War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens
novel - Eastern Fantasy

War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens

Feng Qin Yang

Ongoing · 60.8M Views

What is War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens

Read War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens novel written by the author Feng Qin Yang on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Eastern Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, adventure, reincarnation, harem. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Earth’s top weapon specialist’s soul crossed over to an alternate world, merged with Rebirth Martial Emperor’s memories, cultivating Nine Dragons War Sovereign Technique, sweeping through all opposition with invincible might! Able to refine medicine, capable of crafting weapons, and knows the art of inscription…. Being skilled in all professions is the way of kings!

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MC has so much plot armor, SO many OP chuuni abilities, so many lined-up evil unfair enemies and what appears to be the first member of his harem. By Chapter 7. This story is so terrible it somehow broke through the other side and became fantastic. Reading this is like watching some legendary road accident in the ******... just when you think it couldn't get any worse, to your horrified fascination, another car slides in and adds to the explosion. 5/5, would cliche again.


Hmm, as the guy who translates this, thought I'd put in a review. Let me just say this novel might seem cliche in the beginning, but it's definitely a story that grows on you. On the plus side, the author rarely or close to never drags things out, and always keeps the readers blood boiling for the MC! To all those haters of QI, you can hate all you want, but please don't down vote the novel just because you hate QI. The novel doesn't deserve that!


All in all, this novel seems pretty generic when placed among similar novels of the same genre. Nonetheless, it's a nice way to kill time. One very giant peeve that I had while reading was that almost every single damn conflict was due to the opponent thinking with their dick and being envious of the MC having such a beautiful companion. When the MC proceeds to beat them up, they apparently always have a high ranking brother/cousin/uncle/whatever to 'avenge' them. You see where I'm going here? This hasn't happened just once or twice, but EVERY time the MC has solved the previous one, the next randomly pops up. So damn annoying. It's so damn forced. Even the chance encounter with the damn girl in the first place was forced af. Randomly chancing upon a girl with peerless features and talent in a small town probably not even on the map? Come on.


A lot of revenge plots which escaltes from a minor matter to something irreconcilable which can get boring. When they mention going to a restaurant..U know shits about to go down.


The character is one dimensional and the plot literally repeats itself with each no arc. Same events with different characters. I just recently dropped this for the authors terrible plot developments. I don't recommend anyone to read this.


Website : qidian china Views : 500thousand million Rating : 7.1(54) Chapters : 2868 Status : ongoing Word count : 8.63 million author rank : great


Need more chapters Need more chapters Need more chapters Need more chapters Need more chapters Need more chapters Perhaps a 30second ad for 1 chapter max 3 chapters something along those lines.


This story was great at the beginning but as the story goes on, you get angrier and angrier by the dumb antagonists in the story. Don't read this, really.


I don't get why this novel could get 3.9 stars. Are you guys dumb or what? This doesn't even deserve anything above 2stars. There is just nothing exceptional about this novel beside the release rate. Unlikable MC, worst plot + crazy plot armor, shallow character, dumb world building. Every single disaster trope that makes novel bad, exist here.


What in the world is this repetitive rubbish. I've never thought anything could be repeated so much and still try to progress with a story. Currently nearing 3000 chapters I've realized this repeating vomit montage of a LN has gone further than I can stomach. I was putting up with it since its easy for me to get lost in whatever i'm reading even if I have to skim through a chapter to bypass repeated thoughts... I could go on and on about this LN with its entirety of wasted repetitive uselessness, however, I feel that I've repeated myself enough to get my point across. Thank you Duan Ling Tian for giving me an opportunity to follow you through you borderline idiotic, almost brain dead (closer to the later) decision making skills, thought process and problem solving skills. Even with being a mature ***** in your first life, going to a adolescence body with your reincarnation (while keeping all your prior knowledge) with the additional memories of two lifetimes from the Rebirth King..... BLEH, this review isn't even worth typing! Have fun reading this if you want!


2 days of free time , tumble across this , no more freetime . Yup 48 straight hours of reading , with one stop of 2 hours of reading , I hate myself , I look like a ghost but yet... would do it again , I'm freakin' addicted. Story is full of cliche , "You're courting death" is always coming back , but I seem to not get enought of it , MC has his principles and adheres by them , which is something I absolutely love. He stays in mysteries most of the time and I keep wondering what would happen to say something like "Yup **** it , I've got the knowledge of the peak from 10,000 years ago and 20,000 years ago of Martial,Weapon master , Inscription, Pill domains." To Translator , keep up the good work , still need more chapters to feed my addiction :D


This story should change title to "Counting Mammoths".All you do is count mammoths in this novel.The fights are so ****ty and has no intensity at all."I have 100 more mammoths than you,so,i win.The MC is so boring as well.The villains are all the same just names differ.fck me this novel is boring


****************************************pls speed up the updates****************************************************************************


Wtf why the he'll is there a 80 chapter paywall I can understand if its 5 chapter but 80 **** you Asian not even the original author did that that just shady as **** don't give me wrong I love this novel but until they fix this **** then this is getting a one star review


Translation quality and stability and all that stuff is good as usual, but the story itself is terrible. Plot development isn't anything special, pretty repetitive imo. Worst part is the characters don't feel like people, I don't think I've read a LN where so much illogical stuff happens, I know its a Ln and its not meant to be realistic but this is cringe to the point where i pity the translators who were unlucky enough to translate this.. some examples (may be spoiler) - Picks up peerless beauty from streets for 10 silver - idk man makes sense - When he moves to inner sect, of the 3 most beautiful girls, 2 are his neighbour and the other one lives with him... - That girl he picks up on the streets yeah, she's 150% devoted to mc... like wtfff she retarded or something??? Overall - pretty bad, pretty generic, nothing special, like a downgraded version of MGA or AST. Don't read unless you've read everything else, probably will make u disappointed. Definitely not worth your time


Poop novel to be honest, dont fking read it. The author recycle the same fcking plot such as restaurant plot, lover plot, revenge plot, surprise lvl cultivation plot, aren't dead enemies plot and so on...


man cultivation cultivation cultivation. this story only talks about cultivation the man is obsessed with it. the love department sucks too. first few chapters are interesting but as time goes by, i find my self skipping chapters cuz the story is predictable.


The story is extremely repetitive. Fight this person fight that person and escape to kill him later. Fight this organization and have a friend help. I got tired of it. If you're into that go ahead but I'm not.


this is a daylight robbery a14sp for a chapter atleast make it 4 like the normal or let it ads as normal but 14sp sorry i gonna drop it, thanks.


I'm at chap 365 now. At first the story is good and characters is good but..... what a pity MC turn into a idiot from 300+ chap. It seems he never learn from his earlier mistakes. Like that elder from megrez peak (i think his name zhao lin), like when he and li fei searching shangguan yan and almost killed by old fogy just because an a stupid reason, like when he not kill a bad guy in the forest seven sword sect which make his 2 friends one died and the other is losing the leg.... etc etc etc so many stupid thing he did which make his or his friend almost die. He had 3 memories of live but except for cultivation technique and recognize for several things the rest is useless. he only uses knowledge but not experience


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