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White Online

[WPC #246 - Silver Place Winner!] Since he was a child, Isaac was unable to improve his strength no matter how much he tried, like he was cursed by the Gods. One day, a massive snowstorm struck the peaceful city of Snowstar, wreaking havoc in a peaceful community. Young Isaac was wandering alone in the forest when the snowstorm struck, seeking adventures and excitement, but instead, he found something else that completely changed him and his future. Several years later, Isaac suffered an incident caused by his jealous classmates, which bedridden him for several months, but after the traumatizing experience, doctors thought that it would take him years before he could overcome his trauma, but against all odds... He overcame it in 2 weeks! Being heavily sheltered and protected by his family after the incident, Isaac's life seemed dull and kind of boring, but then... The highly anticipated VRMMORPG White Online was released. Without thinking twice, Isaac bought the cheapest VR Helmet available and entered the new world with almost zero expectations, but excited nonetheless. This is the story of Isaac Whitelock, who will rise from being a protected and weak individual to being one of the sole hopes of the entire Human race. [Connecting...] [Welcome to White Online!] [Legacies awaits you!] [Do you want to be a Legacy Carrier or Casual Player who history won't remember?] __________________ Disclaimer: Cover owned by me, made by Dini Marlina __________________ https://www.patreon.com/aesirproductions Me, alongside my friends, decided to create a novel. Please, check it out, and support if you enjoy it. I can promise, it's going to be a wild ride. ___________________ Tags: Action - Romance - Adventure - Video Games - Slice of Life - No Harem - R-18 - Yandere - VRMMORPG - Martial Arts - Comedy - Genius Protagonist - Beautiful Male Lead - Worshipped MC - Mysterious Past - Heartwarming - Cute Female Lead - Clingy Lover - Weak to Strong - Gods - Loved MC - Calm Protagonist - Rich Protagonist - Legacies - Historical - Famous Protagonist

Alekzi · Games
706 Chs

Survive in the Wilderness! The Actor King Sits in My Arms and Weeps

# PRETENDTOBEAFOOL # INFRASTRUCTURE # FOLLOWERS Da Yan’s first female emperor has transmigrated! When she opened her eyes, she had become an 18th-tier actress who bore the same name as her and was participating in a variety show about surviving in the wilderness. Netizens: Do variety shows not have any standards? They let just anyone participate nowadays, huh?Su Yangyang: I’m indeed incompetent.However, when the camera turned to her…She opened up wastelands and made farming fields. She set up traps, made musical instruments, caught fish and tore through wild boars with her bare hands, climbed trees to pick fruits, weaved fishing nets, learned traditional medicine…The result of that was a massive increase in viewership! Netizen 1: What the heck did she mean, “incompetent”?!Netizen 2: Miss Yang is amazing!!! As the program went on, there was a sick actor by her side who was always weak for no reason, and often fell into her arms. Su Yangyang: Men are so troublesome. Until one day, the top star covered the camera and changed completely. Instead of his usual sickly and weak demeanor, he pressed her up against the wall and kissed her. The next day, Su Yangyang became one of the top searches on the Internet due to the marks she sported. Su Yangyang: It was just a mosquito bite. A misunderstanding. Actor King Bo tweeted: @Suyangyang I heard my name changed and is now Mosquito? That night, the entire Internet was paralyzed with shock.

