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Read THE EVIL VILLAIN SYSTEM novel written by the author False_Sage on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering reincarnation, system, comedy, harem, overpowered. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Noir, the heir of Astrophel Family heard a strange Sound. *The Evil Villain System is linking* *linking completion 10%...20%.....80%.....100%* *Linking Completed* He became a Villain, In the World of Demon King and Hero's Cliché. He came to know that The Hero would one day kill him and Slaughter him! He does not fear death, He is a Kind and Lazy person. However, That Hero is a Piece of Shit! The reason for Killing Him(Noir) is that He wanted Noir's Fiancée and Relatives(Cousins, Mom, Aunts etc.)! He wanted to make them His lovers(Slaves)! Now, What would Noir do?, When he has given a chance to teach the teach a lesson. Would he Simply follow the System like a Dog? Would he become a Ruthless and Cold-blooded Villain? ... Or, Will he be able to avoid Hero? When the World need him to counter the threat of Demon King! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *The Cover Image is not mine but It's still a Copyright free one. Maybe? If the Owner wants me to Change it then Just Comment on the latest Chapter.(^_^)

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290 Chs
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Novel is pretty average. Writer is Newbie but keeps improving his writing quality. You can read it as it keeps better with each chapter.


I recommend this novels the writer is pretty honest and did not hesitate to admit his mistakes. Also, It's pretty rare to see a MC getting everything we wanted without sufferings too much like all other novels. You can try it. It's a decent story.


This book is rather average looking, but still good to read if you wait for it. The Chapter update is truly the best part of it as writer never miss a single day. Also, It have some skits with some adult jokes mixed here and there. I believe that the writers quality will improve in the future.3


I've read it till the 18th chapter and it's pretty decent. Although it is somewhat lack luster in the beginning but the novel is now improving at a Good pace. Also, you can skip the first 3 chapters and read them later.


This is my second story readers. So, there might be plot holes and grammar mistakes. Also there will only be One chapter a day so don't be disappointed.(=_=) I gave these ratings honestly. *********************************************************************** Now, The story is pretty decent with a genius and realist Mc. He is a good person but not a saint. The whole plot will be based on the idealistic world and contains some brutual scenes. One last thing, The Hero and The demon king are not typical Good and Evil respectively. So first read the chapters before have any paranoid thoughts about the story. Anyways, Enjoy yourselves!! ***********************************************************************


im sorry but I dont feel like reading a story, it feels like reading an unfinished plotline with author comments and incomplete dialogues.


I would say that this novel is improving steadily along with his other Fan-fic. Looking forward to the new developments in the story. Also, Writer please decide a proper writing style and don't change it regularly.


The novel does not look promising....The author does a poor job in writing the prologue and there is also annoying timeline without explanation


I Would ask,Am I Simping? If not then read it after it reaches at least 20 chaps


I like this book ❤️😁.... I have deducted star from your updating stability only ... Every version of this book has been improving rapidly ... Love you Author 😚💗💗💗


Bad grammar.Author please improve! Don't be an A**.


Noob writer.Bad and Slowly starting. Good after chapter 10.Read after Author post at least 75 chapters.


This is for the Author. He is improving with each passing chapter.


It's My first novel on this platform and It's pretty generic with a noob writer.The first thought I got was just drop it.But, reading till chapter 20(latest Chapter), I'mma gonna give this a chance.You can try reading but skip first 7-8 chapters.


Well writing review after a long while anyway. It has wack prologue i have ever seen from multiple POV changes (some of which are of random side characters) to 4th wall breaks to flashbacks in future timeline. Overall it was really weird close to none flow in the story It was getting interesting around chapter 18 but it's paid after 20 and I'm not really invested to continue reading. Hope you progress in your writing bro.


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