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  • Highschool DxD: I have a Dimensional Travel System

    After transmigration or perhaps reincarnation, Mahiro Toma decided to pursue a career as a light novelist. However, everything changed when he read the name of his new school on the notice board. "Wait, Kouh Academy?!" "Isn't this the school from Highschool DxD?" This is the story of a man who finds himself in the fantasy world of Highschool DxD with the unique ability to travel to various anime worlds to grow stronger. Worlds: 1. Highschool DxD 2. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (Danmachi) 3. Sword Art Online (SAO) 4. ... --- For advance chapter or support me: https://patreon.com/heavenlydawn Please Note: I do not own any of the content in this fanfiction. The copyrights belong to their respective creators.

    heavenlydawn_ · Anime & Comics
  • Multiverse Gacha

    Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon with Gate of Babylon? [DxD - Now!] ... Waking up in a mysterious world, August finds himself grappling with the dilemma of whether he can survive in a seemingly beautiful yet deeply dark world. Fortunately, leveraging the luck of his nine generations, he manages to obtain the Gate of Babylon belonging to a certain goldenman... With the Gate of Babylon in his pocket, August decides to amass all the treasures available in the world. However, once again, he faces a dilemma... Are girls also treasures? Can he keep them in his Gate of Babylon?

    XElenea · Anime & Comics
  • Eternal Saṃsāra: The Wanderer of Worlds

    The Venerable One, Reincarnator Extraordinaire, has lived through all. Nine lives showed him many shades of life; he was a Hero once and Demon Lord in another; again a Heavenly Beast and a Time Manipulating Vampire in another. Finally, a Cultivator in his latest. He was a little insane in his head by now, but hey maybe that's the perk of living too many lives. He finds himself in incredible joy as roots die hard, and he is reincarnated in a Modern World as a mere human in his 10th (?) life. But… “Why is my mother an Idol? Huh- wait, Devils?” It just so happened to be an anime amalgamation world, filled with character he was familiar with. -—- Worlds: Oshi No Ko, High School DxD, Noragami. There are also some certain characters from other anime. Some Additional Tags: #Incest, #Magic, #Cultivation, #MultipleLives, #CrazyMC, -—- Patreon Link: Patreon.com/Master4thWall Discord Link: Discord.gg/GKWjj3ywZd

    Master4thWall · Anime & Comics
  • Reincarnated with Annihilation Maker in a World with Mashup Anime

    Follow Kamisato Oreki and his slow life with Annihilation Maker and use it in creative and Imaginative way to make him truly overpowered Alternate Tittle: Using Annihilation Maker to summon Super Shenron for one wish 4 chapters a week is the scheduled List of Anime mixed in: High School DxD Gj-bu Blend S Watamote Bocchi the Rock Oshi no Ko My Roommate is a Cat Kaguya-sama: Love is War - heads up I’m using chatgp for this p.s. No Rias bashing here p.s.s. Harem is creation is as easy as using pokeball to a pokemon even if it's a legendary. p.s,s.s. turn off your your brain while reading and maybe skip some useless yapping too.

    Shiki_rvi · Anime & Comics
  • The Knight of Ruin(DxD)

    In his past life, Romonus Gremory was named Andrew. He was brought over to this new world because of his boss Rahvdall, the god of Insanity. He was tasked with breaking the fate of DxD or Canon because gods like his boss feed on the chaos of broken fate to grow stronger. Romonus is all for it as he gets to enjoy the perks of being in a lewd world like DxD.

    A_Real_Werewolf234 · Anime & Comics
  • Highschool DxD: Dragon's Ascent

    It's not often you get a second chance. Even less often that your second chance involves you being sent into a world where mythology is real and devils roam the world. Even less is that world being an anime you have watched before. That's right, I have been transmigrated into Highschool DxD. So, how does one survive in the world of Dragons, Gods and Boobs? Trough breaking the system of course! Because when life gives you a chess board you flip it over. Note: I do not own the cover nor do I have any claim over it

    Bronz_Deck · Anime & Comics
  • Transmigrated With A Time Chamber In DxD

    "Okay guys. Time to settle an argument. If you were to reincarnate in DxD, what race would you choose and why?" Some choose dragons. Some choose yokai. Others choose devils and another few, angels. In an era where gods exist and a myriad of races populate the planet, Igor made the most uncanny of choices. As for what it was, read on and find out. Available on Fanfiction.net and RoyalRoad with the same title name.

