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Douluo Continent

{Where are you?}


Fan Lin had suddenly started acting weird although he seemed to not have changed much.

The most probable reason for that could be the damages he had sustained from the combined low level gentle probing of the spiritual beasts and Gu Yue's harcore assault that was done in the name of probing him mentally.

Adding to the fact that spiritual attacks were one of the few know weaknesses of Fan Lin who didn't have any defence to spiritual attacks. Hence the aftermaths could have been dangerous(?).

(Fan Lin had a passive mind reading/mind control negation and it wasn't his own doing.)

After that day, a day has passed... Fan Lin had explained nothing to Gu Yue.

But Gu Yue has decided to wait upon his words that he will take care of the Moon Forest after he is done with his work.

Now she was back on to monitoring Tang Wulin and his growth as the others were doing their own tasks. Her priorities were straight!

It was around 8 in the morning, classes hadn't started yet and she was following her working student towards their lecture podium.

More than six months have passed since the beginning of the school year and Tang Wulin was growing splendidly. If he continued to do so, he might unlock the power of the Golden Dragon King far faster than Gu Yue had anticipated and then she will... she probably will take his life. Although she wasn't that sure of it anymore.

Hesitation had began to slowly slip into the mind of Gu Yue, who wanted her current life to continue on. As she continued to spend time in the human world, her feelings were slowly budding on a different path that when she had first awakened.

As Gu Yue looked at the Seagod's statue in the Shrek Plaza with various emotions, Fan Lin called her at that exact moment and it was self that has threatened to pluck her teeth out.

Gu Yue listened to him and then went silent for a few seconds before joining the group.

'Di Tian had been sent to complete the relocation.'

Di Tian wasn't following Fan Lin. Actually, none of them were. Fan Lin was left alone. The spirit beasts had too much on their plate and they don't have time for a human who did things beyond their understanding. The pure spirit beasts were unable to fathom the actions of Fan Lin and since Gu Yue had ordered to leave him alone. They did.

So instead of following Fan Lin or further integrating in the human society, the Spirit beasts had all gathered to complete one heavy task their long list. That task was relocation of the Star Duo forest.

With a strict time limit, they were giving their all to completely relocate the entirety of the Star Duo forest to the Moon Forest. And as they had all expected, it was going to take tremendous efforts and workforce and time.

But since all of them had gathered and with Di Tian as the head and Gu Yue as the planning director, they had divided the work among different spirit beasts and made the relocation a bit more probable.

The Great beasts and other hundred thousand year old Spirit beasts that were capable of illusions and mind control were deployed to keep the relocation a secret from the Spirit Pagoda's officials and monitoring devices.

The flying and speed related hundred thousand year old spirit beasts were acting as the transporters.

The space and time related spirit beasts were keeping a lookout of their relocation path, checking for enemy movements and danger.

While the Earth and water related spirit beasts were digging the earth and dividing the different areas for easy relocation.

Lastly, Di Tian and a few others were overlooking the entire process while providing the work force with directions on how to proceed with each step.

Gu Yue would have come to help but she had already taken the available leaves that she had for the month and she was currently weak. There was no need for her.

Furthering on the relocation, the spirit beasts wanted to completely weed out the Starduo Forest from beside the the Spirit Pagoda.

They didn't want to leave anything. Not even a blade of Bluesilver grass or fertile soil.

And secondly they had to finish this in around two months or it would heavily affect their other plans. Just to clearly know the importance of this, their previous plan was to empty the Starduo Forest in 3 to 8 years, slowly and with caution.

Now they to do it in two months.

And they weren't the irresponsible Fan Lin who would just casually lift the Starduo Forest and leave, humans have eyes. They can see and powerful they might be but they didn't have any way to hide the complete Starduo Forest from the top forces of the world.

Adding to the fact that the relocation was just one of their plans. They had multiple things on their priority list such as the integration into the human society, the wait for the Golden Dragon King's strength gain so that the Dragon God could return, the threat of the Abyssal realm, the artificial ten thousand year old Spirit souls so that humanity would continue to trade hands with the Abyssal realm until the Dragon God has been completed, Fan Lin, and last but not the least, how to divide the Moon Forest among all of them.

The Starduo Forest already had the territorial division set for ten of thousands of years ago but the newly formed Moon Forest wasn't the same. It was a piece of newly formed forest and it was empty but bigger than the current Starduo Forest. Sooner or later, they had to deal with this problem or infighting might happen.

So among all the pressing tasks that they had in their hands, the relocation was the one which could be done the fastest, if they all worked like their lives were on the line.

So guess what they were doing? Relocation!

Gu Yue and Na Er, both had given the green signal for the rapid relocation since it would ease out the other plans.

The Spirit beasts had a limited workforce and dividing them into many things at once was slowing things down. If they didn't have the problem of the workforce, they would have dealt with the Abyssal realm on their own.


