One Piece: Battle of Trafalgar

Trafalgar Law's little sister survived but she has the soul of a very ancient being, the former Empress of a different realm. How will the future be impacted after adding the troublemaker in mix.

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Chapter 2: Gathering information

After a few hours had passed, Lami and Law were still running for their life with Lami using her abilities to sense the enemies before they could be spotted by the enemies."We're almost there Lami, just a little further," Law said while trying to catch his breath.

"I know"; Lami said trying to sound confident and calm. They were currently near their destination which is the border of the town of Flevance and the port of Spider Miles.

"Law, I hope you have an iron stomach", Lami said with a frown on her face. Law looked at her confused, "Why do you ask?"Lami continued, "Because I'm afraid we need to cross the border by hiding under the stack of dead bodies up ahead.

" Law's expression turned grim as he gazed upon the gruesome sight. "It's not going to be easy, but we don't have many options," Law said with a heavy sigh. Lami nodded in agreement and they slowly made their way toward the stack of bodies.

As they approached, the stench of death grew stronger and Law had to fight back vomit. Lami wasn't affected much as she was used to such sights due to her past experiences.

With a deep breath, Law tried to steady himself as he and Lami carefully hid under the stack of dead bodies. Lami closed her eyes and tried to focus on controlling her breathing while Law prayed they wouldn't be discovered.

The minutes felt like hours, but finally, they heard the enemies' footsteps fade away. Relief washed over them as they emerged from their hiding place, covered in grime and blood.

"Let's move quickly," Law said, trying not to dwell on the disgusting experience. Lami nodded and they started to move again, sticking to the shadows as they made their way toward Spider Miles. As they walked, Lami couldn't help but feel thankful that she can now find a hiding place much easier using her abilities.

Despite the horrifying experience of hiding under a pile of dead bodies, Lami and Law kept moving forward by searching for a hiding spot in Spider Miles so they could devise a plan to move forward.

They found an abandoned house, which was perfect because the people who lived there had left in a hurry. It looked like they packed up and left in a rush, leaving behind all their stuff. There was even food in the cupboards! The two of them sat down on a couch to eat but before they could eat Lami decided to sense to find any Qi around them, luckily they were all alone in this hiding spot.

As they begin to settle and eat whatever they found in the cupboards something in Law's mind suddenly clicked. He started remembering how everyone including his parents, classmates and even his sensei got killed by enemy soldiers. He started to remember all the horrible things they did to people and how they just left them there to burn. This caused him to have a breakdown and cry on his knees while Lami stared at him with a shocked expression.

' It's not easy having to experience such trauma as a child and be the only survivor, oh god of reincarnation where have you brought me to?' Lami couldn't help to think to herself as she pulled Law in her arms and started comforting him.

After some time Law came back to his sense and decided to assess their current situation. He then remembered that Lami had injuries and was bleeding earlier, to his surprise and shock when he noticed that the bleeding had stopped and there were no wounds on her body. "How did this happen?" Law asked himself as he looked at Lami's perfectly fine body.

"Don't know, I heal fast I guess," Lami replied lying through her teeth. Throughout the whole way, Lami has been healing herself using the Qi energies inside her.

" There's no way it's humanly possible to heal such injuries without any medicine taken," Law was still unconvinced.

" Fine I'll explain everything later, now we need to rest" Lami decided that she will share some of her secrets with Law later.

" I also need to think of how we are going to survive from now on," Law added after remembering the current situation they were in.

' Since I'm new to this world I need to collect every piece of information I can before I can plan my next move' Lami was thinking of how bad her current situation was.

Lami came to this new world a few hours ago, but she's been running for her life ever since. This has led her to hate this new world already however what's done is done.

She now needed to find ways how to gain new strengths, to challenge all those who are said to be the strongest. Due to all the running Lami underwent today, she needed to rest.

" Law, we should get some rest for now and gather information tomorr..." Before Lami could finish her sentence she collapsed which came as a shock to both her and Law.

"LAMMY!!!" Law rushed and held Lami as she fell, he did a check-up on her to see if she was still breathing. After confirming that Lami was still alive, he slowly placed her on the couch and went to find a blanket.

' She is probably worn out after that traumatizing day' Law believed that his younger sister was just tired and also affected by the events that took place.

After Law had found a blanket, he covered his sister so she doesn't catch a cold. From that moment he decided that he will watch over her and will not let anyone ever cause her harm. Law spent the whole night not sleeping ensuring that no enemies were lurking.

Law and Lami had been running for days, being chased by soldiers. They had been running for so long that they had forgotten what it was like to feel safe. But when they finally found a safe hiding spot, Law felt a sense of relief wash over him.


' Argh I must have passed out *yawn* just how weak is this mortal body, and why can I sense a poisonous substance in this body well I'll have to start neutralizing it with Qi energy' Lami complained to herself as woke up to see a young boy staring at her with baggy eyes sacked.

"Hoi Law did you get any sleep? you look like sh*t" Lami was now concerned for the young boy who now looked like a zombie. Law denied it by shaking his head.

" I stayed up so that I would watch out for enemies," said the boy with signs of tiredness.

' If this body wasn't this weak I wouldn't have collapsed and stressed the poor kid, I need to find a way to grow stronger in a short amount of time' Lami felt irritated at her powerlessness but got more determined to get stronger.

"Let's look for something to eat and then you get some sleep" Lami suggested they eat so that Law can get some sleep.

