One Piece: Battle of Trafalgar

Author: SizoZondi
Anime & Comics
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  • 39 Chs
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What is One Piece: Battle of Trafalgar

Read ‘One Piece: Battle of Trafalgar’ Online for Free, written by the author SizoZondi, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering R18 Fanfiction, TRANSMIGRATION Fan Fiction, ISEKAI Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Trafalgar Law's little sister survived but she has the soul of a very ancient being, the former Empress of a different r...


Trafalgar Law's little sister survived but she has the soul of a very ancient being, the former Empress of a different realm. How will the future be impacted after adding the troublemaker in mix.

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its going to be lit and its been grea so far t


usually I don't like fanfics which have added the elements of cultivation but i guess this one is an exception author as perfectly blended the cultivation elements in this fan fic


So, its a good fanfict until now, the only problem for me is that the author has forgotten to add the "Harem" tag, i dont like harems, so this ship is not for me.


Please please update please please update Please please update please please update Please please update please please update Please please update please please update Please please update please please update


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