    HolyGambler · Anime & Comics
  • Reincarnation in DxD with wishes

    a normal guy who reincarnated in dxd with 3 wishes. this is a multiverse story. main world:high school dxd 2nd world:second life ranker 3rd world:Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint. 4rd world:marvel earth-616

    emir_adar · Anime & Comics
  • HP/DxD: Raven

    Transmigrated as Harry in HP /DxD world. What if Harry didn't grow up with Durslies? What if he was taken in and was allowed to grow to his full potential? OP Harry. Smart Harry. Mad Scientist. Doesn't Give a Shit. (Lots of HP Bashing. MC doesn't care much about DxD ) I will also posting this story on RoyalRoad, ScribbleHub and Fanfiction

    Alcoholic_Panda · Anime & Comics
  • White-Haired Template System

    DxDverse, also known as Draconic Deus, is a world full of wonder. The story of this place follows a young man trying to fulfill his dream as Harem Protagonist. It is light-hearted and full of service. However, beneath all that light-hearted story, there is darkness. Humans are the race known as nothing but weaklings in this world. The race looked down upon is used as cannon fodder and even as cattle for the other race. And I reincarnated in this world as a human. I want to change how others see humans. With this power given to me, I will change humanity's fate and reach the stars! I shall make humanity conquer the stars!

    LuxVonDeux · Anime & Comics
  • DXD: The Awakening Of Phenex

    "A guy reincarnated in the body of Riser Phenex with a system. This work is a piece of fiction, a fanfic created based on the original universe developed by its creators. I want to make it clear that I have immense respect for the work and vision of the original creators. The intention of this fanfic is to explore imaginative possibilities within this universe, without any intention of devaluing or replacing the original work." pat reon.com/22Mirko22

    Mirko22 · Anime & Comics
  • DxD: The Uncrowned Super Devil

    [Reincarnation Centre] [A place every person who naturally reincarnates must go through, regardless of their world or situation, and as long as they're getting reincarnated, they must pass through this place, although their memories of this place are erased.] [The only two ways to enter the reincarnation centre are either destiny, like most protagonists, or having too many Karma Points for your world to be able to manage your soul’s reincarnation.] One day, a soul with an overwhelming number of both Positive and Negative Karma Points arrived at the Reincarnation Centre, enough to even shock the Manager of the place. “You... What the hell was your occupation?” That was the only thing the person in charge at the Reincarnation Centre could ask after looking at the soul’s Karma Points. The soul smiled and politely replied. “I was a doctor, a really good doctor.” And so, his life in an unknown fantasy world filled with mysteries and danger began. —— Things to take note of: 1. It might contain one or two torture scenes, so be warned. 2. The Main Character is Evil, and he will do a few things that people won't like (Manipulation, Torture- both physical and mental, and some other things). 3. The Only people he truly cares about are his family (parents and siblings) and friends. 4. He will be strong, stronger than his peers but not stupidly overpowered to break the world apart or defeat Great Red in 5 chapters. 5. He will NOT be a Sacred Gear user. He will learn and study them, but his strength won't depend on any transformation like power-ups such as Balance Breakers or weapons like Holy/Demon Swords. He knows how to use weapons, though. 6. His life before the canon begins will be written in detail, along with how he meets other characters. 7. The fic has a harem. (It's DxD). However, that's not the focus of the story. 8. Lemons yes (after he grows up though), but no Yuri. 9. No clone stuff. That's disgusting. 10. No Netorare / Netorase. That's disgusting, too. Discord: https://discord.gg/ADpke5DWdF https://discord.gg/Mu5pTaA7FH Posted two in case one of them doesn't work for someone.

    Pastlives · Anime & Comics
  • A Cliché Multiverse story

    CURRENT WORLD: One Punch Man I, Asahi was just a filthy rich young master who died? But why I am following the plotline of a third rate novel? Why is this Goddess named Cliche? And wait, this didn't end there. I'm also getting this great system for fulfilling my fantasies. FIRST WORLD: HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD. SECOND WORLD: Irregular In A Magic High School THIRD WORLD: High School DxD FOURTH WORLD: Danmachi FIFTH WORLD: One Punch Man Features: A mc who never rapes. ——— Discord - https://discord.gg/ZPSdwwCXW9

    GloriousMilfHunter · Anime & Comics
  • The Fallen Gamer (MarvelxDXDxMulticross)

    A woman from our world is reborn as a Fallen Angel Gamer in a Marvel/Crossover AU. Will she grind her way to the top, or get a game over?

