I Have A Cultivation World

Author: Pure Nine Lotus Lamp
Eastern Fantasy
Ongoing · 1.6M Views
  • 565 Chs
  • 3.8
    18 ratings
  • NO.76

What is I Have A Cultivation World

Read I Have A Cultivation World novel written by the author Pure Nine Lotus Lamp on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Eastern Fantasy stories, covering weaktostrong, cultivation, transmigration, cheats. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


After 6,000 years of development by the immortal sect on Planet Earth, all of the leyline spiritual energy was controlled by the country. They only released enough spiritual energy for the cultivators to breathe. If a cultivator wanted to use the spiritual energy to train themselves, they would have to pay the immortal sect for that. Chen Mobai was a senior high school student at the Fifth High School of the Immortal Sect. He was studying for his entrance exam at the colleges of the immortal sect. His biggest dream was to achieve the Foundation Establishment Realm until he was transmigrated to a cultivation world. “There’s no one here despite how dense the spiritual energy is?” “Wait! Isn’t this the legendary spiritual herb? Are these not extinct here?” “Huh? Is this the method to extract one’s Spiritual Root? Also, isn’t this a divine technique?” “What a powerful cultivator! Please accept me as your disciple!” As his life in the cultivation world continued, his dream changed.

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Pure Nine Lotus Lamp



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This is strongly similar to that old CN - MC accidentally gets caught up in someone Ascension and goes to a higher world and treats dirt like treasure Lol. Kinda makes no sense when you think about it... (It was called World Of Immortals) I believe.


The concept is cool but the story is slow and there’s a lot of long boring explanations which are sometime repeated to increase word count… otherwise it could become a fun story


-Translation Quality (4 Stars) Translator clearly put more effort than the rest of other trial reads who just use ML translations. I would’ve given 5 stars if not for some terms being changed between chapters and some sentences that don’t make since since they’re just translated straight from the original Chinese version but it’s very much still readable -Stability of Updates (5 stars) Duh -Story Development (4 stars) I like the story thus far and it has shown promise to be a good novel in the future. The story is more down to earth with the main character being closer to a normal person with a father, mother and and extended family that he’s close to. Plus he’s not ridiculously untalented or talented and he’s not a transmigrator who knows absolutely nothing and he’s more of a person who has lived 17 years in his world. My only worry is that the author just rehashes the “a war has started and I need to do missions” when the MC enters uni. (Oh also there’s no nationalism until chapter 70 something cause that’s the farthest I’ve reached in the raws) -Character Design (3 stars) Very generic. -World Background (3.5 stars) I like how much information the author seems to give about the world however I would’ve liked it to be given more naturally and less through exposition (that sometimes feels like it doesn’t really matter) which will definitely put off a lot of people. -Overall I like this novel but it’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea but I found significantly better than the rest of the trial reads this time around and obviously a whole lot better than some of the recent previous batches.


Reveal spoiler


It is not better to live and not die to reincarnate. You see, if the government controls spiritual energy, maybe it's just a lie to kill people and keep them from revolting.


Here's my one true complaint about this work: the story doesn't seem to have anything in common with the title. They are nearly completely unrelated. Title says he has a cultivation world. With this type of novel, that would mean he owned a world, possibly a small or inner world. He would also likely be the only "human" or sentient being with access to it. Basically, it would be completely his domain. This one in the story? It's anything except that. Up to the point I stopped reading, it seemed more like a planet located in a distant part of the same universe, and practically crawling with a Cultivator..."infestation" (heh! just kidding.) Anyway, he merely teleportation there. He doesn't own it, from what I could see.


This story seems to be a slice of life in a cultivation world. Story progress is quite slow and the daily life stuff is just too detailed. By chapter 20 I had already started skipping blocks of text looking for dialogs. By chapter 30 (raws) the skipping got larger and by 40 I could no longer continue. It's just too boring.....


the title is misleading since he didn't own the cultivation world but discover it instead but it's still a good read the story pacing is a bit slow but okay to me


Actually quite good, the cheat isn't as unbalanced as the synopsis makes it seem. It's not like he goes from trash to best in his school in 3 chapters. Cultivation system is rather interesting, with a heavy focus on the spirit roots. NU rating would be 4.0 ish


Typical cultivation stuff. The cheat is interesting, but the novel itself is not.


Five Star support Five Star support Five Star support Five Star support Five Star support Five Star support Five Star support Five Star support


Very very slow story.No action for lots of chapters.To much detail for everything feels more like trying to increase word count.Boring to read for more then 5chapters.Will try again when I develop more patience


just wanted to ask can he go back to real world at later age and flex ? I will change the rating


Other than the fact that the translation quality becomes worse as chapters go by and the names keep changing. The plot development is good and the world building is the best in cultivation novels. Its refreshing to see a mc without a cheat. He has to cultivate normally the only advantage he has is resources.


I am enjoying this novel very much (up to ch. 35): the likable MC is smart, brave and diligent, and the setting is detailed and logical.


One of the better trial reads out there.


One of the better trial reads out there.


it's a year old with 50 chapters tf? bbbbbbbbb


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