Jujutsu kaisen

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Kenzetu Tatakai

Kenzetu Tatakai Synopsis There is a prestigious school that is extremely hard to supress, every student there have their own defense and extraordinary abilities that normal people can't have. KENZETU HIGH SCHOOL The school where Japanese teenagers starting from 15-years old can have access to the school premises. Hiroshitu Atsuko, a 16-year-old Japanese boy, finds himself in possession of special abilities. He has kept these powers hidden for years until he decides to transfer to a school far from Tokyo. Despite his extraordinary abilities, Atsuko is driven by a relentless pursuit to discover the missing piece that would complete his power. He firmly believes that enrolling at Kenzetu High holds the key to uncovering this elusive piece. However, Atsuko is haunted by a mysterious red shadow that trails him, especially during moments of peril. He senses something suspicious about the red shadow, which seems to be an enigma, following him relentlessly. Atsuko is determined to unravel the truth behind the red shadow-is it a necessary ally, guiding him toward his destiny, or a cursed entity that threatens to lead him to his demise? As Atsuko embarks on his journey at Kenzetu High, he delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding his abilities and the ominous presence of the red shadow, determined to uncover the truth and unlock his full potential. Novel written by: Ruel Nonato No copyright infringement. Plagiarism is a crime. ©️All rights reserved

ruelnonato · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
4 Chs

Jujutsu Chronicles:Manila Spirits

Title: "Jujutsu Chronicles: Manila Spirits" Synopsis: In the vibrant city of Manila, where tradition and modernity intertwine, a hidden world exists parallel to the one we know. This is a world of jujutsu sorcerers and powerful curses, a world that ordinary high school student Ramon is thrust into when he discovers he carries within him a vengeful spirit named Ligaya. Ramon's life takes a drastic turn as he grapples with the awakening of Ligaya and the surge of power that comes with it. Guided by Maestro Alejandro, the leader of a secret society of jujutsu sorcerers, Ramon learns to navigate this new world, discovering the true nature of curses and the bond he shares with Ligaya. As Ramon delves deeper into the world of jujutsu sorcery, he meets a host of unique characters, each with their own abilities and secrets. From Sofia, a brave and smart fellow sorcerer, to Dante, a skilled but arrogant senior sorcerer, Ramon finds allies in unexpected places. Set against the backdrop of the Philippines, "Jujutsu Chronicles: Manila Spirits" is a tale of courage, friendship, and the struggle to control one's destiny. As Ramon battles curses that threaten his city, he also battles with Ligaya within him, struggling to maintain control as her power threatens to consume him. With 200 chapters filled with action, drama, and supernatural elements, "Jujutsu Chronicles: Manila Spirits" takes readers on a thrilling journey through the unseen side of Manila, where ancient curses lurk and jujutsu sorcerers fight to protect their city.

DaoisTheDream · Eastern
Not enough ratings
13 Chs