15 The Early Dawn (4)

"Plaster face, I'm cold…"

While the boys had made it to the rock and were currently hiding from any more rain, they had still gotten soaked on the way. Myeong-su was feeling the effects of it more than the others, as he had already been rather tired even before the rain. His lips had already started to turn a shade of blue. "Try to fight it off just a bit. It'll stop raining soon." The boy hugged Myeong-su from behind, and the two older boys joined in kind. Had they not been exhausted from climbing up the mountain, they wouldn't have had to go through such an ordeal, but it was already done. The boy looked up at the sky, but the rock obscured most of his field of vision, and the rest of what he could see was being covered by the heavy rain. All in all, there was no way for him to distinguish how far the rainclouds had traveled.


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