Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse


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What is Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse

Read Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse novel written by the author Adui on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games stories, covering action, adventure, system, overpowered, videogame. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Mana. A precious and limited resource that moves the very order of the world! Others have a small amount of it while I have an unlimited amount. Have you seen countless fireballs the size of suns rain down? Have you seen entire stars endlessly conjured and thrown to your enemies? With Infinite Mana, anything is possible! --- The concepts appearing in this story are those of pure fantasy and fiction, they are not reflective of the real world. Everything is based on pure imagination. Support the author: ko-fi.com/aduii Newly set up discord server is here! https://discord.gg/KwatGcE


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So it has been five months since I began writing this novel, and here is an updated review answering some of the many questions I come across. Of course, first and foremost is the story itself: Noah Osmont is an average guy in his 20s with no superhuman brain or genius-level IQ, and he receives the gift of Infinite Mana in a world facing an apocalypse, a world that is filled with Dungeons that routinely need to be cleared or they will explode with monsters. He learns more about his gift as he starts off his adventure as a Hunter, much of his time filled with blood-pumping battles as he spams spectacular Skills on unsuspecting Dungeon Bosses. This adventure continues as he becomes stronger, learns to become smarter, and uncovers the mystery behind his Infinite Mana, as well as get tangled with the major powers of his world. This fast-paced adventure quickly moves forward as even more mysteries are unraveled- Who initiated the apocalypse on their world? How many more worlds are out there facing the same thing? Why exactly are Emperor Penguins so arrogant? Which world's cuisine is actually the best? The adventure will be long and exciting, with an ending nowhere in sight as we uncover more mysteries about the worlds around us, and the Ancient Powers that move behind the scenes... Q- Will there be a harem? A-Well, yes, a mini harem at most, with only two or at maximum three Female Leads. Q- Will the MC actually get smarter? Yes- He's a normal guy learning about everything firsthand and trying to improve, not a Webnovel reader equipped with immense knowledge of what can and should happen in the future of a story, and the exact correct ways to react to it. He will eventually become more pragmatic and careful as ruthlessness slowly see** in, without him becoming a cold-blooded murderer. Q- Just how OP will the MC become? A- Very. There is no limit to OPness Q- Anything else I should know before I start binging? A- It's a fast-paced novel with no heaven rending beauties described for an entire chapter, filled with action and powerful Skills and Abilities that only expand as time goes. Enjoy the ride, and a big thank you goes towards the readers who have supported and enjoyed the novel all this time ^.^


wonderful read, one if the very best that I have come across. great story, great character. when I say top read I mean of all the books I've read not just web novel. I am a very fast reader and have read hundreds of books in my life and this one is most definitely in the tip top rankings of those reads. for sure a most read for all that come across it.


This is one of the best books I have read in the genre Fast paced, but without really losing out charater development. The story and world-building are excellent, though world-building is a bit limited for reasons which will become apparent in the story. One of the book’s strength is that it heavily relies on your knowledge of various myths or tropes in order to ‘color in’ the world, but you can easily and blissfully ignore that and just go with the story. The MC is definitely OP, but again, the enemies he has certainly make him work for whatever he accomplishes. Highly recommended :-)


Hi everyone, obligatory author review here. I've been playing around with this concept for quite a while and wanted to create something that I would have fun reading myself. My goal is for a clean and fast paced novel with an abundant amount of cliff hangers. Hope you guys enjoy!


I dont hate the novel but if the mc is really dumb and I mean forgets everything essential in surviving ya you get thr mc of this novel. It grinds my nerves each and every time he does something illogical, fine once or rwice but every chapter I ain't taking it so if you dont wanna be triggered by the mc don't read this.


I have several things I want to highlight in this review before it gets taken down by the author, like most of my reviews that are pure and utter fact. This novel is a carbon Walmart knockoff of the KR novel “I have infinite mana” however, due to the fact that I greatly enjoyed the Korean novel, I decided to give this a go. I was sorely disappointed by the author this time around, and have completely dropped this garbage novel. There are many things wrong with it that simply become unbearable the more you read. First of all, the main character is completely and utterly moronic. MC has been clearing dungeons like he’s taking a walk in the park and he’s in complete shock when he gets found out. This doesn’t track obviously, because if a official finds someone clearing dungeons easily and has only been a hunter for 2 days they are bound to investigate. Secondly, there are a astronomical amount of errors and grammar mistakes that my brain is starting to turn into slush from the amount of garbage the author has decided to include. My conclusion is that this story only gets a high rating because the author deletes negative reviews like this one, to maintain a high rating and trick people into reading this garbage trash heap. Don’t read this garbage if you value your own intelligence.


Definitely worth reading! It's a fast-paced but enjoyable story about a world where 'dungeon-monoliths' allow people to enter them, kill monsters & beasts, and collect skill, etc. to get stronger and 'level-up' Its fairly classic, but stories like this one made me so addicted to webnovels! :) The mc might come off as slightly 'foolish' at the beginning, but only because he has no real clue about what is going on exactly. Sure, he did some research, but the right information is expensive - and only VIP can afford that. Anway, it's a good story with good grammar, etc. and an enjoyable read for everyone who is into such stories. I binged it in a single night and I don't regret it in the slightest. Keep up the good work & thanks for sharing the story!


