My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires.
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My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires.


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What is My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires.

Read My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires. novel written by the author Victor_Weismann on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, adventure, comedy, harem. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Victor was a normal 21-year-old man, he grew up in a loving family that helped him take care of himself knowing that he had a practically incurable disease, the RH null blood, he was the owner of a rare blood type... But what Victor didn't know, is that this blood type was a delicacy in the supernatural world, creatures that fed on blood loved his blood type... And that blood he hated would be the factor that would make Victor the greatest vampire of all time. ........................... [A/N: The cover is mine, it's original. Cover art is Scathach Scarlett.] This novel is being edited by: IsUnavailable, And Davo 2138. If you want to support me so that I can pay artists to illustrate the characters in my novel, visit my Patreon: patreon.com/VictorWeismann More characters images in: https://discord.gg/4FETZAf

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Ok here's my review! So: first for the speed-runners TLDR: I really like it, I think it has lots of potential and room for growth, and I think his abilities, the world background, the vampires themselves, the Church, all of it, has a lot of potential to be expanded on and I could definitely see this become one of my favorite stories on the site (yes, even if it were to be contracted.) Writing Quality: No problems here. The grammar feels smooth, no spelling mistakes (maybe a few but you get the point), and the chapters read smoothly and make sense. Stability of Updates: Well, so far, its been 1 chapter a day, so no problems here either. Hopefully in the future, there could be more chapters a day (2?!!!) and stay at least a chapter a day Story Development: The plot is developing at a reasonable pace, and I hold much anticipation for the future. Character Design: The characters feel alive. Usually, when the MC gets supernatural abilities, 2 things happen: A) Parents? Who are they? What parents? or, B) Parents? Oh yeah! Perfect thing for some character development and then boom! Who are they again? This story makes the parents feel involved and like living beings, alongside the actual main character(s), that can make good and bad decisions, purely emotional decisions, rational decisions, etc. World Background: Oh boy, am I excited for more chapters. Mainly because of this (and the 3 wives. Emphasis on 3, and yandere O_O) The MC's abilities that could totally be expanded on, the noble vampires' abilities, even the plebeian vampires could become something much more in this story. The Church can also become very interesting to the story as well due to a plethora of ideas and things that can be developed later on. All in all, I recommend you give it a try! What's not to love? There's cute waifus, vampires, ACTUALLY EXISTENT PARENTS, action, mystery, intrigue! I look forward to see how it develops O_O


Bad writing warning, I use the translator :( . I know the author, Victor, for some time and I know that his works are very good, just by his background I already know that this work would be very good but after I read it I could only confirm my speculations.... But let's stop chatting and let's go to the quality analysis :D . Writing Quality: I really like Victor's writing, yes we can see an error from time to time here or there, but it is very good and it became even better when he got an editor for his stories. At this point I have nothing to complain. . Stability of Updates: well there i have a little grudge with victor, where are my other stories man?? Hahahaha But going back to this story, for now everything is the best wonder, chapters with a good amount of words and daily updates, I hope this continues for a long time. . Chracter Design: Well, if we only see this story he is well done, tells enough about his past and personality so that we can continue the story without having any doubts about his character. Yes, every now and then I think I see a hole here or there in his "slightly" distorted personality, but it's irrelevant and I would be annoying if I let that influence my analysis too much. Now for a personal comment of mine, Victor, don't you think your main characters in your stories are very similar? stay with my question :) . World Background: well, i guess i don't have much to say that just enough was said for the setting of the story, although i would like to see him wandering more around the world.


Hello, I am the editor of this story ( IsUnavailable#4173 on discord) and, though I may be a little biased, this is one of my favorite stories on here. This story is a refreshing read after all the 'system', 'isekai', and 'reborn' stories on here. It stands out from the crowd and has interesting characters that can draw you in. Going over the five points: Writing Quality: as the editor I am (again) biased here, but I do my best to make sure this is as cleaned as possible and get rid of grammar errors and misused pronouns. Story development: The plot has a good pacing without stalling too long at the beginning with info. dumps or speeding along too fast and not properly fleshing out the story. All in all no complaints here. Character designs: Like I said before there are several interesting characters. The author does use some anime style tropes, but he makes sure the characters aren't just one note and have more to them with real motivations and backgrounds. I particularly like the main characters mother for her novel and interesting personality. Updating stability: The author and I strive to have a chapter a day release schedule so barring any illness or accident you will always have something new to read each day. (schedule changes are almost always mentioned in author notes or on the discord) World background: This story is mainly set in America and uses western style Vampires (and other paranormal creatures). This is a wonderful break from the predominantly eastern influenced stories on webnovel and the author does a great job at slowly revealing this new and interesting paranormal world as we learn about it through the eyes of the main character. To sum everything up, this is a refreshing and interesting read. Clean chapters with minimal errors (your welcome) and good update pacing. Definitely worth your time to at least give it a try. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get reading.


