1 Chapter 01

'Where am I?'

A formless white figure was floating in darkness as he regained consciousness.

'The last thing I saw was a truck.'

'Am I dead?'

[The user has passed away in his previous life. You currently exist in an astral form.]

'W-What? Are you my system? Do you have intelligence?'

[Yes, this is your system. I am the tutorial A.I. Please choose your world to reincarnate into.]





'This... the world where I won't have the danger of dying at every turn is DC(Smallville).'

'I choose DC(Smallville).'

[A hero/villain/anti-hero always has their origins. Choose your origin.]

[1.Son Goku

2. Mark Grayson


4. Issei Hyoudou

5. Izuku Midoriya]

[User will get your chosen character's memory of using their powers and have to learn from it to control their powers.]

'I choose Son Goku.'

[Please choose your family:

1. Kent Family. Reward: Homelander Template

2. Wayne Family. Reward: Deadshot Template

3. Queen Family. Reward: Deathstroke Template

4. Orphan. Reward: Deadpool Template]

'I choose Kent Family.'

[User will be reincarnated in Dragon Ball world as Kakarot and will be transported to DC world when your parents send you to Earth.]

[The template can be upgraded with emotional points, by training or by combat.]

[Due to user transfer to DC world. The multiverse wall will be shaken and some evil beings may crossover into your world. As these beings threaten the world, you will be responsible for solving them in exchange for the system given to you.]

These were the last words the soul heard as he lost consciousness. He awoke on Planet Vegeta as the Saiyan named Kakarot. He lived in his incubator for three before being sent to Earth by his parents.

His spaceship fell into a space-time vortex and disappeared into it.





October 7, 1989.

A meteor shower struck the community of Smallville, Kansas. It brought with it two alien children whose world had been destroyed.

A red pickup truck is slowly driving on the road in the suburbs of Kansas. The couple Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent were returning home when the meteor shower began to rain down. Their truck flipped over and landed upside-down. Fortunately, they were unharmed.

As they were going to crawl out of the truck, a naked little boy, who appeared to be about 2 or 3 years old, approached them and squatted down to look at them.

When the couple looked at him with shocked expressions, he smiled. They climbed out of their overturned truck. The couple wrapped the little boy in a blanket. The man placed him in the arms of the woman. As they were going to check where the child came from. A shooting star landed on the fields. Its landing caused smoke to block the vision of the couple.

A round ball five feet in diameter came into the view of the couple. It opened. A child in body armor stepped out of it.

'Finally, here at last. I have been waiting for three years. That man and woman must be Jonathan and Martha.'

'That baby must be Clark.'

Homelander Template Fusion:70%

I got 30% unlocked at the beginning. It rose to 70% with emotional points from mom and dad.

"What is that?" asked Martha.

Hearing his wife's voice. Jonathan didn't answer as he was attracted by a small figure coming towards them in the smoke.

"Another child," exclaimed Martha.

"Can you understand us?" asked Jonathan as he stood in front of his wife.

The child nodded.

"Where did you come from? What's your name? Where are your parents?" asked Jonathan as the child was wearing different clothes from them and was not a resident of the town.

"My name is Kakarot. I came from the sky. My parents are dead. They sent me here." answered Kakarot as his emotions not being in his full control slipped past his calm facade and he teared up.

As the smoke cleared the couple saw the spaceship and got the answer to the question if humans are truly alone in the universe.

Martha hugged the child in a display of motherly instincts.

"Jonathan, it seems like God listened to my prayers and sent not one but two children to me."

"Martha?" Jonathan exclaimed in surprise.

"Jonathan, let's adopt them. It's God's will that we met these two before anyone."

"What if someone came to get them back someday?"

"My planet is destroyed. No one will come to take me back," answered Kakarot.

After a moment of silence, Jonathan and Martha decide to adopt both children.

"Can you give me an Earth name?"

"Name... how about Eric Kent," said Martha.

"What's the name of the second child, Martha?"

"How about Clark Kent."

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