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  • Humoring The Gods

    A man is floating in the void with absolutely no memories aside from Anime, Manga, Light Novels, and Greek Mythology. Besides those, he knows not even his name. Little known to him, he is about to be sent across the universe as a Divine Jester. He gains the Humor System, a system designed to broadcast his adventures through worlds directly to Olympus. Any and all Gods he makes laugh in his journey are required to rate his joke on a 1 to 10 scale, write a review, and leave a reward for amusing him or her. Will he manage to humor the Gods? Who the hell knows.

    Bibliophilia · Anime & Comics
    Not enough ratings
  • Harry Potter with Technology System

    In an innovative reimagining of the Harry Potter universe, this novel introduces a unique twist to the beloved story, focusing on Harry Potter's journey enhanced by the Technology System (TS) and his interactions with Nigel, an AI assistant. The narrative follows a young Harry Potter, who is not just a budding wizard but also a tech-savvy genius, thanks to the advanced Technology System embedded within him. This system, operating through a symbiosis of magic and technology, provides Harry with unprecedented magical analysis, data storage, and real-time spell and potion assistance. At the heart of this system is Nigel, an AI with the personality of a British gentleman, known for his dry humor, sarcasm, and witty remarks that often add a humorous touch to Harry's adventures. As Harry prepares for his first year at Hogwarts, he delves into potion brewing and spellcasting with a proficiency far beyond his years, thanks to the Technology System's virtual environments and Nigel's tutelage. His unique approach to magic, combined with his technological edge, sets him apart, promising a future where he surpasses his canonical counterpart. The Technology System, especially the Virtual Potion Crafting Room, becomes a pivotal tool in Harry's magical education, allowing him to experiment and master potions in a safe, controlled environment. This feature, along with the System's ability to analyze and store vast amounts of magical knowledge, becomes indispensable to Harry's growth as a wizard. The novel is a fresh take on the Harry Potter story. 1. Smart MC Expect a Harry Potter who is not just magically gifted but also technologically adept, using the advanced Technology System to enhance his magical abilities and knowledge. This version of Harry demonstrates a level of intelligence and problem-solving skills that surpasses his original portrayal. 2. Witty and Sarcastic AI Companion Nigel, the AI assistant with a personality reminiscent of a British gentleman, brings humor and sarcasm to the narrative. His interactions with Harry are not just helpful but also entertaining, adding a unique flavor to the story. 3. Evolved Relationships Watch as the dynamics between Harry and his family, especially Aunt Petunia, transform dramatically. The story explores the emotional growth and understanding that develops between them, influenced by magical and non-magical factors. 4. Enhanced Magical Skills Harry's proficiency in magic, particularly in potion brewing and spellcasting, is heightened through his use of the Technology System. His approach to magic is more analytical and precise, leading to a faster and more profound mastery of magical arts. 5. Manipulation Lots of and lots of manipulation. 6. Adventure and Exploration Harry's journey is filled with adventure and exploration, amplified by his technological edge. From uncovering family secrets in Gringotts to experimenting with new magical techniques, each chapter brings new discoveries and challenges. 7. Unique Magical Training The Virtual Potion Crafting Room and other innovative features of the Technology System offer a unique perspective on magical training. Harry's learning process is more interactive, experimental, and efficient, showcasing a different approach to mastering magic. 8. Humor and Levity Nigel's presence ensures that the story, while rich in magical lore and technology, does not lack humor. His witty comments and sarcastic quips provide moments of levity throughout Harry's journey. 9. A Fresh Take on Canon The novel reimagines the Harry Potter universe, offering a fresh perspective while staying true to the essence of the original story. Expect familiar settings and characters, but with new twists and turns that set this novel apart.

