The Extra Wants Control

Author: Kas73_
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What is The Extra Wants Control

Read ‘The Extra Wants Control’ Online for Free, written by the author Kas73_, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, ADVENTURE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Our protagonist, once a homeless child navigating the city's harsh realities, clawed his way towards a better life. He s...


Our protagonist, once a homeless child navigating the city's harsh realities, clawed his way towards a better life. He stole coins to buy knowledge. However, the prestigious university scholarship he craved was a rigged system, awarded to a politician's son who needed the name, not the education. Descends into a life of crime.After being forced to taint his pride his death is ordered with his own making the final blow. god "congratulations you're given a chance at a new life..." him " why?" god "cause you had a tough life so im being generous... and making you reincarnate in a mana world..." him " bullshit..." On the brink of oblivion, a dubious offer arrives – a second chance from a strange god. Haunted by the shadows of past 'generosity', Rei struggles with suspicion. Accepting means becoming a pawn, rejecting means eternal damnation. With no good options, Rei plays along, unaware his role thrusts him into a cosmic conflict. NONHAREM.

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SacarothIsWriting · Games
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4 Chs
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The plot is good, however, stop trying to be fancy with words and speak direct and proper English. Every sentence seems so fancy and it seems like author tries to be poetic but it fails because it comes out as bland. It’s fine to use figure of speech, fancy words, indirect words.. but when the writing is the same throughout, it just seems bland and boring. Infact I struggle to finish a chapter cuz it just sounds the same. Switch up the POV more often and stop with the poetry, it’s a novel not a poem. I admire the effort though. Good Job


Amazing start.. Wish for more chapters 👍


Por donde empezar,el transcurso de la historia es obra de arte como te presenta al MC, la perspectiva del porqué tiene esa actitud es excelente no puedo decir nada negativo ya que no soy muy bueno en ver puntos malos aparte de la traducción pero en esta historia es excelente,personaje despiadado,inteligente,con una pista de villano.🤌🤌🤌


The main character is not likeable. And the writing put me off. Not really easy to read.


It really has great potential. I hope you continue updating. And also please describe more and more. And also some chapters are very short just hope you make them a bit longer. Overall it's a great read hop you don't drop the novel.


keep on updating [img=update][img=update]


I hate every single novel that start with the mc given a second chance by “God” because “insert a lazy reason here”.


Giving review from 2nd id😅 . Keep updating . 😌


The novel is good mc is smart, calculative and manipulator and strong too side character are also good eg :- Lara and Axl Hoping u don't drop it mostly authors drops when they don't get good response so just keep updating it will become one of the best novel ❤ . (highly recommended:- 9/10) cutting kne marks because No FL till now no romance..


Good one, Nice characters and startContinue updating 😁


Reveal spoiler


Awesome writing gets you hooked with the finer details of world building...


I like this novel a lot so far, would love some illustrations of important characters. Would also love a chapter about how naveah was able to gather all the subordinates he has. Overall still room for improvement like all things but this novel is definitely my cup of tea for sure. Thank you author for the stable updates as well.


Alright. I've read until where the chapters are free. We start off with Raven, a kid presumbably a nobel who got thrown aside also presumbably by his family. Our MC Rei got reincarnated with some twist of turns and betrayals in his previous life. From that onwards, it is his story of how he gets stronger and get enrolled in this acadamy. It is not your normal story where guy without prior combat and magic nowledge goes and beats prodigies in the novel. It is a quick breather to see him actually get a master or...mother if you know you know.... It had logic behind it. I'm actually expecting the author to go ballistic with this one(I meant it in a good way). Too bad I'm broke so I can't read this novel. Will I recommed it to others? Yes! People who are expecting Non harem can hop on into this since author mentioned this fact in the synopsis.


Nothing can stop me from adding a story that has the tag 'No Harem', absolutely nothing💅, anyway, the story is off to a great start, I hope it keeps it up.


🫶🏻🤍 🫶🏻🤍


Chapter2 By The way this is written I’m going all in Will update if it paid off Chapter2 By The way this is written I’m going all in Will update if it paid off Chapter2 By The way this is written I’m going all in Will update if it paid off Chapter2 By The way this is written I’m going all in Will update if it paid off


Awesome writing I want faster updates like 5-6 chapters daily 😅😅😅


it’s good tho XD .


Well my friend suggest me this novel and ya it's worth reading you will see a great story writing, keep updating....


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