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Rebirth in Against the Gods with The Ultimate System

In a modern world, a devoted cultivator sacrificed himself to save his beloved. Fate granted him a second chance as a shinigami in the "Against the Gods" universe. Equipped with the Ultimate System, he became Yun Che, a pivotal character. He now seeks not only personal power but also a way back to his love, defying the rules of the universe itself. Join him as he pushes the limits of power, challenges gods, and reshapes his destiny to reunite with his beloved.

Nora_Danish · Games
174 Chs


WARNING!!! This novel is discontinued because I selected the novel tag instead of FF tag. If you want to read the continued FF of this go search 'Reincarnated In Bleach As A Vizard' or just click on my PFP and select the FF version. I will remove bleach harem girls and the only one that will be in mc’s harem is Harribel and the Reika family. Mc was floating in the void and met the one and only primordial, he gets some wishes and was given a choice as to what race he wants to have, our mc is chooses visored and was sent off to bleach with a system. A/N: So I have this idea in my head for a while now so I figured why not try creating a FF, so here I am. The Mc will not go and collect women like pokeymons. Each women will have their own personalities and the Mc will get them through time. I’m a high school student so don’t expect daily updates but I'll upload every other day, but there might be some cases where I don't upload for a week because I have test or some other reasons. NOTE: This is an AU FF, so expect that there will be changes and there will be a lot of OC's. Mc will also be OP at first but he only has the power’s, he doesn’t know how to control them so he will have to work hard to use them. English is my second so there will be grammar mistakes but not much, if there’s a mistake tell me. I do not own anything except for the OC’s. Tags: Yandere, maid, multiverse traveling.

Fly_you_fools · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
52 Chs

Bleach: Threads of Fate

An anime fan ends up reincarnated in the world of Bleach. While he hopes that a system or something like any other isekai will appear to help him, he will have to discover his own abilities for himself and decide what to do with his powers.

Moongetsu · Fantasy
117 Chs


this fanfic is dropped now . sorry

Sunny_Singh_2695 · Action
Not enough ratings
22 Chs

The Scarlet Reaper (Bleach x Fairy Tail Crossover)

Erza Scarlet, An S-Class mage of Fairy Tail who hold a seat at the Ten Wizard Saints and the Fairy Tail 7th Guild Master finally had ended her journey by offering her life to save her friends and those who she loves the most. Later that she learned that it isn't the end but yet a beginning of something new. The former who have lived her life as the queen of the fairies will now reign on the afterlife. Her journey begins here to become a shinigami and the queen of the dead- the scarlet reaper. I don't own the characters and anime just the story and the plot. It's just another Fan-fiction.

Yuki_Takahashi_7125 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
38 Chs

Marvel: reincarnated with OP powers and System

I reincarnated in Marvel with switchable natural born power and a System Picture was not mine: Its copy/paste from google images

CaiZhenn · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
14 Chs

The bleached world

Hakalaka · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
40 Chs

GLUTTONY : The devourer

After being destroyed in his original world, our protagonist finds himself with a God, 3 wishes, one world wish, a new body and a chosen beginning. Follow him as he eats realities, gains power and destroys game worlds and the shonen worlds feeble minds. P.S please try to only give constructive feedback. Thx for reading. P.P.S will not be op at the start and will be rising to the top and is not harem. P.P.P.S attacks will not be said out loud for the MC but I will still right them with [ ] around them

DemonataWI · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
20 Chs