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Release That Witch

Er Mu

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Read Release That Witch novel written by the author Er Mu on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, reincarnation, harem, fantasy, magic. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Chen Yan travels through time, only to end up becoming an honorable prince in the Middle Ages of Europe. Yet this world was not quite as simple as he thought. Witches with magical powers abound, and fearsome wars between churches and kingdoms rage throughout the land. Roland, a prince regarded as hopeless by his own father and assigned to the worst fief, spends his time developing a poor and backward town into a strong and modern city, while fighting against his siblings for the throne and absolute control over the kingdom. Join Roland as he befriends and allies with witches and, through fighting and even farming, pushes back invaders from the realm of evil.

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As a professional team, we're earnest in translating this awesome novel. Every translator did self-checking after finishing each chapter, which will then be examined and proofread by several other translators, native editors included. Despite all the efforts, you may find there is still room for improvement. We're more than happy to hear your constructive suggestions and will definitely keep improving our translations. Let's build a healthy reading atmosphere in this community together. Thank you.


Just one word: Fascinating. I looked for something fresh as I was waiting for other novels to be updated... and oh my. After picking it up, I expected the usual tropes regarding reincarnation/spirit transfer stories but damn. I couldn't put it down for even a minute and after reading this you will feel that other novels MCs are simply lacking both in style, intelligence and character. So here is my review of it if you are intrested, and it's spoiler free. The Story - 5/5 I won't spoil anything so don't worry. The stories starts with our protagonist dying from a heart attack, from overworking, and his spirit goes to another world where he takes over a prince's body. The MC has no superpowers, no cultivating he is just a mortal thats all. But a mortal with memories from our modern world. Some reviews says his memory is overpowered but I don't think so, he utilizes all the basic knowledge that is taught in schools. Yes that may be true he remembers chemical formulas and mathematical equations but hell. If he was a diligent student -and as he is from modern china and was an engineer, that speaks from himself- so he should remember all of this. Hell even I could remember around 60-70% of the thins he brings up from school and it was fun reading about it again and I think I learned more new things from this then when I was going to school! So with the knowledge he has, he starts to develop his territory, introduce the population modern technology, industrialization, civic rights and much more, so if you would like to see how a little town with shabby, wooden cottages transforms into a city with brick buildings, this is for you. It's so satisfying to see how the world advances under his inventions. The other big plot are the witches. Yes, there is magic in the world, and as a feudal, medieval setting, they are being hunted. Badly. If they catch one, the mob may kill her on the spot or turn her over to the church which may be worse fate than death. Or MC sees magic as a new source of energy and possibilities so he wants to utilize the witches powers to help him achieve his goals and launch his people into a new, enlightened era. But to do this he needs to fight agains the church, his siblings for power and a hidden foe which when shows up our MC discovers the dark history of this new world... Characters 5/5 Just... real. There are no 2D characters here. Even the villains are interesting. Be it the church's priests, army and bishops, or Roland's (the MC) siblings. Or just the nobles in the beginning who are look down on him. Everyone has a backstory, every secondary character has a personality. The witches are all different, they are not just there to flock around the MC and be possibilities for a harem ending. No. They are people, they have distinct personalities and yes, as the story goes they may have to step back sometimes and not appear all the time in the chapters, but they never fade out as in other novels, other support characters. Every one of them has a role in the story and they are well developed (and develop throughout) and interesting. I don't want to spoil anything, so you should just start reading and meet them! P. S. : Oh yeah, also there are love in the story that develops slowly and realistically. And it's not a harem (but I would not mind it to be honest :D) Translation 4/5 The first half done on volarenovels by Roxerer was top notch, no problems with it at all. After it went to Qidian there were some problems, but they were minor things and they seem to constantly improve, mostly some editing problem as I see and its updated daily. Overall enjoyment 5/5 Best. It's just... oh gosh. It jumped to the first place in my favorite's list and this became my most anticipated novels. It's not for you if you want fights, super power ups, chapters of cultivation and heaven shattering advances. No. You will get a novel, written in western style that is more grounded in reality then most of the other Chinese novels. The MC is intelligent, knows what he can and what he can't do, what needs to be done to be successful. You will never be frustrated why the fck does the MC feels like a 5 years old with some kind of mental disorder. The witches are not omnipotent beings they are humans too that the novels also states every time and cleverly too. There are no 50. 000 years of cultivation retreat to power up to defeat a mega op giga boss just to offend somebody who stands behind that stupid guy/girl who was his/her master and told the MC every 5 second "you dare" or "you are just an ant before me" and the other, booooooring tropes. I can't praise his novel enough. Give it a shot, if you like intelligent stories and don't mind spending 3 or 5 chapters learning how to build steam engines, to speed up the mining process of ores to build canons and brick houses for the people, because it's just sooooo satisfying seeing the development of the world and the people living in it. Conclusion: 5/5 After going back to the other novels I read, catching up with the translation, I felt how much those other novels' MCs are lacking compared to Roland Wimbledon. They are just... much-much-much more... bland. Never using their brains, their logic capabilities, even if they are from 'another world' they just... never utilize anything they brought over or learned before. I started to realize how much more weak they are -in writing terms- compared to this novel and this novel's characters. I just hope the author don't mess this up and keeps it clean from all the other bullsh. t tropes all the way through. As it stands, this novel will be -at least in my opinion- one of the most well written, well thought out and most interesting novels. If you read my review until this point I thank you, and also, go and give it a shot, I hope I was able to help you pick up a good novel and you will enjoy it as much as I do.


