The Saint Likes Me, But I’m Screwed…

Author: Seseal
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What is The Saint Likes Me, But I’m Screwed…

Read The Saint Likes Me, But I’m Screwed… novel written by the author Seseal on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, romance, adventure, comedy, dark. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Genre: Fluffy romance, slice of life, psychological, light comedy, dark fantasy & adventure, hi-tech/magic/elemental. Setting: metropolis, ruins, forests and bent spaces.  Expectations: arc 1, fluff and some dark stuff. Arc 2, action/adventure. Arc 3, fluff/slice of life. Arc 4, action/adventure. Arc 5, dark/sweet fluff.   In the magical world of Lethren, Alum and his classmates found themselves in the Lesich Empire after having fallen through a spatial quake. But he was unbothered compared to his distressed classmates because—his world hadn’t changed. Meanwhile, a girl with a pure smile took over the role of a saint after the previous saint’s passing. She was doing her best in her new role—being the new beacon of light. Still, for a saint, she was shy, contrasting the people’s image of her elegance. She found herself more worn out than usual—it was because she had to prepare herself to make a good first impression on the otherworlders who’d just arrived. On that same day, Alum arrived in the city and found himself in a park. Unaware of the fateful encounter he’ll have, he was led by the park’s cute animals—he came across a serine scene of a girl sleeping by the fountain. The animals pestered him to cover for her when she sneezed in her sleep, and he did just that—only to fall asleep himself. When Amethely woke up, she was unaware she’d leaned on a stranger, and yet she ended up falling in love at first sight after having shown him an embarrassing side of her. Unbeknownst to her, he was an otherworlder. The same could be said for Alum as well; he’d unknowingly fallen in love with The Lesich Empire’s beloved saint after finding her endearing. Unlike his usual self, he decided to give love a chance—the only problem was…He’d never been in love; what’s more, he’s trying to capture a saint. But it was the same for Amethely; she knew she was shy. Yet she wanted to be more daring to capture his heart, but…  “How do I make him/her fall in love with me?!” 

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[MATURE CONTENT] "Your bed is warm and the heat from your body is amazing, being away has been torture I had to rush back home just to see you and even though this part is forbidden my love for you isn't and you are my beloved I can't stay away from you and I can't turn you if you are not ready. it hurts everyday not seeing you and the elders are asking were my beloved is. "Eric please tell me you accept me?" I know I made a mistake and it has been seven years since the incident and I couldn't save any of them but you gotta understand i wasn't queen at that time and i know it hurt but i need you to believe me i am dying and it is only you that can save me. Dont...... i mean don't stay that? you had the chance to save her, the only woman who took care of me but you let them take away, you allowed your kind to take her and you tell me all this now and you coming here asking for what, for me to forgive you cause i'm your bloody beloved. i laughed cause it seemed the situation has changed, i may sound like a cold hearted being to you queen maria but i rather be alone and killed than being mate with you, and that was the last time i saw her and she never turned back. and i have been regretting saying that rumour has it that she turned cold and distant and killed anyone at her sight but i know maria she wont do anything, i just hope that i am right about this and what people say are just rumors and not the truth. Despite everything that has happened over the last 5 years, eric thought that his beloved would come back after everything he said and forget everything that happened when he was 18 years and saw her kind take his foster mother away and vowed to hate her no matters what he felt for her while they were dating and kill her on site if she ever showed her face again, but with all that said he couldn't go with it after she came back. And the rumors go that the new queen is mad with powers because she was rejected and kills everyone on sight what will happen when he faces her again but as a servant working in the castle of vampire and she treats him likes she doesnt know him.

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really not sure why this is not getting more attention. it's well written and interesting. I guess author just got bad algorithm rng or something because a book of this quality with 60 chapters would usually at least have 10 reviews by now. just want to say that book is very good so far


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