My Love Debts Are Everywhere! Book

novel - Fantasy

My Love Debts Are Everywhere!


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An ancient proverb from the Homo sapiens era once stated, "Light and darkness can never be united because they are natural enemies arranged since the creation of the universe." The statement seems plausible, yet it may contain inaccuracies... —————————————— Leon Kruger, a 22-year-old man counted among the three of humanity's heroes, is dispatched by the Holy Empire of Mankind to invade the territory of the Demon Empire—an enduring adversary of humanity for over 7000 years. Wielding the Great Holy Sword Zenith and commanding a legion of thousands of holy troops, he leads the raid on the Desert of Chaos, facing the elite armies of the Demon Race with unwavering valor. Even, he engaged in direct combat against the Demon Emperor, who was actively leading the war on behalf of the Demon Race! Unfortunately, he never foresaw that his offensive was a cunning scheme orchestrated by the Emperor of the Holy Empire. The emperor aimed to eliminate Leon, perceiving him as a threat to his position as the ruler. Furthermore, unbeknownst to him, he had been poisoned before setting out for war, leading to a catastrophic defeat at the hands of the Demon Emperor and resulting in his capture as a prisoner of the Demon Emperor. Envisaging torment at the hands of the notorious Demon Emperor after his capture, he was surprised to find that this foreseen ordeal did not come to pass! The Demon Emperor, unveiled as a remarkably beautiful woman, unexpectedly and without apparent cause, asked him to be responsible for abandoning their triplet daughters?! "Nani! Since when did I have triplet daughters with you, smelly demon woman?!" Not only that, Leon gradually realized that an increasing number of women were approaching him to claim the love debts he had unwittingly accumulated in his youth. "Wait! Hold on! Please be gentle! Both my kidneys are nearly tapped out!" —————————————— #Tag: #Action #Adventure #Harem #Slight-Harem #StrongToStrongest #Romance #Demon #Elven #Hero #Dragon #DaughterLoves #Revenge #Anti-Hero #Handsome-Male-Lead #Beautiful-Female-Leads #SliceOfLife #Unhesitate-MainCharacter #Yandere #PossesiveCharacters #PhsycopathCharacter #HateToLove #Comedy