Roland was sitting in an office, discussing the price of a steam engine with a businesswoman. The businesswoman said, "Your Highness, why are you fidgeting? Is the chair uncomfortable?" Roland replied, "No, I have recently been experiencing some discomfort after prolonged bouts of sitting. Perhaps, it's my hemorrhoids. It will be fine after making some adjusting. Don't mind it. Back to this batch of steam engines, the main purpose for them is…" "But, Your Highness. I smell the scent of photinias. Who was the one that brought such a vulgar flower here? Why are your maids so…" The businesswoman's sentence was cut short by Roland's unnatural facial expression. "Enough Margaret!" Roland appeared to be holding back something, perhaps the pain caused by his hemorrhoids. His body began to convulse abnormally as he stuttered, "I… Urgh! I… Ah! Am only… Huff puff… only a little…" The businesswoman carefully listened to Roland Wimbledon's explanation. With his esteemed status, His Highness still insists on negotiating with me, a businesswoman, despite being ill. What a responsible hegemon. There were slapping and smacking sounds…as well as a moan. Unsure if it was a mistake on her part, Margaret felt that she had heard the crisp slapping sound of flesh meeting flesh. However, it was so soft that she shrugged it off, thinking that she was hearing things. "Your Highness, your health is of greater importance. Why don't I come again another day?" "No… Well… I'm just… feeling a little… comfortable now…" Roland's body trembled a few times as though he was releasing something he had been holding back for a long while. He reached out his hand and touched the air. After resting his eyes for two minutes, he opened them again as he said with vigor, "I apologize, Margaret. I felt a little uncomfortable a moment ago but I'm fine now. Let us continue." "Alright, Your Highness," said Margaret with a smile, her nose twitching unnaturally. The smell of photinias turned stronger. What irresponsible maids. Margaret lamented unhappily in her mind. P.S. The smell of photinias resembles that of semen. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- found some interesting RTW fanfictions that were talked about in China. As a big fan of RTW, I thought someone else might like it. If you like them, pls tell me. i'll translate more. :D https://forum.webnovel.com/d/5323-fanfictions-for-rtw/2


