I Want Mechas, Not Wives!

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What is I Want Mechas, Not Wives!

Read I Want Mechas, Not Wives! novel written by the author Stylish_Demon on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, r18, villain, antihero, academy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


IT'S FAST PACED! (But you will also experience slow moments but no slow chapters!) "Let's play pretend kissing, chu~" she said, and two seconds later, as I looked at the girl who had melted into a puddle, I realized. "I recognize that seductive face. Could it be that I am Ryker Yukline from "Stardom Academy!?" A sci-fi world, numerous of heroins, a scummy villain, whom I created for that world. Ryker Yukline is the antagonist who often hinders the protagonist from trying to win the heroines for the election. Not content with just obstructing the achievements of the protagonists, he also sets traps, and in the bad endings, he seduces and turns the heroines into submissive females. Naturally, Ryker faces every antagonist end, as in any heroine's route, destruction awaits him. "I don't want to be killed, so I'll just power...as a backup plan I will also try to curry favour from the main Heroins! And try to live without involving with the FL's." Despite my intentions, the heroines of the game keep coming closer. Um, wait, isn't she starting to look a bit... seductive? A story where the protagonist, who becomes the strongest through game knowledge, tries to casually curry some favours, only to end up seducing the heroines. Caution: This is a sci-fi based fast-paced novel, and to build world, backstory, and character trait, I have given a lot of info dump(kindly forgive) in early 3-5 chap! But the info will be really interesting and there will be story progression in the same chaps too! Please try it! A'sN: Saffron's not the real cousin sister of Ryker! :) And, it's harem :D and hopefully, not lust crazed just sweet and heartwarming!

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yeah no i see that low chapter 20 paywall and i see those fake 5 star reviews author


Premium at chapter 20? Really I only know two characters, the MC and his cousin sister. Not worth spending money on just yet, good luck author but I'm out


Who wouldn't wanna write the first review for any book? P.S I'm not a reader, just passing by, excuse me


Honestly W gyat skibidi toilet rizzzzzzzzzler


A somewhat interesting premise, but the naming and chapter consistency cobbled with bad english translations, makes it confusing and hard to read and understand.


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