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the new Percy Jackson

FIRST COUPLE OF CHAPTERS ARE GARBAGE. the main character will start in the percy jackson and then travel into other dimensions. this was my first book, chapter 1-6 are really bad, and I didn't know how to write the cover wasn't drawn by me Only one interest. (Ai) and no more.

Scathach_ · LGBT+
Not enough ratings
55 Chs

Anos Voldigoad Across The Multiverse

What does it mean to be a Demon King? Wealth? Power? Authority? No! The Demon King is the figure itself!

Daoist764038 · Fantasy
57 Chs

My Monster Hunter Academia (Monster Hunter X My Hero Academia

Izuku Midoriya, being pulled out of his fanboy delusions, walks home mentally battered. He began finding a way around the situation, how he will never be a hero. He then decided that, rather continuing living in this lies-of-heroes world, it would be better to simply just end it all; not like anybody is going to care. After finding a six story building next to the ocean, Izuku walks up the roof into the emergency exit of the building. He sits in the border curb of the rooftop as he contemplates the sunset with its orange and fluffy companions. He mutters, "Men really are not born equal." With this thought in mind he leans forward, and drops. As the waves crash violently because of the sudden intrusion, some shades of crimson taint the ocean. The ripples in the ocean start to fade away just like the sunset. The silence overcomes the shore, occasionally broken by crashing waves. *DING* *Quirk Activation: overcome a li-....*

Raptorix · Action
20 Chs

My Life As Kakashi In MHA

Formally known as: "Reincarnated as Kakashi in a MHA Universe" Status: Currently on hold Reason: A lot of stuff are happening irl I'm currently trying to focus on that. So only when I'm free or not mentally exhausted I'll start continuing again bit by bit but till then please be patient Martin lived his usual life happily until he died of unknown circumstances and has the option to go to heaven or reincarnate into a random world with his memories intact. God as and apology let him choose how he wants to look alike and at the last minute he said that power in the next world also will be given to him randomly and wished him good luck. After he woke up he saw a white haired woman holding him in her arms and says "Hello there little Kakashi I hope you're feeling well." while a nurse came in and said "Here's your meal Mrs Hatake and then come to get checked." At that moment he realized that he was reincarnated as Kakashi Hatake. ____________________________________________ There are a couple of other Naruto characters there but not much unless the majority requests to add more. It starts as sort of like 'slice of life' genre but when the story progresses enough there will be action too. I'm pretty new to this and English isn't my first language so if you see a word written wrong or in wrong form please inform me please. I recommend to read the first arc before you guys review cause first 2 chapters are for his sort of backstory and then childhood until chapter 10. And no this will not start OP or become instantly OP after a few days of training. Also the cover isn't mine either it's created by WIZYAKUZA originally Anyways guys enjoy ^•^

Lithnox · Action
18 Chs

The “I like!” series.

There's pranks, an angry Bakugou, a nervous Midoryia, all of class 1-A plus some teachers, hints of side ships and nothing traumatic! What more could you want? Ps there's also time travel. I don't own any of the characters used in this story. Except a few oc's. This is a long story so if you want a short one you'll have to look somewhere else lol

RndmFndms65000 · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
38 Chs

Water God in bnha

Guy who crave for true friends is reincarnated in bnha with cheats to enjoy life but... Will maybe go to other anime world. English is not my first language and its my first time writing so please be indulgent. I do not own my hero academia and im only writting a fanfic.

Ultrameatstinct · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
23 Chs

Black Dragon knight : New life in MHA

A Young Boy who stranded in the reincarnation space without notice of other. One day he meet with omnipotent being and choose to reincarnated in world of MY HERO ACADEMIA. During his second life he choose to enjoy his life however in his first life did not get to finish reading MY HERO ACADEMIA . What choice he make when the time he did not know arrive lets all read and learn the jourmey of our young soul Aikawa in MY HERO ACADEMIA as a black drago.

MatrickRevenger · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
15 Chs

MHA: Here Comes The Real Villain

This is my first time writing, english is not my first language so bare with me, i Hope you enjoy nonetheless . ***** He was an orphan, living a lonely life without feeling the warmth of a family, which led him to become a ruthless assassin in order to survive. Since he had no family, he spent most of his time alone, thus gave birth to his hobby which is reading mangas and novel, and watching a lot of animes. After his death, he found himself in the body of a 3 years old boy, he found out that he was now in the world of MHA. He always wanted a family and now that he is in this world he was determined to make his own family. But in order for him to make one, he need to be strong enough to protect it, so which path will he take to become stronger than anyone else? will he be a hero or a villain? will he be able to make a family?

Kratos_Jr · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
23 Chs