    TheFanficGod · Book&Literature
  • Hellfox in Hazbin

    **Synopsis:** Tucker, a nine-tailed Hellfox with a troubled past, finds himself navigating the chaotic landscape of Hell. After centuries of wandering the infernal wilderness and honing his abilities, Tucker's journey takes an unexpected turn when he stumbles upon the ambitious project of Charlie, the Princess of Hell...and her Happy Hotel. ....................... [Team-building exercise #21: A game of infernal dodgeball.] Alastor, the Radio Demon, decided to commentate, adding a humorous and dramatic flair to the event. "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first annual Hazbin Hotel Dodgeball Showdown!" Alastor announces with his usual theatrical enthusiasm and unnerving toothy smile."In the left corner, we have Team Daddyissues, and in the right, Team Suckalot!" Tucker, on Team Suckalot, was up against Team Daddyissues, which included Angel Dust and Vaggie. The game was not your typical dodgeball match; the balls were enchanted to zoom and zigzag unpredictably... Oh, did I forget to mention they were also prone to spontaneous combustion... courtesy of Alastor of course. [Swooosh!!!] Tucker was too agile...add on to his ninja skills, and he easily dodged ball after ball, his tail whipping behind him."Is this really the best Hell has to offer?" he taunts playfully. Angel Dust, aiming a ball at Tucker, retorts, "You're just a fluffy target, Foxy! Wait till I get my hands on you!" Vaggie, fiercely competitive, throws a curveball that Tucker narrowly avoids. "You're going down, Handyman!" she shouts. Alastor's voice booms over the game "Oh, what a magnificent display of agility from our resident Gaurd Dog!! "HEY!!!" Tucker was starting to really hate that nickname. "It's like watching a ballet but with more violence and less tights!" In a surprising twist, Nifty, become the MVP, dodging balls with ease and taking out opponents with a surprising arm strength. She giggled madly, burn marks all over her body...yet it seemed like she quite enjoyed the pain. 'Seriously what is wrong with that Girl.'

    samadomkv · Anime & Comics
  • Danmachi - Infinite Mana System!

    Lucius, a man from Earth who died in his twenties, finds himself unexpectedly transported to the captivating world of Danmachi. It all begins when he encounters a divine being that grants him a unique chance, endowing him with a peculiar system. Now, Lucius has the ability to purchase spells and the extraordinary skill to deny the expenditure of mana. However, his epic journey is far from conventional. Lucius has a remarkable knack for getting into trouble wherever he goes. Amid powerful gods, frightening monsters, and dangerous intrigues, Lucius navigates the grand city at the center of the world, Orario. Unleashing chaos with his irreverent choices, he faces challenges that defy all expectations. Get ready for an adventure filled with humor, unpredictable twists, and plenty of confusion as Lucius leaves his unique mark on the intriguing universe of Danmachi. -------------------------------------------- This Fanfic's Schedule for the week, updates on: Sunday, Tuesday and Friday. ---------------------------------------------- With gratitude and enthusiasm, Raccoon! And your raccoon welcomes you to the Raccoon League! An exploration across different universes, be prepared for adventure! With over 1 million words published! ---- Current explorations: One Piece: I am a Different Luffy! (7 Chapters/Week) Danmachi: Infinite Mana System! (3 Chapters/Week) Game of Thrones: The Legend of Jon Artica! (3 Chapters/Week) Naruto: Light Ninja! (3 Chapters/Week) Naruto: Minato Namikase SI! (3 Chapters/Week) The Witcher: As Uchiha Madara! (3 Chapters/Week) HP: Shadow Monarch! (3 Chapters/Week) Game of Thrones: DragonBorn! (1 Chapter/Week) ---- Explore the Unexplored! Become an exclusive supporter on Patreon and unlock advanced chapters -> RaccoonLeague | Patreon https://www.patreon.com/RaccoonLeague

    RaccoonLeague · Anime & Comics
  • Buggy D Clown

    An adventure that takes you to the heart of Impel Down, right before the epic Marineford War, with an unexpected twist. Meet our self-inserted character, who finds himself in the shoes of none other than the comical and infamous Buggy the Clown. As the story unfolds, this new Buggy is thrust into the treacherous depths of Impel Down, the world's most impregnable prison. Surrounded by some of the most dangerous criminals in the Grand Line, our protagonist must navigate the perils of this nightmarish facility. But He is not just any ordinary inmate; he possess knowledge of the upcoming Marineford War that could change the course of history. With Buggy's knack for comedic mishaps and antics, this fanfiction promises a unique blend of humor and action as the self-inserted character interacts with familiar faces from the One Piece universe. Whether it's forming unlikely alliances or attempting daring escapes, Buggy's journey through Impel Down will keep readers on the edge of their seats. As the Marineford War looms on the horizon, the fate of the world teeters on a knife's edge. Can this unassuming Buggy make a difference in the face of overwhelming odds? Join them on this extraordinary adventure filled with laughter, chaos, and unexpected heroics as they set out to carve their own legend in the world of One Piece.

    Marioni · Anime & Comics
  • I'd Rather Not Live In DxD

    If you could live a new life in another world, regardless of fictional or non-fictional, which one would you choose? Some chose Highschool Dxd. When a friend chose that answer and asked if he would choose the same thing, Ken simply responded: "Why would I want to live in that hellhole?" Too bad fate has a sense of humor. ~~~~~ 2-3 Chapters per week

    WanderingFool · Anime & Comics
    Not enough ratings
  • rebirth as a Justin Bieber

    "Just a normal dude who tried to save a kid from an accident, and he got three wishes. He was then drawn into the body of Justin Bieber in 1990. As a kid, he created his own legends." "On a 5-month vacation, bored in the house, creating novels for the first time, having wars, and yawning. Vinny, if you have any suggestions, just comment. I will read them and try to correct as much as possible. And if there is a problem or mistake, please point it out. Don't give me one star, please. "The story is full of romance, humor, and songs. Recommend as many songs as possible."

    Ilesh_Saru_2157 · Celebrities
    Not enough ratings

    In a world where reality blurs with the fantastical, a young boy named Rowan finds himself catapulted into a new realm, awakening as Satoru Mikami. However, Rowan's adventure takes a dark turn when he faces an untimely demise once again. But that's not the end of his story. Resurrected in a world known as the Tensura world, Rowan undergoes a radical transformation. He emerges as a legendary and unparalleled entity - the feared "Destruction Slime." Empowered with abilities that defy imagination, he swiftly becomes one of the mightiest forces in the land. As Rowan navigates his newfound life as the Destruction Slime, he embarks on a quest to explore the mysteries of this extraordinary realm. Along the way, he forms bonds with an array of diverse characters, including humans, monsters, and mythical beings, aiming to bring about peace and unity in a world on the brink of chaos. "Satoru's Second Chance: The Overpowered Destruction Slime" is a spellbinding and action-packed isekai adventure, delving into themes of strength, camaraderie, and self-discovery. Rowan's journey will not only redefine the destiny of the Tensura world but also compel him to confront the immense responsibilities that accompany his newfound omnipotence. With epic battles, intricate political intrigues, and a blend of humor and heart, this tale promises a gripping exploration of a world where the most influential figure has an origin that defies explanation.

    Sandesh_Belbase · Anime & Comics
    Not enough ratings
  • Jujutsu Kaisen: The Pugilist Sorcerer

    In the bustling heart of Tokyo, Hiro Takashi, a 16-year-old boxing sensation known as "The Golden Boy" and "The Lightning of Tokyo," lives a life of fame and luxury. Celebrated for his prowess in the ring, Hiro is charismatic, confident, and accustomed to being the center of attention. However, beneath his glamorous lifestyle, he harbors a desire for something more meaningful, a yearning hidden behind his confident façade. At one of his extravagant parties, Hiro encounters Maki Zenin, a green-haired girl with a mysterious aura. Unlike his usual admirers, Maki is indifferent to Hiro's fame. Intrigued by her unimpressed demeanor, Hiro attempts to charm her, only to be humorously upended. Maki, unbeknownst to Hiro, is a student at the Jujutsu High School, deeply involved in the world of Jujutsu sorcery. As fate intertwines their paths, Hiro finds himself drawn into the enigmatic and perilous world of Jujutsu. Encounters with cursed spirits and the complexities of Jujutsu sorcery challenge Hiro's understanding of strength and courage. Simultaneously, Maki, known for her stoic nature and prowess in battle, finds Hiro's persistence and unique perspective refreshing, despite her initial reluctance.

