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The Odyssey of the Chosen One


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A hardworking youth who always pray for excitement and happiness was heard by the most powerful being of the vast universe. Giving him the power to fulfill his wishes through conquering other worlds and finally becoming his successor. Can he really find his happiness on his quest on becoming a True God? Or something will happen on the way that will make all his efforts to fail? _____________________________________ Worlds: 1. Douluo Dalu - Completed 2. God Eater - Completed 3. Magi - Completed 4. Toriko - Ongoing _____________________________________ Upload: Due to some reason, this FF will only update once a week.) _____________________________________ Be warned: This novel will be full of mature contents. (This is a novel where I write whatever comes to my mind.) Disclaimer: [1] I don't own the novels, animes, and movies. [2] Pictures are copied from Google so whoever you are, let me borrow it for reference. However, if you don't like, just let me know and I will delete and remove it immediately. [3] This book is a world of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents does not intent to represent real-life counterparts as this books meant for entertainment purposes only (ENTIRELY FICTIONAL) and should not be constructed as factual or a representation of real-life events or people.


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