Behind the Mask

It looks like a man in a black hoodie is trying to catch up with a blonde woman who is in a hurry to leave him. "Wait, Honey—" The man blocked the girl's arm. "Let go of my hand!" The girl turned around and slammed her ex-boyfriend's hand. She looked at the man in annoyance. "What did I say before, huh?" Frando's eyes were glazed over. "But why? Why did you suddenly end our relationship? What am I doing wrong? Please tell me, Vi?" he grabbed and grasped both hands of the Violin tightly. "If I'm guilty, I'm really sorry... but please don't leave me." There was deep despair in Frando's eyes. The Violin threw Frando's hand out of his hand. "Never mind! I'm tired! I'm going home!" She immediately turned around and left the man. "Vio!" Frando seeing Viona's departure, is very disappointed. The man was stuck where he was standing. Her tears flowed freely. "Why are you so mean to me?! What exactly am I doing wrong?!" shouted Frando in frustration. The girl increasingly leaves Frando and disappears among the crowd of people in the park. Why ... why was I abandoned by the woman I loved? What exactly am I doing wrong? Is it because I'm ugly?! Frando sobbed loudly. I'm tired! Frando clutched his hair in frustration. "ARRGGGGHHH!!!!!" Frando shouted loudly to overflow everything in his heart that had been shackled for years. Frando looked at the sky in disappointment. "Why does suffering always happen to me?! Why not just others?!" Already a dozen times, the man felt constant wounds for Absurd Reasons.

7Mysterious_Human7 · History
Not enough ratings
1 Chs

My Boyfriend Is Half Robot

Lia is a beautiful and intelligent girl who has a unique interest in the eyes of her friends: aspiring to become a robotics engineer. Lia often gets bullied at school because of her interest, but she remains steadfast in her dreams and passion. Lia has a strong determination to pursue her dream and takes pride in her fascination with robots. She is also skilled in playing video games with a robot theme, which gives her a lot of knowledge about robotic technology. On the other hand, Jake is the heir of a conglomerate who was born with a super strong robotic hand. However, he keeps his robotic hand's abilities a secret and finds it challenging to maintain that secrecy amidst his curious friends. Jake tends to be shy and not very confident in front of a crowd, but he has a kind personality and always helps others when needed. Lia and Jake meet at school and become close friends due to their shared interest in robots. However, their different backgrounds and characteristics become obstacles in their friendship. When Jake starts falling in love with Lia, conflicts and obstacles arise because Lia feels unable to accept Jake with his robotic hand. However, over time, Lia begins to open up and understand that Jake's robotic hand is not important if it doesn't change his good personality and character. Lia eventually falls in love with Jake, and they start a complicated romantic relationship due to their differing backgrounds and characteristics. They learn to embrace each other's differences and strive to understand each other's perspectives and desires. Despite facing many difficulties and conflicts in their relationship, Lia and Jake ultimately decide to stay together and fight for their relationship. The love story between Lia and Jake serves as evidence that true love knows no boundaries and differences, but only requires trust, understanding, and a willingness to fight for each other.

Ariefwiguna · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
8 Chs

Z.I.V.E PROJECT: Gears of golden flow

Giorno Delipherin,a famous author known for his world buildings in all his novels finished his last chapter of his latest novel on his birthday dies a tragic lonely death on the same day which is february 18.5034. due to him dying of old age at 30 years cuz of the decrease in life expectancy after world War 4 that happened at year 4001~4001(a month) he had a lot of regrets when dying. [COMMENCING Z.I.V.E PROJECT] after his death a screen appeared near his "soul" as his soul was then dragged by the screen somewhere. But fortunately for him or his novel,he is reborn in his own novel as a extra with all of his memories. The extra he was born as just happened to be prince of certain very big guild. it is a most dangerous kind of world with gates, monsters, dungeons, towers, gods, devils and villains everywhere. follow him as he as understands the reason for his forced reincarnation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [world hopping] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AUTHORS NOTES: this story is born from my desire to make the protagonist fight against an enemy that has a different power system than his own. I tried including all the power systems I know that you guys can get the best experience possible. hope it makes someone with this kind of taste happy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

ConceptualGears · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1 Chs