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What is Sharingan in MHA [Complete]

Read Sharingan in MHA [Complete] fanfiction written by the author Yellow_Duck_Toy on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering reincarnation, comedy, weaktostrong, sliceoflife, anime. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Quick Disclaimer: This story will be a light read, so please don't take things too seriously. If you are a hardcore Naruto fan and stuff, then some things here may annoy you as I limited and altered some of the powers from the Naruto world. This is my first time writing, and I have never done anything like this before, so please understand that some of my choices will be illogical. If you think the mc should have done something else, then please let me know, and I will try to fix it in the future. Thanks! Kaede Aoki was your run-of-mill 16yr old girl. One of her favourite things was watching anime, especially the isekai genre. Unfortunately, one day, she died trying to save a cat. God took pity on her and allowed her to reincarnate to a world of her choice. [There's romance in the story but for some reason, I can't add the tag because it's the female lead. This won't be a yuri] I don't own MHA or Naruto, and only some of the characters in the story will be created. The cover image was retrieved from Pinterest; I don't own this image. The owner of this image was the user G94875321W. If the owner of this image wants me to take it down, please contact me through this email yellowduck934@gmail.com. Thank! Link to image here: https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/666673551067707357/

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Volume 1 :Reincarnation
Volume 2 :Childhood
Volume 3 :Training
Volume 4 :UA Entrance Exam
Volume 5 :UA
Volume 6 :Sport Festival
Volume 7 :Hosu Incident!
Volume 8 :Training Camp
Volume 9 :All For One
Volume 10 :Provisional License Exam!
Volume 11 :Work Study!
Volume 12 :School Festival!
Volume 13 :October
Volume 14 :JP Hero Billboard Chart
Volume 15 :Joint Training and End of the Year
Volume 16 :Holiday and More Work Study
Volume 17 :Paranormal Liberation War
Volume 18 :Final Battle


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Author's shameless Review: Hi guys, I hope you enjoy this novel, it is my first time writing and I gotta say it's pretty fun. The only reason I decided to write this was that no one else was doing it XD


Guess I'll just put some Five-Star here.😉 I rarely praise but I'll say this is a masterpiece, It is very fit for my favorite reference...[img=recommend][img=update] (Ignore the meme.)


Good Story. I like it Hehehhehehehehehhehehheeheheh Heheh Why are you keep scrolling You don’t have a hobby , don’t you


I can already see what type of ff this will be from the wish chapter. 5 wishes and 3 of them were waisted to basicly nerf the character. If you don't want the MC to be OP, don't give them five wishes, to begin with. Never have I seen that the MC has to waste a wish for the world they will reincarnate into. If they didn't make that wish, would they be granted their wishes and just stay with ROB?


i suspect u delete review under 5☆ i suspect u delete review under 5☆ i suspect u delete review under 5☆ i suspect u delete review under 5☆ i suspect u delete review under 5☆


I'm surprised this fanfic doesn't have a lot of reviews, author-sama should encourage the readers in writing some reviews. (Oh yeah this isn't Yuri, for those who's checking the reviews first before reading this, Author-sama verified it) So the fanfic is about a girl reincarnated as a gender bended Sasuke Uchiha that has the personality of Maple(Honjou Kaede) from Bofuri in my Hero Academia, this is more like a slice of life fanfic rather than an action one, though there are still some action it more focused on the day to day life of the MC. Though there are still some things I'm confused how old is Itachi? If his already a hero when the MC was born he should be in his early twenties but he was already the third strongest hero at that time so he should be in his late twenties right?


Oh my gosh it is just too adorable. Absolutely love what the author has done so far, as of chapter 77, and can't wait to read more. as a side not I hate how they insist on a minimum word count for a review


A great read. I found it today and finished it after a non-stop binge read. It has everything a slice of life needs. Action, comedy, romance, trauma, and cuteness. The author has a great sense of humor and I'm happy they actually went a pretty tame and vanilla route. It was a breath of fresh air in a stale old section of novels. One can tell that the author isn't an expert on the topics they add, but they obviously do enough research to make a believable story.




Enjoying reading the novel. keep it up!!! [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]! Woo like the MC


I liked the story a lot. I liked how the author somewhat balanced the MS and Rinnegan in order to account for scaling and not make everything a completely one-sided smack down. I like how the relationship between the MC and their partner started and developed, and I also enjoyed the fights a lot. This is a solid fic.


great job i absolutely loved the story couldn't stop reading.


Spelling Mistakes and Grammar: Not as bad to ruin the imagery Update Stability: Its completed! With a side of Side stories! Character Design: MC is dense only in the first part, be patient bois. World Background: Average MHA world :)


extremely enjoyable it's nice to read something that's got a good mix of action romance comedy and family dynamic and balances them all out really well, as well as the fact of actually having a good story of this and being able to actually finish it unlike a lot of sadly incomplete stories this one finished and is definitely among the top of my list






awww I was hoping for just the sharingan and not with the chakra just and it should just work like a quirk with the possibility of unlocking the mangekyou sharingan just like shisui did, through hard-work and intense fights ...................


very good story, you should really give it a try, it's a light read, i read this novel a lot when i'm stressed to calm down, fully recommended. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..///.//////////////////////


i haven't started reading yet but I'll give it 5 stars as us seems interesting enough to read i hope you did a good job or I'll nuke you home


wonderful, vary hard to find a book such as this, I recommend it to anyone and everyone 😀


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