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Percy Jackson and the game

Percy is given the gift of the Gamer turning his life into a video game with levels, dungeons and skill points. Now Percy, armed with this amazing ability, sets out to prove himself to the world of the gods and humans by becoming the best at he can be and fulfilling his destiny. And eventually maybe even find love. Swearing, OP Percy, oh and REVIEWS! Not my story.........

Reyna_Lavesque_381 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
72 Chs

Their Temptress

Smut and Mature Content Two men. One woman. A temptress who seduces men. Meet Nirvana, a twenty year old woman who seduces men for a living and also killing them. As a woman in society, it was hard for her to live a normal life as her dad owed a huge amount of debt and left her to pay for it all. Having no other choice but to make fast money she decided to work for the organisation that her father used to work in order to quickly pay off the debt or so she thought. Meet Ramanov Armani, a thirty-one year old, the owner of the organisation that his father once owned and passed along to him. He is the mafia of the organization and promised to free her after all debts are being paid. Will he fulfill that promise or fall into her trap. Meet Gabriel Fernandez, a thirty year old who is Ramanov right hand man and trusted servant. He was David's partner who made him kept a promise to keep his daughter safe before he came off the radar. Tag along for their throuple story!

halle_writezz · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
12 Chs


You can do anything injustice without doing anything, or even become a disappointment- because you live in the strict house. Poly Adulyadej ayatdeli was an introverted, observant, and manipulative high school student who lived in a rigid household. She was silent at school and at home, always watching and absorbing all the stimuli around her. She started to piece together her family's drama and secrets, and just as she was about to reveal it all, she tragically dies in an accident. Follow her unconcerned soul's journey as it attempts to understand and reconcile the past as it explores the mysteries of the afterlife.

Reya_no_sekai · Fantasy
49 Chs

Attracted to His Cold

It wasn't really the result I was looking for. In fact, it was even better. I never really thought that this would happen to me. I never believed someone could love, well, me. But they did. He did. And despite his 'reputation', despite his lifestyle, despite everything everyone had ever told me, I loved him just as unconditionally. But will everything stay in harmony? How long will my paradise last for until my past comes back? Will they haunt me? Catch me? Kill me? *** "Livia? Tiago?" I ask, my voice breaking slightly. If they're here, then.... "Where is he? Where's-" "Gattina." All the breath in my lungs disappear as I turn to find the source of the voice. Half-way through my turn, I can see his dark silhouette at the end of the hallway. When I breathlessly say my next word, it feels as if I can breathe properly again for the first time in over a month. "Lupo." I run towards him without a second thought, sprinting full speed at him, and jump into his awaiting arms. He engulfs me in the warmest hug I've ever felt, entrapping me entirely - not that I mind. I cry in joy at finally being reunited with him as I bury my head into his neck, burrowing myself into him and vowing never to let him go again. Unwrapping myself from him, I look up at into his eyes. They're filled with love and relief, the same emotions I imagine my eyes are filled with. That quickly changes when his face contorts into one of pain. "Cole?" my brows furrow in confusion. He lets out a pained and strangled noise before he drops to his knees, collapsing at my feet. I gasp when I see Viktor behind him, holding a bloodied knife. A/N: Hey guys. Be prepared for dark themes, mature language, mature scenes, and so much more. Enjoy the roller-coaster, you are locked in... - Potential PTSD triggers! - BDSM themes! - Mentions of rape! - Mentions of abuse! - Mentions of torture! - Gun play! - Knife play! - Dark kink! (Warnings will be put at the beginning of potential trigger chapters)

whore_for_mafia · Urban
Not enough ratings
35 Chs


" aku ingin mati saja " - Nesya Nada Febiola " Tidak semudah itu baby girl hanya aku yang bisa menentukan mati dan hidupnya dirimu " - Hadwin Maverick Anderson Pertemuan pertama seorang Hadwin Maverick Anderson dengan Nesya Nada Febiola di sebuah club malam membuat mereka berdua terjerat dalam hubungan yang tidak pernah di bayangkan sebelumnya tapi tidak bagi Hadwin Maverick Anderson bagi nya ini adalah sebuah keberuntungan baru kali ini ia merasa tertarik dengan seorang gadis belia seperti nada setelah bertahun-tahun lamanya dan ia menginginkan nada untuk ia miliki . " Kau milik ku , hanya miliku seorang tidak ada yang bisa memiliki mu selain aku , i love You more " - ucap Hadwin berbisik - " Tidak aku bukan milik siapapun kau hanya iblis yang egois kau hanya terobsesi sesaat padaku bukan mencintai ku " - ucap Nesya Nada Febiola berteriak -

Cherrylll_blossom · Teen
Not enough ratings
10 Chs

Cold Blood Person

Shiba was having his life turning upside down as the new hero and he had blocked his supernatural power inside of his body while he meet with Lugh and another old pal of his friend that it been so long time no see each other went he met Agent Yuta and Agent Tamura.

WritingStory46 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
52 Chs


Myra is a rich teenage girl who lives in Parampura. But unlike other rich girls her life is very difficult and full of struggle because her father doesn't like to spend money on her . Dive in for refreshing journey as she tries to get out of her problems , in her daily life .

Azrael2000 · Urban
Not enough ratings
102 Chs

The Whisper in the Abyss

Freya Bell, an orphan girl with magic running through her veins, is randomly accepted into the Magic school of her dreams. Without any knowledge of who submitted her application, she travels across the land to Gervorshe Royal Magic Academy. Here, she meets the love of her life, makes new friends she never thought she could, and uncovers something evil lurking in the school.

Sierra_Silva_7953 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
63 Chs