Burying the past

Douluo Continent

Southern Douluo Continent

Fan Lin flew at rapid speeds after his conversation with Qiangu Dongfeng.

Now that he was done with the areas that Qiangu Dongfeng wanted, the trap had been laid and who knew that the prey had helped him prepare the trap for himself.

'One task done.'

Now Qiangu Dongfeng was free to start his plans, he will somehow rein in the situation at the Spirit Pagoda and finally everything will be like nothing had happened.

"That's for the best."

Fan Lin commented as he saw the Mecha group flying towards him.

"This is the Southern Army Corps. State your identity and purpose for visit."

One person from the Mecha group, probably their leader, spoke to Fan Lin.

"Fan Lin. Resurgence of Life project head and a special Envoy of Spirit Pagoda. The southern areas replantation schedule needs to be permitted by the Holy Angel Douluo."

Fan Lin took out the permit and threw it to the Mecha group while explaining his reason for visit. And if you have paid any attention, he was at his destination.

The Mecha group caught the document thrown by Fan Lin and after checking it's authenticity, they signalled him to follow them but Fan Lin didn't move from his place.

"Submit the permit to the Holy Angel Douluo. If he had any problem, my private soul communicator address is in there."

Fan Lin stated and began to rapidly ascend to the skies.

"Where are you going!?"

The voice was ignored and Fan Lin was gone.

Only they were left. 4 Mecha pilots piloting their Mecha in the open air.

"What was that?"

One of them asked. 

"I don't know."

Another answered.

"What to do with the permit?"

"We deliver it to the General."

"Aren't the Spirit Pagoda envoys are getting too rowdy nowadays?"

"There are but what can we even do?"


The next day.

In a small clearing at some rainforest, Fan Lin accepted the call while burying something.

{Good morning, Envoy Fan. I received your permission permit and I have no problem with the schedule that you have provided us with.}

"Then I consider it as a pass?"

{We have a small condition for that. I have added a few sites to the list and if you agree to do this, you are free to start your work anytime you want to.}

"When do I have to do those sites?"

{Your choice. You can do that at the end of your southern land's restoration or you can start now.}

"At the end then. Do the areas belong to the Southern clans?"

{Yes. Yes they do. Is there a problem with it?}

"There isn't. Then can I request you to deal with any trouble regarding the replantation in the Southern lands?"

{If you are not the one at fault. I would provide my aid before you even ask. Do you need anything else?}

"Not now. I would concern you if I had any future needs though. It's around 9 am in the morning, I will start the replantation at 12. I hope we have a happy cooperation."

{I hope so as well.}

The call was cut and Fan Lin stored the soul communicator. Around him were heaps of different types of grass and herbs.

"I should be done by 11."

He whispered as a new batch of toxins were created and many more were left to go. Fan Lin was restocking on his floral creation toxins as he was on the verge of running out of them sooner than he would have liked.

If he didn't restock now, he would have to do it later anyways. Therefore Fan Lin had taken a day off and when to search for the needed herbs and plants for the toxins and after gathering them all, he had started to create some for his future use.

"There's around 25223 sites in the Southern lands and this is going to take a long while to do so. I should have started with this one."

Fan Lin muttered as a sweep of his hand created another batch of toxins.

'Telekinesis is fun!'


Southern Lands.

Southern Army Corps.

General's office.

"That was easy."

Behind the huge office desk sat an old man. Although his hair and mustache appeared white, his back was still as straight as a rod. On his shoulders shone three dazzling stars of a general, a federal general!

He was also the one who had spoken just now. On the wall behind him hung a large painting. The painting depicted a man covered in golden armor from head to toe. The man wielded a huge sword, and three pairs of clean, white wings extended behind him. Every feather was drawn with absolute attention to detail, and they appeared real.The man who sat behind the desk engaged in his tasks was the Southern Army Corps' army commander, the Holy Angel Clan's current clan elder.

He held a high position and great powers in the entire Federation. He was the Holy Angel Douluo Yue Zhengen.

Yue Zhengen had controlled the Southern Army Corps for more than forty years. The Southern Army Corps was like a piece of iron. In a certain sense, it could be regarded as a special force among the federal armies.

The Southern Army Corps itself had the support of many great clans, be it in terms of manpower or financial resources. That was the reason the Southern Army Corps depended the least on the army among all the army corps. It was also difficult for the army to assign any personnel to the Southern Army Corps because they would face retaliation from the great southern clans.

In the whole of the Douluo Federation, the southern region had adhered to tradition the most. In terms of technological advancement, they were not as advanced as the central region nor the western region. However, they were the strongest in financial power. In the federal parliament, the great southern clans and various political aristocratic families had more than one-fifth of the seats.

On the Federation's side, they(Qiangu Dongfeng) had attempted to wrest control of the Southern Army Corps' more than once. However, HE did not succeed because nobody dared to go against the southern conservative wing. They were a force to be reckoned with in the parliament. In other words, these great clans also needed the support of an army behind them.

The leader of the Southern Army Corps had always been someone from the Holy Angel Clan. The primary reason was because the Holy Angel Clan was the strongest among all the traditional clans. Almost every generation of the Holy Angel Clan produced a Hyper Douluo or even a higher-rank Douluo. A Hyper Douluo with the Holy Angel martial soul was more powerful than the ordinary Hyper Douluo. Furthermore, the Holy Angel Clan had produced a Limit Douluo before. Many times at that!

The other reason being the Holy Angel Clan's impartiality. They had always been fair and just to everyone. It was dictated by their martial soul. If they did not measure up, they would not be able to cultivate the Holy Angel martial soul to a higher level.

Over the four decades since Yue Zhengen gained control of the Southern Army Corps, he strived to build a strong army. He reduced the number of soldiers but greatly improved their individual strengths. The combat strength of the Southern Army Corps was formidable. They were well-equipped and were not inferior to the Central Army Corps which was under the Battle God Temple's jurisdiction.

However, these great southern clans were not an unruly bunch. With the existence of the Southern Army Corps, the disciples of these great clans would only enlist in the Southern Army Corps(parental pressure).

They did not spread their influence to other places. It was how the balance was maintained between them and the parliament.

The Southern forces kept themselves in the Southern lands and the Parliamentary outsiders stayed outside of the Southern lands military jurisdiction.

It was like this and would have remained so but the mysterious death has changed the game. The mysterious death, potentially thought of as an Evil Soul Master, now stated as a kind of plague, had affected everywhere except the southern regions. So while the rest of the Douluo continent was in an uproar and fear, the Southern lands remained unperturbed by the waves caused by the plague. They were safe. They trusted the Holy Angel Douluo to keep them safe.

Now the mysterious death has ended for good and the Southern Army Corps had recalled their men from the Skysea city as there was no need to find the perpetrator anymore.

What was the problem then? Everything is good, right?

The Southern Army Corps had no potential threats that needed to be terminated.

It was another problem.

It's name was Fan Lin and there was nothing but bad news to this kids name. 

"This could be troublesome."