This review is at 353 chapters so I'm fairly confident that I have a thorough understanding of what to expect from this story, the author, and the translator. First and foremost, this is an absolutely excellent story. I personally think that it is even better than the Harry Potter book series. I'd even go as far as to say that I like RTW most out of the 17 books I am currently reading and in all honesty it is one of the best stories I have ever read, and I'm fairly certain that the number of books I have read have most definitely exceeded the 100 books mark. The pacing of the story is excellent, the power progression is logical and unique, the main character is not the "dude" type and is actually an intellectual, no one in the book cares about illogical or stupid things like face, and overall the world just feels extremely real. There are almost no grammatical mistakes whatsoever and overall the chapters have been releasing at a steady and fast pace. Overall there is simply no way for me to give this story anything but a 5 star on all categories! Great job to the author and the translators!! :)


I already read this until chp.250+ before official on qidian,the story is really good no cheat like ability,no op power,but his intelegent make him overpower,i hope this story have good update stability


Regretfully dropping RtW. The story, the character, the world is super awesome but all ruined by the qidian system. The daily spirit stone won't be able to sustain RtW and other stories. In the long run, it will be worse as free user will have 0 SS and no way to read anymore. In the beginning there is 10 premium chapter. In less than one week the amount grow exponentially. In the end after the story is being fully translated, the free user still have to wait for at least couple of years to catch up. Please at least bring back ads system combine with premium SS or else R.I.P. free user.


Website : qidian china Views : 3.71 million Rating : 8.5(1471) Chapters : 1026 Status : ongoing rank : 33 Word count : 2.23 million author rank : great


Hello from China. Here is something you should KNOW about the price. This novel is great, it is really great to see readers all over the world enjoying it. Each time I saw the comments from you, I can't help but have a smile on my face. Your reactions are similar to most Chinese readers, and it seems that people around the world do have many things in common. But!!!!! One thing surprise me is the price you guys paid. It cost 8 spirit stones, really? You know what, IT ONLY COSTS 0.8~1 SPIRIT STONES to unlock 1 chapter for RtW, in the Chinese version of Qidian. Details here. In the Chinese Qidian app, it cost 1 dollars to buy 600 Reading Points (RD). Each chapter cost 10~12 RD on average. And for you guys, it cost 1 dollars (converted to us dollar) to buy 50 SS. Each chapter cost 8~10 SS. So the Chinese version needs only around 0.8~1ss to unlock each ch. The extra charging fee should be given to the translator and the company, right? But you have the right to know the truth. Give me thumbs up and let others see this. I give 3/5 to let others notice me, in my heart it is 5/5, or 5000000/5.


OMG TYTYTY holy I never thought this would get picked up so quickly and it's like 14 ch/wk my prayers have been answered, the great famine is over (and to those who say that the TL is worse than an MTL, any MTL reader can tell that you're lying. You will actually develop aneurysms and brain tumors from the MTL, and I haven't gotten any yet). Well, on to the actual review- This book is amazing; however, the MC isn't (too) OP. He has a good head on his shoulders, and that's about it. He uses this head of his to slowly evolve his city and T-rekt all the enemies that stand before him. It has the whole package of twists and turns, and one of my top 3 novels overall.


Dear Qidian, maybe you should try negotiating with Seki to take over the translation of Release That Witch. Current translator does poor job at translating and editing RTW. Latest chapter(376) even has parts which were not edited at all, pure MTL were left. Person her/himself outside the webnovel.com acts like an immature brat, causing conflicts and insulting other people. I'm sure you are well aware of your current reputation and this person doing good job lowering it further.


