I see~

Two months later.

Fan Lin was quietly planting trees in the Southern Lands. For the past two months, he had reforested the land without a single moment of rest which was nothing unusual or heartwrenching for him.

To the others though, he had completely become like a machine, going from one place to another and leaving after his work, thus creating rumours and tales of him.

You can't blame them for that as well because if you were someone who had went to sleep in the middle of a desert and woke up in a dense foliage of grass and trees, you would be scared of your life as well.

More so when you try to get out of the shrubs and find that the whole landscape seem to have changed and your map had became completely useless and by the night you are somehow stuck in a jungle with trees practically covering the sky and your groups tent being torn apart and hanging as a decorative cover to the ensuing mass of wildlife.

You may think of burning the jungle down. Thankfully nothing like that happened because your hands are now broken by some weird kid who had appeared and dragged your entire group to the beach and threw you all there like rags.

What can you even do against something like this?

Moving on.

Fan Lin had already completed more than 3/4 of the Southern Land's total reforestation, totally devastating anything that came his way. Thankfully, the losses were pretty minimum as the Southern Army Corps had worked day and night to shift entire slums, towns and even graveyards to protect them from him.

Two months. Just two months and it was nearing its completion. Having a flying type skill that solely focused on transportation had such an affect on his work speed(the complete disregard for humans that saved a lot of time will not be accounted for friendly reasons). Now he was four months ahead of the schedule.

And at the current rate, he would likely be done with the complete reforestation in less than ten days, and everyone who knew him wanted to know what he was planning to do next.

The East or the North?

The South had been finished, the main areas of the West had been done while the rest were just desert and human life was scarce in those areas meaning not much in tax or income. Hence those can wait.

With Fan Lin contentiously doing work, sounds wrong, the Pagoda Elders didn't care what he was planning to do, to them, him planting trees at rapid speed was all that they wanted.

The sudden increase of the forest was slowly but surely increasing the vitality of the Planet and that was an awesome news for all the old fogeys who had lived long enough to feel the changes that had transpired to the world. They can now rest in peace knowing that the future was going to be great.

The increase in vitality of the planet also meant that the soul energy would thicken and increase in quantity which was extremely beneficial to the soul masters and would also help in their ongoing research.

So Fan Lin should not stop his work. Whatever the cost. That's why they said: duck the graveyards, who cares for the elderly and the dead when the planet is at stake?

But some people weren't too happy about that. And no we are not talking about the Evil Soul Masters.

They were on cloud nine from all the reforestation that was going on as the negative emotions from all the victims and sufferers was greatly enhancing their strength without doing anything of danger.

Some of the groups were even revering the great being who was causing this all and slowly converging in the Southern Lands to benefit from this small time cultivation booster event of their lives.

Great mistake of theirs but who would tell them?

But then who was the one that wasn't happy with the reforestation?

It was the Tang Sect. The reason for their unhappiness: the strengthening of the Evil Soul Masters that were caused by Fan Lin's rapid reforestation.

They were the ones who dealt with the Evil Soul Masters on a regular basis and it was becoming difficult just as it is but now the problem was going to be intensified.

The Evil Soul Masters who were gaining strength at a much faster rate than their members were going to become a bigger danger later on and the Tang Sect was completely helpless in stopping this as the Spirit Pagoda and Federation were both backing up his actions saying the planet was the main focus!

Tang Sect knew that reforestation was important and that it would lead to the overall good of the planet later on but it wasn't so crucial that you have to reforest every single piece of land.

They were not against reforesting the planet but it could have been done far better and meticulously but he wasn't do so!

Fan Lin had no right to just outright take people's home just because it was government property and wasn't allotted to the public.

Leaving the hundred or so places of human settlements alone among the tens of thousands of reforestation sites that he had wouldn't become that much of a deal. It was not going to matter anything in the grand scale of the plans and yet he had chosen otherwise. He had intentionally chosen to destroy the people's home.

His actions not just affecting ten of thousands of lives in the worse of ways but also strengthening the evil plague that had been haunting the human race for a long time.

That's not a humane act and as time passes, Fan Lin was beginning to show them that he might be far more ambitious than Qiangu Dongfeng ever was.



Fan Lin stopped in his tracks as he felt a familiar scent. He turned to look at the direction of the Shrek as emotions returned to his eyes. Fan Lin had exited out of his emotionless state and in his eyes came a sky that was filled with his creation.

"She used them at the Star Duo Forest..."

He turned his gaze to the Moon Forest.

"...as well."

"She is doing things out of her character once again."

'''Is she somehow changed? That could explain my feelings. No, I know her with my very being. She can't be her image. She can never be... that God then?'''

'An outside influence...'

"Or the so called "family" of hers."

"Let's not associate with her any further. Whatever that God is planning, I will kill her if this persists."

He whispered as he entered his emotionless state again and blocked Gu Yue's number.

'Just in case.'

*Ring ring*

{What do you need now?} [Leng Yaozhu]

He called Leng Yaozhu, with Gu Yue's different actions, a different plan was needed.

"Explaining would be hard. Meet me as soon as possible."

{And why should I listen to you? Aren't you getting ahead of yourself?}

"I am currently colluding with Qiangu Dongfeng on his deal with the Evil Soul Master in two weeks. Are you going to be present or not?"

{What are you implying? Wouldn't he be suspicious if I was with you?}

"You being near me is what will help us both."

{I am the Vice President of the Spirit Pagoda, I can't just leave the Spirit Pagoda at the current moment. I can send Yun Ming though. He should take care of anything that comes out way.}

"I am taking care of all things in the Spirit Pagoda. You come to me. Qiangu Dongfeng is also on the high. The rest of his cronies will keep the Pagoda in stable condition. I will see you 9 days later then."

{Heh! Are you getting delusional?}

"Southern forces naval base, get your answer there."

{You thi—}

(You think I will come?)

He cut the call and destroyed his soul communicator and flew off to the next site, once again returning to his work like nothing happened.


8 days later.

With the first rays of the morning sun, the Southern Lands reforestation had ended earlier than expected because he wanted to sleep and had put in extra effort.

"Nature truly is beautiful."

Holy Angel Douluo said as the sight of the vast lands of greenery reflected in his old eyes.

"To each their own." [Fan Lin]

Fan Lin emotionlessly cited by the side, looking at the opposite of where the Holy Angel Douluo was looking, his sight filled with the blueness of the ocean, and the humans mixed in between. He was wondering on the usability of the Holy Angel Douluo.

"I deeply thank you for your hardwork." [Holy Angel Douluo]

Holy Angel Douluo turned to look at the completely emotionless Fan Lin and expressed his deep sentiments.

With the passing of time, the boy that was rude seem to have lost his self in the two months that he hadn't stopped.

"No need." [Fan Lin]

Fan Lin answered and continued to stare at the ocean.

"I have a question that I wanted to ask you, do you mind?" [Holy Angel Douluo]

"Speak." [Fan Lin]

"Are you into crossdressing?" [Holy Angel Douluo]

Fan Lin heard the question and turned around to see if the Holy Angel Douluo was seriously asking that or was it some kind of bad joke like his.

The unflinching and somber face was all he needed to know that it was indeed a serious question asked by the strongest person in the Southern Army Corps but the intention behind the question was completely unknown.

"No." [Fan Lin]

He still answered and silence ensued as the Holy Angel Douluo waited for Fan Lin to speak more but he didn't.

After 10 seconds, he continued his question as it was clear that Fan Lin wasn't going to talk.

"May I ask why are you wearing female clothing then? That's a female attire, right?" [Holy Angel Douluo]

The Holy Angel Douluo said while inspecting the frilly girlie looking clothing without any pockets. That's definitely clothes that were designed for teen females.

Fan Lin glanced at his judging eyes and began to speak.

"My position is of such importance that I have to be monitored day and night. They are afraid of my safety and/but more than that, they are afraid of my future intentions, much more so after an internal situation in the Pagoda a few months ago... and I am not that trustworthy." [Fan Lin]

"They think that I wouldn't know if they create my uniform with some tracking and 'other' devices mixed in it to shield against my spiritual power. I know but can't refuse." [Fan Lin]

"I currently need their help. I don't want to have monitoring devices on me all the times though. I have a habit of talking to myself pretty often." [Fan Lin]

"But rejecting them would arouse more trouble and explaining my clear thoughts regarding their actions would invite more doubts. It's a dilemma." [Fan Lin]

"So I just dress like this. Random female clothing from a random place, free of any weird devices but the focus always goes to the female attire part. None of them had asked me about my clothing since, all hesitant on how I would react. They all wonder in their minds though no one would dare ask me. I wonder why they are so afraid now?" [Fan Lin]

"Are they thinking that their judgement of me will change if I answered out of norm? If so, then what is the normal answer for a male to be wearing female clothing but not into crossdressing or cosplaying? What is their normal?" [Fan Lin]

"I can understand their hesitation though. To most out there, I am as sociable as a block of ice cube, at least you know that the ice melts. It's generally hard to know that for me. They all wonder, try, and think of what I might be trying to do and they fail. They all fail... and get angry but can do nothing."

"Now the Spirit Pagoda only monitors me through human sources( and my Spirit Pagoda belt and my spirit Pagoda's badge that is on the belt and sometimes satellite imagery as well). They seem to be content with that." [Fan Lin]

"Should I have not asked that?" [Holy Angel Douluo]

"It doesn't matter. You aren't from the Pagoda. You are not going to snitch on me either." [Fan Lin]

"What should I even say to this? I am grateful for your trust on me; What are you going to do next?" [Holy Angel Douluo]

"This is the third question... I will finish the reforestation of the west, then go North." [Fan Lin]

"Are you not worried about your cultivation? The reforestation will take a lot of time and I heard that the Spirit Pagoda has been negotiating with the other two continents and plans to send you there in a few years." [Holy Angel Douluo]

"You haven't reached your 20s, this should be the best time for you to cultivate and improve your strength. You cultivation speed will slow down after that. You do realize what your martial soul is famous for?" [Holy Angel Douluo]

"I am amortal. Time doesn't affect me. Probably. Thanks for your concern though. I appreciate it." [Fan Lin]

'Your complete lack of emotions makes me wonder about that.' (Holy Angel Douluo)

"Do you care about the world that much? Or is the Spirit Pagoda forcing you to do this? Your work routine was downright concerning." [Holy Angel Douluo]

"It's what I want." [Fan Lin]

"Sometimes having strength protects you from being exploited." [Holy Angel Douluo]

"I don't like your President. His ambitions irks me." [Holy Angel Douluo]

"I have no emotions for other people." [Fan Lin]

"I can see that." [Holy Angel Douluo]


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