Oshi no ko

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Oshi no ko: Beyond the Stars

"In the world of fiction, there are no limits, as long as you have creativity as a weapon, boundaries didn't exist. To the point that even your own fictions, can come to life." A young man named Aka who's already close on achieving his ultimate dream of becoming a successful writer, will stumble upon a mysterious phenomena after experiencing a tragic accident that will unexpectedly sent him into the world of his own creations, assigned on a journey with a mission that will not only dictate the fate of the world of his creations, but his life too. What lies beneath in this mysterious world? What is his mission? What are the possible things he can encounter? Will he be able to comeback into his original world? Disclaimer (Must read by readers and copyright owners): Most of the characters in this series doesn't belong to me (except of my originally-made characters and other ideas) as it belongs to the real and official Oshi no ko manga/anime series. I made this NOT for profitable use or to earn money for it, but instead, this is just directly dedicated to the mangaka "Aka Akasaka" to show appreciation for his excellency in terms of fiction-writing, and to introduce his beautifully made creation to other people. And I don't also intend to steal his ideas or own it. Anyways, even though you're being hooked with this fanfiction, don't forget to support the real and legit Oshi no ko series, it's a lot more worth it than this.

Chris_Gabriel18 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings