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Reincarnated in demon slayer as a uchiha

I died in was reborn in the world of demon slayer Disclaimer I don not own any of the characters of demons slayer they all belong to their original author Koyoharu Gotouge Continuing the story in the fanfiction section

Ppp_Pppp · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
31 Chs

Shackles Of The Past

Synopsis I just have little to say to you. Do you believe the devil is real? Then what about Medusa? She has sent me to tell you this; She would reap out your flesh, feast on your meat, drink with your blood, clean her teeth with your bone, and wipe her mouth with your flesh. DARKNESS shall reign! When I arise! INFO: If you are looking for a novel to satiate your desires, then you have read the right story description! Just press the plus sign and add to your library, or when you read the novel and want to exit, WN will notify you if you want to add to your library. You gain a collection from there and continue a journey with me. I would love that! Then follow me at Ace_zza RL, like and comment for frequent update on new books. (See you there) NOTE: Credit to the book cover owner!

Ace_zza · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
4 Chs

Demon Slayer [Sand Hashira]

What If you gets reincarnated as the sand hashira

WenxyButDiff · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
11 Chs

Kill Lucifer's Daughter

The world is silently being attacked by demons and hiding it behind the 'ozone' curtain to avoid panic. They have come up with academies that train certain citizens how to track, capture and kill these demons. After all, it is their fault, they opened a pathway for these murderous creatures. What they don't know is that, one of their trainees is the reason these demons are on earth, searching for her...to drag her back to hell. For if the runaway demon, Habos(Ivy) does not return, heaven will have to intervene and destroy her. She is an abomination, the daughter of Lucifer. He mated a human, which is against all divine rules. But hell seems to have lost it's grip on Ivy, and heaven has already assigned one of their own to end her... Angel Samael, the Venom of God.

Margaret_Sam · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
9 Chs

Apakah Salah Kamado Tanjirou Ingin Memasuki Dungeon?

Karya Novel Dipindahkan Ke NOVELTOON dengan judul Apakah Salah Jika Pemburu Iblis Mencoba Memasuki Dungeon Karya : Leloro

Leloro · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
3 Chs

Anime characters watches The Legend of Son Goku

Jflores_Animation · Action
Not enough ratings
1 Chs


#Volume 1 ~ Into the Nightmare... Completed #Volume 2 ~ The Unknown... Completed #Volume 3 ~ The Third Trial... Completed. #Volume 4 ~ The World Changed... Ongoing!

Peterson_89 · Fantasy
392 Chs


MATURED CONTENT! ________________________ "I love you but I'm scared to hurt you" The red eyed vampire shouted. "You don't have to be scared, I know you'll never hurt me..please" Annabelle tried to hug him but he shifted away quickly. Soon tears built up in her ocean blue eyes. "I'm ugly right? that's why you don't even want to look at me..I hate you!" She started walking away when strong arms pulled her closer. "You can insult me all you like but I won't bear it if you hate me" "But-" Anna was cut short with a kiss. "MhMhmm" A moan escaped from her lips. "Do you still hate me?" Andrien smirked. "Only a little bit. But I know what can fade that away" "Pls, tell me" He breathed on her ear. "I would prefer to show you" Andrien smiled exposing his elongated white fangs and they began their normal routine. *********************************** They say a Vampire and a Werewolf are deadly enemies. What happens if they mate?

ItsEllie · Fantasy
26 Chs