Getting a Sugar Mommy in Cultivation World!! Book

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Getting a Sugar Mommy in Cultivation World!!


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[WPC DEC & JAN 2023 [Fantasy] WINNER!] Show love and support with Power Stones, by adding to your collection!!! ---------------------- In the middle of nowhere, where there was no beginning nor the end, a voice echoed, shaking the space a little. “NO!!! This was not why I died, I have to go back. Fu—.” Noah who was the god in a magical world dies at the hand of a weak mage, it seemed everything was under his control but he panicked when his plans seemed to have fallen apart because of the interference of an unknown entity. Reborn in the body of a 14 year old boy, Noah cursed his fate, he was in a completely different world where Qi is used instead of magical power. Noah did not lose hope and Used his trump card and something weird happened with it too. He looked at the fairy in front of him looking back without any emotions on her face. She gave him a mountain of gold while claiming. “Here take it all, because from now on, ‘I am your Sugar Mommy~’!” … Noah was speechless at her exclamation, his eyes resembled that of a dead person. ‘I The Mage god feared by all got a sugar mommy….’ ---------------------- Disclaimer!! Mc is Not A Simp!! Every other chapter will not be a R18 chapter. The Mc will only have sex with his woman when he gets his own body. This novel is full of Adventure, Romance, Cruelty and passion. There will be a Harem but it will be a small one. Additional tags: Character Building, Smart mc, decisive, playful and sometimes cold(not to everyone or edgy) mc, does not care about the beauty of a woman. Yandere female, Killing, new type of Face slapping(only used on special people), fast paced. ---------------------- Show your lovely Support if you like the story! How can you show your support? Gift Power Stone! Golden Ticket! any Gift you Feel Like giving! 1 CASTLE=3 CHAPTERS.


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