    StarWaves · Movies
  • Winds of Change (DxD)

    [Long Chapters] – 10k-15k (May exceed this with multiple parts) ************** [Current word count]: 3,713,436 ************** [Please note: This novel follows the LIGHT NOVELS and NOT the ANIME.] ************** [Author's Note at the end] ************** For a more detailed understanding of the storyline, kindly read the Auxiliary Chapter for comprehensive insights into the novel's plot. ************** Synopsis: ************** Floating in the void for an unknown stretch of time, our lost soul is reborn into the realm of High School DXD. With amnesia clouding his personal past and no inkling of the one responsible for his reincarnation, join our protagonist on his journey through this new world as he gradually unravels the mysteries of his own history. Yet, a peculiar incident occurs during his reincarnation, further complicating his already unusual fate. This occurrence binds him to another realm, but the question remains: which one? Follow Jin as he embarks on his second life in the Draconic Deus, forging numerous connections, unintentionally becoming a savior of the world, and constructing a fresh existence for himself. ************** “—I won't protect everything. Although, I will absolutely protect those precious people within arms reach. If it's for the sake of that, I will slay everything.” — Jin ************** “—Everyone deserves a future, many can redeem themselves, but I've also come to understand that not everyone deserves that chance.” — Jin ************** Author's Note: ************** The MC is OP. However, this narrative focuses on his personal growth, delving into his emotional and mental development, his battle against self-doubt, and his relentless journey toward self-improvement. This novel places considerable emphasis on world-building, intricate character interactions, slices of life, and the nuances of romance. Brace yourself for a staggeringly extensive harem, featuring a whopping 90% of the female cast, along with some original characters. (Refer to the Auxiliary chapters for more detailed information on this aspect of the story.)

    Fictitiouz · Anime & Comics
  • DxD: As a Gamer In Filthy World

    I died and now I am in front of a god that I somewhat remember I have seen somewhere but at the same time doesn’t remember. Now the said god is talking about giving me a second chance in a new world, but there is a catch he doesn’t remember about his past life, but some anime he used to watch but in fragments. How will our MC live and survive where gravity solely focuses on girls' tits and where you can just see a girl with big tits. want to find out… well you have to read the story for it…

    Orael · Anime & Comics
  • True Magician (FatexDxD)

    Waking up in the body of a Romani Archiman is acceptable. Getting 3rd and 1st True Magics is nice. Getting Beasts as pets - delightful. The world of DxD is unforgivable. It's a world where some teenagers who aren't even two decades old somehow mystically defeat the descendants of legendary heroes, ancient demons, powerful dragons, etc. Why does this happen? Simply because! Simply put, this world only makes sense because it doesn't. And now, I have to put up with the fact that I live here. Such pain. (DxDxMulti)

    Tiir_Rumibul_3715 · Anime & Comics
    Not enough ratings
  • DxD: King of Summoning

    ALTERNATIVE TITLE: [ DxD: Rey of the Summoning, DxD: Rey The Summoner ] ×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷× SYNOPSIS: [ Rey, a half devil-human boy from the hidden Devil family, Rofocale. One day, his Mother was killed. But, he who's just a little boy was too weak to avenge her, and so he was almost killed too and dying. But then.... ] ×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷×÷× AUTHOR'S NOTE: [ This is not a DxD fanfic with a reincarnated or transmigrated MC! MC is original character born and raised in the DxD World! And there is no OP System-thing too! ] [ Sorry if my grammar not really good. English is not my first language, so please forgive. Even so, I will try my best! Thank you! ]

    rtlps_360 · Anime & Comics
  • A New Sun (Highschool DxD Shinto Demigod SI-OC)

    "I woke up. Sick, with no memories, barely even able to stand up. But hey? At least the view was good!" Welcome, WebNovel-goers, to my Fanfic "A New Sun"! Check out "A New Sun" on Questionable Questing or Fanfiction.net, the original sites this work was posted on. Specifically QQ if you wanna see extra stuff like the pic used as the cover. Also, I've got early chapters up on my Patreon (3 early chapters, in fact). Check that out here; https://patreon.com/Karmatic Updates regularly every Thursday.

    Karmic_Wizard · Anime & Comics
  • I Cast Fist (DxD - Celestial Grimoire)

    Life is a bitch and half, but she was surprisingly good to me this time around. I was...

    GRZG12 · Anime & Comics