Great story with some nice character designs and vast, interesting world but it has some flaws. MC has so versatile knowledge and superior memory that it's sometimes too much (especially given his normal background, no preparation time and zero "superpowers", it's impossible for any mechanical engineer or any other engineer to accomplish something even remotely similar to what Roland did in such a short time and without painfully reinventing tons of little annoying things and prototyping). There are some technical errors in "science" part of the novel but if you aren't educated in the field it's hard to notice and most inventions and manufacturing processes are believable. Time to construct (even with witches powers) and encountering almost no problems designing everything on the other hand is a little bs. That said it's one of those rare novels where you can often learn something new that it's applicable and used in normal world. Another problem is MC depends on witches powers too much even when there is a realistic option to do it conventional way and because of that some witches are somehow doing exponentially more work than their magic power reserves should normally allow (Soraya ;) ). Some witches powers are a little too convenient to situation and what I think is the biggest flaw of RTW is smooth sailing syndrome. Encountered problems are too easily overcome and some witches powers (especially healing/regenerating powers) destroy any feeling of danger. There was one moment when I really thought Roland will lose his arm and it was such a great opportunity to make him grow, nerf his skills and depend more on other people, I was seriously so excited to potential interesting changes but we got convenient reset and downplay of whole dangerous encounter. Author don't like dramaturgy and it seems he want to keep novel ****** and light to read. There is very little emotional growth for our MC and some characters seems a little blank (Anna) but others make up for it for the most part. Romance in novel is subtle, almost non-existent and slow paced. There is a love ******** but it seems it will be resolved one way or another, no harem in sight. Overall it's a great read. I recommend it to anyone who likes unorthodox, interesting world, science, kingdom building as these are RTW strongest points. Translation here is mediocore. Some choices were made to suit english readers and I think it wasn't a good idea. Well, we will see. It's readable at least.


The MC gets transferred into the body of a Prince (yeah he's the worst of his siblings). He has no cheats, aside a different perspective and otherworldly knowledge. the story has been quite satisfying and realistic.


Wow, must be the most corrupt novel out there. Not only can you not watch ads to get the next chapter, the price to unlock chapters are 8 stones AND they have like 50 chapters locked. Just look at power ranking number 1, library to heaven's path. 4 stones or watch an add, and just two chapters are "locked"/"bonus chapters". All this for a half-arsed story with too much reliance on modern knowledge and a boring mc that doesn't even have any real powers... Yeah, nah.


MC that kicks ass without throwing a single punch. Positives - Great Side Characters - Epic World building - Smart MC - Narration and viewpoints from different characters and angles Negatives - So far NONE! Jokee Ok the Technobabble at some parts is skip worthy, but if you are a Geeky kinda guy then scratch this out as well


I am offended by the amount of spiritual stones required to read this..... --- --- --- --- --- --- ---..l..


The story is been amazing thus the rating. Sadly, it got locked behind premium. I used spirit stones to keep unlocking for awhile, even to buying some using cash just to continue reading. Furthermore it’s 8 stones instead of 4/ads on other novels. Additionally it’s roughly 15 pages on handphone app, but others goes to 20+ each chapter and doesn’t do this (Be reminded the pages are in handphone app.) But, at the rate this is going I think I will only have to buy more and more. Thus I’m sorry and am going to let this go. Behind 30+ locked chapters and counting. With regards, An extremely disappointed reader.


So it begins. We are now being forced to buy spirit stones. So it begins. We are now being forced to buy spirit stones. So it begins. We are now being forced to buy spirit stones. So it begins. We are now being forced to buy spirit stones. So it begins. We are now being forced to buy spirit stones. So it begins. We are now being forced to buy spirit stones.


Reveal spoiler


A decently well written and translated novel that has been hurt by the new premium system. I dont know how you can keep a super fast releases tag when all of those releases are premium only, with the none of those chapters pushing the free chapters along, leading to stagnant reading to everyone who isnt premium. I wouldnt mind the system if it coexisted with the ads, or it was actually possible to afford a single novel with natural spirit stones, but it isnt, and so i have to be harsher.


Super-fast release? 14 chapter /weeks? It's not enough! NOT ENOUGH!!! Want mooore!!! MORE!!! *suck* *suck* *suck* Eh.. What ? 140 character? What will i writing? I don't know!!! *suck* *suck* *suck* *suck* *suck* *suck* *suck*


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