I am the God of Technology

Author: Kotario
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What is I am the God of Technology

Read โ€˜I am the God of Technologyโ€™ Online for Free, written by the author Kotario, This book is a Sci-fi Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, R18 Light Novel, SYSTEM Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Dante is a budding young man who has the dreams and hopes of entering society with his own skills, independent of the he...


Dante is a budding young man who has the dreams and hopes of entering society with his own skills, independent of the help of family and friends. As a small-time app developer, he eventually tries to jailbreak his new phone when a malfunction occurs, and his phone swallows him into a wormhole. On the other side, Dante appears in an alleyway of a bustling city... Avalon! This futuristic city leaves him dumbfounded until he is prompted by his phone which has now merged into his body that he can travel between two universes, Earth and the Eternal Universe. Can Dante achieve his dreams with the fortunate starting point granted to him? And how could the universe sit by and let him grow without challenging him at every step? ----------------------------------------------- Discord: https://discord.gg/HU8GbjfTq2

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Since enough chapters have been released and enough genuine reviews have been accumulated, it's time for me to do the usual author's review. Similar to Guild Wars, I will explain the pros and cons of the novel. Pros: 1. Stable updates - at least 2 chapters a day of 1.5k words. 2. No face slapping - might only be one such scene every 100 chapters at best 3. Sensible - Both the narration and the characters in this novel act their age as well as just like they would if they actually existed, not according to character personality archetypes. 4. Stable yet relatively fast plot - due to the lack of much filler, the plot moves smoothly per each chapter. if something is not being done to achieve the long-term goal, something is being explained, learned or taught. Cons: 1. Too many sub-genres: At there exists a virtual reality world similar to the one in Ready Player One that is used by the denizens of the future universe for various daily purposes, there are many worlds the protagonist will visit to achieve his goals, al of which being of different genres. 2. Sexual content: I acknowledge that for some, this might be a pro, but for many more, this is a con. It's not as explicit and descriptive as what I did for guild wars, so it's somewhat mild. 3. Possibility of a harem: I am also aware that there are many who cannot stand the harem genre, so I am listing this as a con. What I can say, for both harem likers and harm haters, is that the harem in this novel is not necessarily idyllic like in other novels - even Guild Wars - but very brutally realistic. Lemme warn you of that ahead of time. 4. Early premium: This one is unfortunate, because of the fact that it is part of the contest and it got contracted very late, I was forced to set the premium early in order to have a fighting chance at winning. For now, that's basically it since there are only a few chapters out. You're free to ask questions and I will reply if they are well structured and prudent, but if they are due to ignorance - like you skimming or having comprehension issues - I will leave them to other readers to answer.


I don't want to offend or insult anyone it's just my opinion. The thing was good till chapter 70, when he returns to the earth he only do stupid things and whiteout reason,he save the life of a full team of a secret society who wants to kill him for example. It's just... The mc don't grow, just became more stupid and make worse desitions In conclusion the more you advance more stupid became the mc.


A story that makes to question , Why not me !! Love the concept of multiverse and the technological marvels that are so common in the Eternal Universe . Dante , is smart , not arrogant and not some people's pleaser , he knows that he is born / entitled to privileges and owns up to them . Not a typical main character that likes to show off by helping the less privileged, he is contained and mature. Beatrice is cool and would love to see some development between the two .


๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ I love about technological concept


Idk bro, itโ€™s just absolute fire, super intriguing story with an Mc thatโ€™s not insanely op (yet, cause he hasnโ€™t fully unlocked his power) but is also no controlled by any powerful force, person, or organization. Great grammar and overall writing quality, consistent updates and cool characters. 100% recommend, or even just save it to the library and come back later cause I finished it in a few hours.


Absolutely loved it. Amazing plot, almost little to no plot holes till now( ch 26), realistic info dump and a good world background. I always loved the novel where MC used black tech to become a god-like being on earth. Kinda reminds me of one of my fav novels- Super USB but it's also vastly different at the same time.


Very good! I can't wait to read more. [img=update] Looking forward to how the school arc goes! W concept. I am slightly worried about the protagonist's possible power scaling but I trust the author to make it work.


I have idea why you have made a yiyle like god of technology but i have read up until the latest chapter it doesn't delve into the technology part.... Most of the chapters are just fillers most likely written by ai? Anyways im dropping this.


the premise is good, the character started was ok at the start but became boring later on, too focused on powering himself up, while pretty much ignoring the rest out of indiference or plain negligence.the power level became a chore around 40 chapter of the mc grinding on different worlds to become stronger, wich happens too fast and as consequence making him just abandon almost all of his old projects because he no longer needs to bother since he is too strong for that.the world building is decent but limited sadly it also suffers from the power scaling as some development for certain worlds just get scrapped like that just because he no longer needs it for being too strong.just not worth the effort following a plot that may be dumped becauae the mc got too strong.


there many unnecessary plot in this novel like going back to earth but not doing anything there. [img=angry][img=angry][img=angry]


I have to say , this is the coolest sci-fi novel I have read on this app.Can't wait for it to reach its prime.


bom, quero mais............................................................................................. ...............................


Reveal spoiler


In this genre, this is one of the best novels i have ever read.


Hello. Is there any kind of yuri here? I hate that stuff and would like to know before reading. thanks


Acabei de comeรงar e nรฃo dรก vontade de parar . Vou chegar atrasado no trabalho porque queria devorar tudo de uma vez.


too lazy to comment, but i did sure enjoy reading it, so 5 stars you go...tho im quite curious about those characters mentioned during the talk with the tree since theres no mention of them before, but oh well,i'll just wait for it. keep it up, author.


NEEDS NORE CHAPTERS!!!!! This novel is amazing, it may not seem like itโ€™s that good at the beginning but trust me. You must read this!! The novel defiantly needs more chaps tho, it hurts to reach the end and wait for a while๐Ÿ˜”




Good [img=recommend][img=update][img=recommend][img=update]


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