    Orrlex · Anime & Comics
  • AoT Unleashed | How to Survive in a World infested with Titans

    Meet Kaito, a totally innocent man, or so he describes himself, kidnapped from his car into the thrown into this world of Titans and controversial beauties. Given some strange powers by god-knows-who, he must survive with his superb sense of humor and overflowing swagger. As he battles towering Titans and explores his powers, Kaito comes face-to-face with a disturbing truth - something more sinister than the Titans lurks beneath the surface. In this ruthless landscape, Kaito's mission is clear: adapt, survive, and uncover the secrets of this chaotic world. As he treads through the world infested with flesh-eating monsters, his purpose must go beyonf mere survival, revealing an epic journey that delves deeper than the Titans' shadows. ________________________ AU in later chapters: The book's premise is AoT, but there is more than meets the eye. Stay Tuned to discover something far bigger and badder than Titans.

    Abstracto · Anime & Comics
  • Welcome to the Charlotte Family. (One Piece, BNHA)

    Vol 1 One Piece, Vol 2 BNHA (MHA) Vol 1 (One Piece) I don't think God has a good sense of humor. Pretending to listen too all I want and agreeing to my desires...and almost preparing it perfectly as well. Except for the part where he happened to plop me down in the worst place for rebirth. Opening my eyes for the first time, I saw the unmistakable teeth of a certain Emperor of the Sea. Big Mom: Welcome to the Charlotte Family FUCK MY LIFE Vol 2 (BNHA/MHA) Freedom was within her grasp before fate screwed it all up again. Gods just love messing around with her, don't they? Flung into another world with no idea what is going on, she has to find her way around and not just live, but thrive. She's a pirate after all...how hard could that be in a Hero's world? Hero: That's her! GET HER!! ... maybe it'll be annoying at most. At least she has Ace with her this time. Overall: This is a story of a young woman trying to find her way around in worlds she has little understanding of. Fear has her around its fingers and her mothers' shadows cover her. This is a story of a young woman growing, learning, and finally shedding the chains as she realizes the meaning and value of freedom. Pre-Note: MC will not join the Straw Hats. MC is not a hero nor have any qualities as a person that makes a 'Hero'. Expect a true Pirate. Note: Stories can be read separately, out of order, or however you see fit. It really does not matter as things will be explained. Disclaimer: It is to my great displeasure and sadness that I do not own One Piece or BNHA (MHA).

    Randomuser855 · Anime & Comics
  • Brand New Stallion

    A man who works in an unusual company as a professional handyman is mysteriously transported into the world of "My Little Pony" (MLP). On top of that, he too was turned into a pony. What changes will he provoke, and how will the locals react to this? And the most important thing is who will have the greatest influence on whom, a person on this kind world, or a kind world on a person. * * * * * A warm story, a bit of action, a little humor and a lot of lust. ____________________________________________ Now attention, this is a translation and adaptation of my Russian work for an English-speaking audience. This is my attempt to share my work with people outside of Russia. Since my English is very mediocre, there may be some inaccuracies, incorrect words, etc. I hope it will come out more or less clear. - - - On my "Boosty" you can access more chapters: https://boosty.to/silentdudestory ______________ My Mail for personal questions. silentdudestory@gmail.com

    Silent_Dude · Others

    Kazuma, a hardworking engineer, gets teleported to another world by Aqua, the goddess, to eliminate the Demon King. He makes new friends and eventually, Aqua joins them, making for a humorous and fantastical team.

    ABHIJITH_J_B · Anime & Comics
    Not enough ratings
  • Reincarnated As Young King of Meteor City(Meruem-HxH)

    In the grungy back-alleys of Meteor City, where chaos is order and danger is as common as air, a peculiar baby is found by Feitan, a teenage delinquent with a flair for violence and a suspiciously stylish cloak. This isn't just any baby, though. Oh no! This little one is Haruto, the reincarnation of Meruem, the terrifyingly powerful King of the Chimera Ants, now reborn into the messy world of humanity. As it turns out, having a past life as a hyper-intelligent, super-powered ant king doesn't grant you any exemptions from diaper changes or terrible twos. Haruto, now an infant with an already apparent air of majesty and an oddly intense gaze, becomes the unlikely little brother of the unsociable Feitan. With Meteor City as their chaotic playground, the mismatched pair navigates the ups and downs of brotherhood - including squabbles over candy theft, unexpected life lessons, and the occasional Nen-powered brawl. Soon enough, they are joined by Phinx, a boisterous fighter with strength and ambition in equal measure, and Canary, a young, no-nonsense girl with a mean right hook. As Haruto grows older, his kingly traits shine brighter, albeit coated with the cheeky charm of a child. Slowly, fragments of his past life as Meruem trickle in, and he starts aiming for greatness - because why settle for a backyard kingdom when you can aspire for the world? Prepare for a roller-coaster of laughs, squabbles, heartwarming brotherly moments, and just a dash of existential crisis as Haruto, Feitan, and their motley crew tackle life in Meteor City head-on, always reaching for the stars... and maybe the occasional ice cream truck. This fanfiction combines humor, brotherhood, and the trials of growing up in Meteor City, providing an entertaining exploration of familiar characters in a fresh setting. With Haruto's kingly personality and the eccentricities of his newfound family, the stage is set for a journey full of laughter, growth, and meteoric ambition. -- You have been warned!!! Slow-paced storytelling: The novel focuses on slice-of-life events, so you should be prepared for a leisurely narrative with a slower progression of major plot points. Memory retrieval: Haruto's memories from his past life(Meruem) will gradually resurface over time. If you prefer a story with immediate recollection or rapid development, this may not be the right fit. Harem elements: The novel incorporates a harem dynamic, with Haruto attracting the romantic interest of multiple characters. While this adds to the romantic subplot, some readers may have personal preferences or find it off-putting. I am thinking of 5 or so Harem members and not Gotta Catch 'em All. Limited action and battles in early chapters: While there will be battles and action sequences, the focus of the story lies more on character development and interpersonal relationships. Readers seeking intense combat scenarios or continuous action may need to adjust their expectations.

    IWriteFanfic · Anime & Comics
    Not enough ratings
  • Whut is da DAKKA and how much is too much.

    WH 40k and Fantasy(small part) Fanfiction Football hooligan died during the fight with the police and other team hooligans and reincarnated in WH40k as an Ork. Dumb humor, racism(puny xeno, stupid ummies etc), and bad grammar. You have been warned. Enjoy The cover is not mine, I only added text in Paint

    saszeta · Video Games
  • Naruto: Aburame Malaria

    Aburame Malaria, the child who was spurned by all because his body was unsuitable to host any sort of chakra bug from birth. As a placeholder until his body could nurture enough chakra, instead of a chakrabug he was infested with the mundane mosquito. What's the feeling of a mosquito bite? Itchy, yes. What's the feeling of a mosquito bite under your skin? Tremendously unbearably itchy. Yes. Multiply the feeling to several hundred to thousands of feeding mosquitoes under your skin. Come and join us as Aburame Malaria is slowly turning insane from the itch, as he follows Danzo and Orochimaru to develop the shinobi worlds first insect borne diseases. _____________ This story will be heavily centered around humor and jokes, where the plot will slowly follow Malaria's descent into scientific madness. Please leave some comments, I'll check them out. Appreciation goes out to Midjourney AI for making it so easy to create a truly amazing Cover Art. Want me to drink a coffee in your honour? Here's how: ko-fi dot com/ThugB

    ThugB · Anime & Comics
  • I am Quaresma

    During an interview, a reporter asked Mr. Scolari who he would save first if Quaresma and Cristiano Ronaldo fell into the water simultaneously. Scolari humorously responded that he would save Quaresma first because Ronaldo would cling to Quaresma's thigh and follow, though Quaresma might kick him repeatedly. Quaresma, known for his desire to focus quietly on his game and achievements, often finds himself surrounded by distractions, which he finds frustrating. warning warning! if you like football and funny things then this is a novel for you. the translation so you guys can this story in MTLNov same title. check other novel form my collection.

    Ilesh_Saru_2157 · Celebrities
    Not enough ratings
  • Accelerator Junior Getting Thrown Around In Gensokyo

    The same author from fanfiction.net. I'm just reposting my stuff to this website. Touhou SI. Follow around the adventure of me as I'm thrown around left and right by the Quest and by Gensokyo inhabitant, as I discovered how puny my existence and not puny my ability are in this story. Warning: a lot of pessimistic humor, Self Insert(SI) Story. I'm trying to make the story as close as possible with the canon. I'm writing this as a hobby so the update gonna be whenever I feels like it. [Currently in Hiatus]

    Ligoya · Video Games
  • Rick And Morty: I Hate Life

    In a twist of cosmic fate, an incredibly unlucky individual meets an untimely demise at the hands of a mysterious and powerful ROB. However, instead of finding peace in the afterlife, he is inexplicably reborn into the crazy and unpredictable universe of "Rick and Morty." Now, this unfortunate soul finds himself as the older brother of Morty Smith, living under the same roof as his eccentric grandfather, Rick Sanchez, and dealing with the daily chaos that comes with it. Hoping for a peaceful and uneventful life, he quickly realizes that's an impossible dream in a world filled with interdimensional adventures, alien encounters, and madcap inventions. Our protagonist must navigate the hilarious yet perilous misadventures of his toxic family and his batshit crazy grandfather, all while trying to carve out a slice of normalcy in a reality that defies all logic. Will he be able to find his place in this bizarre multiverse, or will his bad luck continue to haunt him, even in this new life? "Rick and Morty: I Hate Life" is a rollercoaster of humor, chaos, and existential exploration as our protagonist attempts to survive the cosmic carnival that is the Smith-Sanchez household while discovering the true meaning of family, purpose, and the nature of existence itself. =============== English is not my main language. I dont own anything other than my OC if you want to support me you can become my P A T R E O N link below: p a t r e o n . c o m / TheDarkWriter688

    DarkWriter18 · TV
  • Reincarnated As Shiba Clan's Heir! (Bleach-Gin)

    In a universe where former Captain Gin Ichimaru gets a second chance at life, he reincarnates as a silver-haired, ice-blue-eyed whippersnapper named Kazuki. Our hero, born in the rugged streets of Rukongai, is destined for greatness, or at least that's what we're all hoping. Before the notorious Aizen could even hold a Zanpakuto, Kazuki's path intersects with a certain Isshin Shiba. Taking one look at the crafty twinkle in Kazuki's eye and sensing his incredible spiritual pressure, Isshin, in a fit of inspiration or insanity (it's still up for debate), decides to adopt him into the Shiba Clan. Because who wouldn't want to bring home a random Rukongai kid who might or might not have been a former Serpent Captain in his past life? Kazuki's life takes an interesting turn as he swaps the harsh streets of Rukongai for the chaotic and boisterous Shiba household. Sharing a roof with the vivacious Kukaku, the exuberant Yoruichi, and our very own future-clinic-owner Isshin, Kazuki learns the true meaning of the phrase 'a blessing in disguise'. From mastering the art of making tea to dealing with Yoruichi's mischievous antics, every day is a new adventure. Just when Kazuki begins to think he can get used to this semi-normal life, his journey takes another detour. Destiny knocks on his door, armed with an acceptance letter from Shin'o Academy. Join Kazuki as he trades his days of home chores for the Shinigami life, getting schooled in the ways of the Gotei 13, and navigating the awkward teen years (again!). Expect familiar faces, plot twists at every corner, and a steady supply of sarcasm as Kazuki crosses paths with the ever-stoic Lisa and others. Will he uncover the secret to his past life, or will he be too busy surviving explosive Kido classes and Hollow hunting? "Second Time's the Charm" is a thrilling, humorous, and at times absurd dive into a world where second chances come wrapped in a Shinigami robe and a packet of washing detergent. Strap in, because the world of Bleach has never been this chaotic, or this much fun! ------- You have been warned!!! Slow-paced storytelling: The novel focuses on slice-of-life events, so you should be prepared for a leisurely narrative with a slower progression of major plot points. Memory retrieval: Kazuki's memories from his past life(Gin Ichimaru) will gradually resurface over time. If you prefer a story with immediate recollection or rapid development, this may not be the right fit. Harem elements: The novel incorporates a harem dynamic, with Kazuki attracting the romantic interest of multiple characters. While this adds to the romantic subplot, some readers may have personal preferences or find it off-putting. I am thinking of 10 or so Harem members and not Gotta Catch 'em All. Limited action and battles in early chapters: While there will be battles and action sequences, the focus of the story lies more on character development and interpersonal relationships. Readers seeking intense combat scenarios or continuous action may need to adjust their expectations. Romantic comedy elements: Kazuki's interactions with Yoruichi provide moments of humor and levity, but the novel also includes romantic comedy elements. If you are not a fan of romantic comedy or prefer a different genre, please take note.

    IWriteFanfic · Anime & Comics
    Not enough ratings