They soon made food with whatever was in the cupboards, Lami also promised Law that she will look out for enemies while he sleeps.' As soon as Law sleeps I should go and gather any information which could be useful after all the memories of this body are all useless ' Lami thought to herself as they finish eating.

With that Law fell asleep and Lami left their current hideout to get any useful knowledge and information. As she walked out she used"Qi Sense" to sense all the life force around her only to find that she is currently in an abandoned area.

' Nothing here, guess I should keep moving around' Lami kept searching for any life around her until she sensed two life forces near her which indicated she found someone. Excited at the possibility of finding help and useful information, she sharply turned toward the direction of the life forces and started moving toward them while remaining hidden.

As she got closer, Lami saw two figures having a chat one of them was extremely tall and skinny wearing yellow striped pants, and a pink large robe and on his waist was an extremely long sword. The other figure was more of average height and was dressed in a neat dark-colored suit with a floral shirt with his hair neatly combed showcasing the signs of a gentleman.

' What's up with that guy everything about him is huge, especially that sword ' Lami thought as she continues to watch from a distance.

' I bet that guy is compensation for something' Lami couldn't help but let out a chuckle at her thoughts, she then decided to eavesdrop on these individuals hoping to gain some information. However, as she tried to move an inch closer she accidentally stepped on a dry branch, alerting the two individuals.

Lami froze and quickly looked for an escape but the figures had already spotted her. Startled, she hesitated for a moment before she decided to run and lose them but the figures were moving toward her.

"oh sh*t, I'm being seen " Lami cursed under her breath and just as she was about to run, something bizarre happened right in front of her eyes.

Suddenly the man in the suit started swimming inside the ground and in no time disappeared beneath it. Lami was stunned and confused for a second before she sensed this man's life force moving beneath her.

The man jumped out to catch Lami and quickly she reacted by dodging him, which sent the man into a shocked state. ' Whose this brat with such quick reflexes? ' The man couldn't help but be surprised by her skills and senses.

" Randomly attack kids you should be ashamed of yourself" Lami confidently said despite being outnumbered.

The man in the suit looked taken aback by her words while the tall and skinny figure burst into laughter and said., " Hoi Pink this brat has guts, I think Doffy will like her" Lami took a moment and soon realized that she was in trouble.

' These aren't regular thugs, they seem to be affiliated with some kind of organization, I'm guessing this Doffy guy is their employer and from what this guy is saying they are probably looking for recruits' Lami thought to herself as she started thinking about her next move.

" Even if Doffy likes her she looks so white like she's one of those people suffering from White lead disease," the man now identified as Pink replied.

" Hoi brat are you a survivor from Flavance the white town ?" Pink questioned Lami but got no response.

"Leave that aside, for now, Pink I'm curious about how she was able to evade you, there's no way she could use Haki at such a young age now, could she?" the tall and skinny man inquired.

" If she can use Haki at such a young Doffy will take an interest in her, she could even be part of the family," responded Pink while eyeing Lami.

'Town of Flavance? Is that where Law and I came from? White lead? Is that the poison I'm sensing in this body? Also, was that guy swimming in the ground with this Haki thing they are talking about?' Lami had way too many questions in her mind, but she chose to remain silent and observe.

" Hoi brat can't you speak up, don't tell me we got another mute on our hands?" questioned the tall, skinny man.

" Shouldn't you introduce first before asking questions?" Lami calmly responded, trying to seem unaffected by the presence of these two men.

The two men exchanged a surprised glance before the tall and skinny figure stepped forward, "My apologies, I am Diamante and he is Pink. Now, would you be so kind as to tell us your name and how you managed to evade Pink?" Diamante asked with a grin on his face.

"Well then nice to meet you gentlemen, my name is Lami, and for how I evaded Pink well, I have a good record of running away from trouble," Lami responded with a slight smirk on her face.

Diamante chuckled at her response," I see you certainly have spunk, Well then Lami, I'll like to introduce you to my captain for tryouts in you joining us, I have a feeling he will be interested in you,"

" Why should I join you?" Lami was intrigued by the sudden offer and wanted to know more before making any decisions.

"Because I think you will make a great addition to the crew, even though you are young we take children who show potential and offer protection and a chance to go explore the world", Diamante explained, trying to persuade Lami.

"Your offer does not sound too bad I'm currently in need of some protection and a way to get stronger, but I need to discuss it with my brother Law first," replied Lami thoughtfully.

"I see so there is another survive from Flavance, interesting," commented Pink while observing Lami with curiosity.

Lami nodded in conformation, "Yes my brother and I are the only survivors" Diamante nodded in understanding and asked," So where the hell is your brother is he also stalking people,"

Lami narrowed her eyes" Who do you think was stalking you, stinky old men, I would rather go stalk a sexy lady than two smelly old men," Diamante and Pink burst into laughter at her response," You have quite a sharp tongue, I like you," Diamante said as he continues laughing.

"Well I should go and have a talk with my brother before I make any decisions," she turned and started walking away, but soon she realized she forgot to ask something" Wait before I go who is your captain?" she asked curiously.

"Oh yeah about that our captain is the infamous and fearsome man who has been to the Grand Line and survived, his name is DON QUIXOTE DOFLAMINGO!!" proclaimed Diamante with pride in his voice.

"Doflamingo, is he some big shot?" asked Lami, intrigued by the sound of his name. She had no idea who they were talking about.

"NANI YOU DON'T KNOW WHO DOFLAMINGO IS?" exclaimed Pink in disbelief, shocked that Lami is not aware of such a notorious pirate.

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