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A Chance Of Change


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As sands cascade through the slender neck of an hourglass, time slips inexorably; Falling, it tumbles and it sinks, to be recaptured never, for the grasping hands of man remain ever-so-short. But as existence does march forever onward, so too do the tools of man and their ambitions. Perhaps, though, their ambitions have reached too far. A man of little intrigue fresh out of secondary school, Matt works a menial job. He mops, he unclogs, he recycles, albeit for a quadrillion-dollar Magitech mogul. It is boring. Monotonous. Until it is not. Doing his rounds of the lobby and its adjacent rooms, mop in hand, fireballs and bullets sprout from thin air. He happens to be caught in the crossfire. But, before his life ceases to end, something within him thrums, and his vision wavers.


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