If you want to constantly scream at the screen, then go ahead and read it, otherwise stay as far away as you possibly can. The main character is a complete waste of word. He is the stupidest character you have ever seen and will ever see! Like seriously, if you were to animate a brick, it would make better life decisions than the MC can ever hope make. He plans to lay low but goes to clear dungeons within minutes in broad daylight. He think he is weak but instead of improving himself he sells all of the stuff that can make him stronger for money. Basically think of the most logical way to solve a problem, and then do the exact opposite. That how our MC fares. He is a spit to the face and a kick to the ass for readers(you will also get charged for it). If you can turn off your logical brain, then you can enjoy this one quite well, as the idea of it is quite interesting.


I really like this book, lots of potential and also extremely enjoyable. The MC is OP, of course, but he remains careful and doesn’t get arrogant which is extremely refreshing for this type of book. VEry enjoyable, the only down side is that not enough chapters have been written and so you end up waiting a while for each chapter (about 12 to 18 hours) but the longer this book stays on the market the better this will get. Can’t wait to read more!


Nice book. OP MC , who isn't racist for once. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


Started as a sort of nice twist to the usual dungeon stories but the mediocre grammar, zero character development, one dimensional lame mediocre side character and cartoon villains make this a forgettable novel. Suffers the usual mediocre lame grammar pretty much every single story in this website has. Would not recommend.


Reveal spoiler


The writing quality and update stability are really great, but everything else isn't. First of all, the world design. If the lowest tier orb gives 50 strength or some bs like that, why was the giant's strength a B-rank skill if low tier orbs drop like pinecones from a pine tree? Also, the infinite focus o is total bull shît, and really doesn't work. I would understand if the mc had a ability that multiplies his focus by 10, 100 even, but infinite is too much. The mc went from 1-100 since the first chapter, and there really isn't any character development. The mc is a fücking coward and really dumb. Why would he sell skill books because they wasn't suiting the type of build he was doing? For example, the golem summon spell was just sold without an explantion. He isn't unkillable, and if a speed class rushes him while everything was down, he ded. The golem provides ample protection even when he disables the barrier, and will also stall the boss for him. Why did he use the giants strength skill book and sold the ice spikes? That giant strength book is the one that doesn't match your build, and who tf makes a 'build' in a apocaplyse setting? Wouldn't he keep every spell and orb and item since he is insanely conservative?


Has FANTASTIC character development and is a great plot. I can find no fault in this story weather its the character development, the plot or any other of the elements. And theirs always 2 or more new chapters EVERYDAY. If that is not the best then you have impossible standers. Always exciting and no chapters that you skip over because they get off track of the story. Detailed but no overly to where I feels overwhelming. Overall hands down one of the best novels I have ever found and hope I continues for a long time


Incredible story, high-quality writing that is rarely found on this platform. Fast, action-packed pacing with a legitimately smart mc who grows visibly as a character. All in all A+ work. I would recommend this novel to anyone capable of reading. Keep up the good work!


Reveal spoiler


So far this is ''i never run out of mana'' but with worse world. You get stronger by not killing and leveling up (there is a game system but no level) but instead by absorbing animal cores you get from dungeon's which is stupid af since all you need to be is rich and theoretically you can be the strongest human ever (buy skills and cores and bam hello strongest guy yo). (animal cores are currency btw, that's how hunters make money) What a fucking nonsense.


i describe the book in one sentence, something out of a teenager fantasy, some random loser get a cheat and became a god,the plot of over 99% of the books, there is no weight in the story, there is no weight in any of the characters, the characters only have 3 jobs in the book,first provided mc with a op to face slap them,2 be smashed by mc and increase his power,3 be amazed by the action of the mc,there is literally no other purpose for any of the mcs,the mc is a hypocrite,he has a problem with Villain's because they wanted to kill him but want to destroy them because they are bad(makes you wonder why only bad guy's wants mc dead)the only reason he is fighting them is because of power but he continually came up with some righteous bullshit to justify his action, there is no weight in any of his decisions,he doesn't face any consequences for his actions, all he cares is power,in other word the entire world revolve around mc(which is a sign of a bad story)(any one who is with mc,is good guy,and any one who fight with the mc is a bad guy),power system is meaning less,why bother care about any ability he has when a new one will replace literally 2 chapter away,bruce lee said i am not afraid of a man who knew 1000 technique i am afraid of a man who knew one skill but has mastered it,this is exact opposite of the mc,overall a very disappointing book,a cheap story created from smashing together some random ideas in a very 2d and lifeless book,i suggests you go and read books like lordofmysteries and reverend insanity to learn how write,


Love this fast pace novel. He tells the important things but you don't have the feeling something is missing. I don't like the novels where you read how beautiful that girl is for 3/4 of the chapter. No one's cares about that. If he gets a little 18+ action with her than it's OK but the crap that literally every girl is a fucking "beauty" is annoying me. If you like an overpowered Mc who destroys everything than this novel is perfect for you


Very nice very nice very nice..................................................................,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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