Thus Fan Lin was left alone. The Spirit beasts had no time for him as they obviously had much more important things to do.

Do you know what this means?

That there was no one who was currently protecting Fan Lin?

Nope. Not that. Gu Yue had marked Fan Lin the previous night and if he was in danger, she could just teleport Di Tian to where Fan Lin was.

Problem solved!

So Fan Lin was left alone. What did this implied?

Gu Yue, as of this moment, had missed a heavenly chance to know that Fan Lin was the mysterious death and that Tang Wulin's parents were alive, Na Er was Tang Wulin's adoptive sister, Leng Yaozhu knew about Fan Lin's killer identity, and lastly...


{Where are you?}

Gu Yue heard his apathetic voice.

"Where do you think I would be at this time?"

Gu Yue replied in her usual cold manner as well. The previous day's events had distanced her from the liar Lin. Now she just wanted him to finish his task so she could finish him or he naturally died.

She glanced at her classmates and her anger against him rose again.

The working student group was just a distance away from her as she had stopped to take his call and they decided to wait for her. All of them were standing at one side of the hallway, just a few hundred metres away from their lecture podium and could easily wait a few minutes. If they were pressed on time, they will just run.

At least the first year ones could. As for the second grade student among them, he would most likely be late but he didn't seem to care about that.

{Then can you courier my ring to me. I will message the address to you.}

Fan Lin cut the call after saying that. From his tone, it was apparent that he wasn't a requesting.

Gu Yue looked at the address that he had sent. She silently stored her soul communicator and joined the group on their way to the podium.

If Fan Lin wanted his things back, he will get it. She didn't care about it.


'This is the best scenario.'

Fan Lin quietly thought while donning his Battle Armour.

{Soul power enhancement}

{Spiritual realm enhancement}

{Soul skill Enhancement}

His three spirit rings and five spirit souls appeared around his body.

"You will be free soon."

He quietly muttered but the spirit souls just avoided his sight. The situation had turned terrifying for them.

His spirit rings merged into one, forming a new hybrid Ice-forest vitality ring.

"Let's call it Jade fusion

ring for now."

{Soul skill fusion: Ice Jade Transformation and Jade Death}

Fan Lin had gained two skills from the Ice Jade Scorpion. One that was Crystallokinesis but weakened and the second that provided a Ice Jade Scorpion's smooth travel ability.

To him, both of them were pretty useless in their own. But Fan Lin can fuse skills and he had did just that after equipping the Battle Armour to reap the soul skill Enhancement effect.

"Results - Ice Age - Jade Death."

[Ice Age - Jade Death : Domain skill. Hyperspeed travel in Ice terrain.]

[Feral Age - Jade Death : Ice Jade Transformation on boost]

"This should be good as well."

The fusion of the two skills gave him boosted skills but with limitations.

Now was the moment of truth. Fan Lin had been using the non boosted version of the fused skills to fly for the past few hours and it was quite fast.

He was able to reach Northern coast of the Douluo continent from the Bright City in just two hours, which by the way takes around 12 hours by a flying soul car at full speed.

But he was running a little low on time due to the fact that he had to detour around the Eastern coast and then he just decided to waste some time while checking up on Tang Wulin's adoptive parents.

(Not even five minutes were spent on talking to them. Although around half an hour was spent on slowly walking towards their shop, which he could have avoided but he didn't. No sympathy for him.)

Now that he looked at the time, he was going to be behind the schedule that he had set.

He needed to be flamboyantly doing the task, attracting attention, and getting late on his schedule was a no no.

Hence he decided to just use his Battle Armour, boost his already high travel speed and was currently flying towards the mesosphere to gain some ice terrain buff to unlock his Ice Age - Jade Death skill.


He should be able to reach his destination and then start his schedule.

I need to create that one as well.

"Yeah, I do."

I reached the threshold for the skill unlock as the surroundings chilly winds were somehow counted as 'Ice terrain'.

I set off to my journey to the Bright City and soon found out that my speed increase was about .5 times, or should I say half.

Considering that it was an hundred thousand year old spirit soul skill, I had hoped for more but it's precisely because it's a hundred thousand year old spirit soul skill that it got a .5 speed raise.

Apparently, the speed increase of the travel in dependent on my base flying speed(which has been increased due to the Battle Armour) and as I continue to increase my base speed, the .5 times boost will still remain the remain but my speed would be obviously higher.

Now that I think about it, I haven't gone in an existential crisis in a long while. Thanks to me, of course.

I don't personally care but couldn't I just... forget it. Let's take it slow but controlled.

I am calm now. Let's enjoy that before proceeding further. It will take time to create it as well.

And time is all I have in this world. Lots of time.

And once again no one would realise it.



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