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  • altalt

    we met online

    Anya is an 18 year old girl that had a drama free and quiet life. Until she met her 1st love online, her life went in shambles. a rom-come/drama that will make us travel through an ocean of emotions, love, treason, friendship, pain ... and learning to heal and trust again. #romance #youngadult #femaleprotagonist #handsomemale #lovetriangle #drama #comedy

    coldcaffeine · Romance
  • altalt


    6 hours earlier…. Tears rolled down on Renata's cheeks when in the midst of their romantic candlelight, Johan gave her a divorce certificate and a letter of agreement to be signed right away. Her eyes were blurry with tears while Renata stared and read each line of the sentences that were stated in great detail in those letters. But the longer she read it, her chest was tightened with an unspeakable heartache. “W… what are these??” She asked her husband weakly. Her logic understood the meaning and purpose of the letters in her hands but her heart was still trying to deny the facts she had just received. She still hoping that all this was just a dream. A worst one. A nightmare. A joke, perhaps?? Her own husband…. Does he want to divorce her??? Why??? What the hell is wrong in here??? Isn't their relationship has been in great terms for the past 4 years??? So?? Why is it ???

    Nana15 · Contemporary Romance
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