6 Chapter 06

'They were weak.'

Eric thought as his Kamehameha destroyed the duo's body.

'I didn't want any scientist to get a hand on their blood.'

After all, this was the DC universe.

If people can make clones of Superman. 

What if they get Homelander and Brightburn DNA?

Eric had scanned the area with his supervision to make sure no blood samples were possible to obtain.

Eric was no hero who sacrificed his life for the strangers.

When he did play the role of hero this time.

He did so because it was a world-ending event and may endangered his family if he didn't intervene.

He can not save everyone on this planet.

He was not the type to become the superhero who protected the city from all crimes.

He can leave that job to the police and other heroes.

He will only take action if his loved ones are in danger, if the problem is related to him, or if the world is going to be destroyed.

But he was a good man.

He rescued the people who had been injured due to his fight with the supervillains.


His fusion rate increased as his actions were of a hero.

It took him years to get his template to reach 100%.

Now, his template was at 70% by fighting a single battle.

He had guessed how his template fusion rate worked and today his guess was proven right.

The system increases the fusion rate at the training, adaptation in battle, near-death experience, and emotional points from characters.

The emotional points value is dependent on the individual strength or their importance in the plot.

As his battle was live broadcast.

He can expect a continuous stream of emotional points.

As other super-powered beings learn of his existence they will also provide him with emotional points.


His fusion rate was increasing at an alarming rate as he was still on live broadcast and helping the injured.





A few months have passed since the Texas incident.

The individual named 'Kakarot' had not made any appearance since then.

Eric had begun his freshman year and knew that the story of Smallville was going to start.

But there were differences from the original as there is a Saiyan mixed in it.

Who happened to be the eldest son of the Kent family.

Lana Lang was still single as she had a crush on the older of Kent's brother.

The world is aware that there are aliens present among them.

This is not the Smallville of Superman.

This is the Smallville of Kakarot.

Eric Kent, the Saiyan who crashed landed on the Miller's field.









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