Bald Captain · General
478 Chs

The King of Faries is now a Demon Lord

Meet Irakiel, the ex Fairy King... now a Demon Lord with a face that could make the devil jealous, and the "totally not boasting, just stating facts" indirect sibling of the Supreme Nirvana Ancestrial Monarchial Absolute God Emperor. Life was a breeze until he pulled off a two-million-year resurrection stunt. Now, in a world where everything has evolved, one thing stayed constant – Irakiel's charm. He insists he's not a narcissist anymore, but hey, he's still HIM, blame Fate, not him! Or so he was blaming Fate until he got this notification.... *Ding!* [Lady Fate is laughing at your luck and sending extremely seductive winks.... with L-lip b-bites?! That's not the end of it!... LADY FATE YOU DARE! Ban!!! EMERGENCY!! We need a thot repellent!] Since then, Irakiel has never fully recovered from his state of shock or so he thinks. Often one can see him sitting against a dichromatic tree and staring at the moon with melancholy, finding comfort in solitude. 'Shouldn't have buttfucked the Moon Goddess.... I feel like she is following me everywhere.' ~ A Great Author named Oink once said, "Keep your enemies close and their wives, closer." ~ [Yandere] [Netori] [Villain MC] [Smut] [Harem] [Wincest] [Oyakadon] [Villain MC] [Lore] [Alpha MC] [Livestreaming] [Action] [Powerful Villains] [Well-Written Fights] [Light Hearted in a Dark World] Netori means stealing other people's lovers not getting your own lover stolen. ~ The Livestreaming does not officially begin until chapter 106. The first mention is in chapter 101. ~ Enjoy :) and have a cookie.

_oinkchan · Fantasy
202 Chs

I Can Pick Up Powers From The Novels I Write

Chen Yi, who was in the process of writing a new novel, encountered an idiotic editor. The editor claimed that even though the writers would not get paid for publishing on their site, the writers could extract the powers owned by the main leads if their books were popular. Chen Yi trusted none of the nonsense spouted by the editor. To prank the website, Chen Yi uploaded a novel with censored content in it. In the end, the next morning, he was shocked by the transformation that occurred to his body.

Blue Cat · Urban
40 Chs

Returning Transcendent Opens an Idol Agency

The Devilish Genius of Time and Effort. That Cheating Bastard. Idiot Savant. A man known by countless names in the Three Realms, one who collected every treasure, every ancient art, whose Dao of 'Accumulation' made him the richest and most hated person even amongst the Eternal Emperors. The strongest Transcendent, the one envied by all beneath the heavens. After breaking past the bounds of existence, he- "I'm heading home." "W-Wait! Master!" -Promptly packed his bags and returned to Earth. A story about a laidback overpowered guy who underestimated how hard it is to be abnormal in a normal world and gets swept up into the flow too quickly... And also ended up opening an idol agency. Thus begins the tale of John Smith and his daily adventures back on Earth.

HappyVainGlory · Urban
355 Chs

VTuber Idol Maker System (VIMS)

What do you mean I died? Wait, compensation...? Yes! Please let me get reincarnated in another world with a system! ...Huh? What do you mean I only qualify to reincarnate on Earth? What do you mean I watched too much Holol*ve and VSho*jo?! And what the hell is a VTuber Idol Maker System?! No, how the hell am I supposed to do this as a high school student?! OI!

HappyVainGlory · Urban
53 Chs

Godly Tamer: DigiLife

My name is Seong-min, My mother gave me this name because she wanted me to beloved by nature but she was met with an unfortunate accident and died. My mother's wish came true, nature turly loved me flowers bloomed when I was near and all animals loved me but even if nature loved me the modern world didn't and my dad was barely paying rent. I looked for ways to help my dad and saw that playing a game called "DigiLife" could make you money but I saw it was too expensive and later that week my dad saw that I searched it and bought it. He gifted it to me, I knew he saw me search for it but he didn't have to buy it but he said I should just keep it, so I wanted to help him make money and pay rent to atleast make his life easier so I started the game and logged into the game. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Disclaimer: The Cover for this Novel is mine, it was made by AinsT1ck

CetusWritings · Games
Not enough ratings
100 Chs

Start Pretending To Be the Creator

At the beginning of the ancient times, who preached it? Who caused the Cambrian species explosion? Who caused the extinction of the dinosaurs? Why were humans born? In prehistory, who brought down the Great Flood to destroy the world? In the Supplementary Notes, who was the god-man whom Qin Shihuang met? Pieces of unsolved mysteries make people puzzled, until one day modern people understand, because… You are here! … “Spicy Chicken System, how did people find out what I did???”

CrystalPearl · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
418 Chs