Apocalypse: I Can See the HP Bar, Killing Monsters Drops Loot

Author: Mountain Ghost Holds the Pen
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What is Apocalypse: I Can See the HP Bar, Killing Monsters Drops Loot

Read ‘Apocalypse: I Can See the HP Bar, Killing Monsters Drops Loot’ Online for Free, written by the author Mountain Ghost Holds the Pen, This book is a Sci-fi Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: April 4th.The apocalypse descended, mountains and rivers shattered, and the human world turned into purgatory.April 5th....


April 4th. The apocalypse descended, mountains and rivers shattered, and the human world turned into purgatory. April 5th. "Brother Wang Tao, before I die, I ask you for a favor, please take care of my wife..." April 7th. Wang Tao unexpectedly discovered that he could not only see the HP bars of living creatures but also that the creatures he killed would drop loot! "Rest in peace, Big Brother. I will definitely take good care of your wife!"

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Reveal spoiler


mc gets electrocuted by power cords connected to his pc, and gains system, and just in time because it's the zombie apocalypse. He gains hp,and loot each zombie he kills, it's slow pace and he collects special loot items like speed and stealth potions.


Smart MC. Very realistic. Unlike most stories he isn’t on a fast track to being a god. You always get the feeling he is one mistake away from dying and he behaves that way. Side characters have been pretty believable, no outright villains for the sake of being evil. Grim and realistic setting. Zombies outmatching normal humans has a lot of implications and the writer is willing to follow that logic. Worth a read.


the intro of this novel makes me want to read it 😂😂


good unlike some repeated same reborn MCs and collecting resources


I like that the MC isn’t overpowered! His shrewed ways to augment his capabilities are what kept me at the edge of my seat while rooting for him. I’m a zombie-themed story fan and this novel is just a double thumbs up! I’d thank you author but my wife, lately, has been checking up on my coins decline. So haha.


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