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Dragon Monarch System


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[Ding! Dragon Monarch System has been activated.] Aditya finds himself in the body of a 19 years old dragon. Aditya learns the misfortune fate of the former Aditya. Being a man from the 21st century, Aditya decides to change his fate. Being married to the 7 goddesses of this world, Aditya walks on a path to prove himself to his wives and to his family. "Goddess of War" "Goddess of Alchemy" "Goddess of Wealth" "Goddess of Wisdom" "Goddess of Lust" "Goddess of Music" "Goddess of Nature" ------ Genre: - Romance, Harem, R-18, Cultivation, Kingdom building, Rare Bloodline, conquer, lightnovel, action, adventure, evolution, system, levelup, transmigration. - - For every 100 Power stones, 1 extra chapter every 200 PS, 2 extra chapter every 300 PS, 3 extra chapter every 400 PS, 4 extra chapter -------- Disclaimer: - The image used is not mine. If the author messages me, I will take down the image.