This is my first attempt at making an original novel, I hope it works out and you like it, I plan on keeping Plot simple until I get used to making original novels, I hope you like it.


3 yanderes + cool family + funny maids + crazy mc = good novel .............................................................................


Yanderes are the best.......................................................................................................................


when I found out author was writing an original, it got me hella excited I mean I love the DC and Marvel fanfics I mean they're probably my favourite DC and Marvel fanfics and so far it seems that this is going to be even better


. Yandere!!!! Nice👌


Good Novel [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=update]


They told me to follow my dreams, so I turned around and continued to sleep. 😴 ..................................................... .......


The characters so far have all been interesting, fun and engaging. The updates have been regular. Story in intriguing and has been developing well so far keeping me interested in what's to come. Only reason I didn't give the world 5 stars is just that there hasn't been enough time to flesh it out yet meaning so far it's been good, but not enough to say if it will become amazing, just stay good or become less good. Definitely interested in learning more about the world though.


Although I am too late, I wish that you win your WPC contest and take away the gold prize. I am your new reader and this novel was my first. I have to say that I am more than impressed. So I will be going to read your other novels. Good Luck and congrats in advance.


I was surprised when I saw this novel, it is very well written, and you can see the effort the author is putting to make it well done. Don't expect anything too complex from this novel, it is simple and straightforward, the plot is well established and the characters are very good, (Kaguya is my favorite cough) Writing 5 stars. World was not developed enough for me to speak. Characters definitely 5 stars. updates? It's very good, the author updates every day with more than 2k words, as a reader I wanted more... but I know how difficult it is to do a good job like this without losing quality. Editor. this guy is very good, he is helping the author a lot. IsUnavailable, he's a good editor, the author sure found a gem. Overall, it's a good novel for you to read with a smile on your face all the time, Violet the wife who's been introduced so far is very cute, and everyone who likes Yandere can like her too. (Isn't she psycho like Yuno, is she more like Albedo than overlord?) This is a good novel that I will definitely follow, the author is also one of my favorites, I have always followed his work, and he is a good person. I think that's it for now, Seeya.


Do you like yanderes? Do you also like the unconditional crazy passionate love that they offer? Do you often wonder what you would do if you suddenly wake up and find yourself married to, not one, not two, but three sexy women? Well, here are 3 beautiful and dangerous yanderes for you to read about. I usually don't give reviews for stories with less than 50 chapters, but for this one, it's an exception. My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires (M3WBV) follows an MC who wakes up after turning into a vampire, and finds out the during the process he is now married to a beautiful vampire, named Violet Snow. So far, there isn't much plot development, except the MC discovering more about the supernatural world that he now has become a part of, and that he also has 2 more wives due to an accident during the vampire conversion process. I foresee great potential with this story, and I hope that the author can deliver. In the first 25 chapters you'll experience sweet romantic moments, intrigue, mystery, and some unique characters. And it's definitely the unique characters and their portrayals that have had me hooked with this story. From the almost-bipolar yandere wife, to the stoic maid, and the MCs over-enthusiastic family - all of their interaction are fun to read, and generally enjoyable. TL;DR: Give this novel a try if you would like read about a good guy, who suddenly finds himself thrust into a marriage between 3 yandere vampires, and want to follow their developments.


AAGHHGGHHHH! This book is a curse! DON'T READ IT! Now don't get me wrong, the problem isn't that its bad, the problem is that it is too good! I can't read any other book with interest now! I don't know what, but it has some sort of charm to it. Well whatever, just don't read it.


can't say anything else than it's an amazing book. even though it currently only has 6 chapters it's probably one of the best original books I have read I just hope you don't drop. keep up the good work


TLDR - Scathath best girl Okay, so this is one if not the first review I had to write for a novel on this site. I love the premise and while the beginning develops quite fast, the characters and MC are very well done. Came for the waifus, staying for Scathath


My favorite novel of all time, every genre of this novel lives up to its name This novel even made me look at Yanderes in a new light. Each and every character is unique and each one is my favorite. Obviously I can't even give any suggestion to improvement to any character because they always overcome my expectations by a landslide.Every new chapter becomes my favorite chapter. READ it fellas or you might regret later. WRITING QUALITY: not a single mistake till now. / STABILITY OF UPDATES:one chap a day but its still less for me. / STORY AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT : "TOP NOTCH" ./WORLD BACKGROUND: we'll have to wait and see for that . Umu!


wassuuuuup, great book. my type of book and movie that I look for is an op / action / funny type. besides how he acts, his wives are funny ans badazz too great book will be supporting and checkin for a new chapter release everyday to keep reading this book


AHEM! let me say this story is so bloody GOOD! well there's some part that has cockoo and yandere material and makes you a little 'cringe', it by no means shabby nor can you ignore it, read IT! I COMMAND YOU! plus... I'd love if the story continued until hundreds of chap long ( well I just wish so )


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