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Better synopsis needed. "Have you ever felt that the things you do are pointless or not worthy, I do. Sometimes you have to do injustice to gain justice for yourself. I am one of them. I am Fan Lin."

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I like this fanfiction . .


hello guys if you like douluo novel go read douluo: douluo with multiverse Villain Chat Group and douluo: douluo different God




I think this is the part where I dive into the novel (34.). the main reasons are that I don't know the dd universe completely, I find the dd universe very childish and silly, I don't know why the main character is a serial killer (I haven't even read a previous book if there is one, but that's not a reason), it's so full that it has to be original content instead of an ff but dd the universe ruining it. I also feel like the dd universe I saw in the webtoon is not the same in this novel. Combining them, I leave the book. But I am sure that if the writer stops restraining himself, he will be an excellent writer.


try it for once man I am using this app for past 4 years


will he become extremist this time? I dropped the last one bcz of this issue. 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000


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