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A Bizarre & Anomalous Adventure in the SCP Foundation

Volume 1: From Anomalous to Bizarre New Beginnings A young man name Rodeo, gets a mysterious package, revealing to be a Killer Queen helmet inside of it. To his curiousity, he wears it, and then gets ended up transporting to the anomalous universe of the SCPs. Now having the power of Killer Queen on his side, what will he do? Will he be contained or will he be helping the Foundation in protecting their world from complete world annihilation? Let's just say... it's going to be an explosive ride. (No pun intended) . . . Volume 2: Anomalous & Bizarre Wars After Rodeo and his friends' successful defeat of the demons of hell at the city of Las Vegas and the SCP world was now free from danger, the story continues with Rodeo and the rest of his team facing new challenges in the anomalous world of Scps. While they had defeated a few of their enemies, new threats loom in the horizon for him and his friends as beings and figures powerful and beyond their knowledge... or at least to their knowledge loom in the scp world and beyond the multiverse in a bid to take or annihilate the universe as more problems has now increased. But Rodeo's team has been growing and continues to show their might however will that be enough to face the impending dangers it has to offer? Rodeo will be tested both physically and mentally with these challenges in this strange dark world. With his friends, can he overcome his mental health and lead this world filled with countless horrors into peace? While he made many friends and allies, he also made many enemies, some that he has yet to meet.

Artemis099 · Sci-fi
253 Chs

The last mage of Krypton

Not my book just posting on webnoval This was written by the bearded one I do not own Harry Potter or Superman, Marvel and DC do. There is one sentence in Bulgarian in this chapter. The translation is at the end of the chapter. !

dark_elf_God · Fantasy
93 Chs

Percy Jackson and the game

Percy is given the gift of the Gamer turning his life into a video game with levels, dungeons and skill points. Now Percy, armed with this amazing ability, sets out to prove himself to the world of the gods and humans by becoming the best at he can be and fulfilling his destiny. And eventually maybe even find love. Swearing, OP Percy, oh and REVIEWS! Not my story.........

Reyna_Lavesque_381 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
72 Chs

Acting as a boy (GL)

gl novel [ story of two Indian girls] *NOTE : - this novel is pure work of imagination. Being the best actress in whole country while wining many awards sara never thought that one day she will be in a contract marriage with the world's best scientist and sole heir of the oldest and best tecnology company in the world. one day after casting the last scene for her movie she went home early where she got her life's biggest shock by her mother "sara you have to marry zia ! " "whattt!!! " as if this shock wasn't enough she got to know something more terrifying " zia is not a boy zia is actually a girl! " sara thought she would go crazy until she heard her parents say " please today we have everything because of them you just have to pretend until six months! the marriage contract will be over after zia becomes the owner of shirik company!" story status:- ongoing update:- per chapter two weeks. note : - due to some personal reasons the book will be on hold until 1St may 2023. that reason is I have to give neet exam it is a premedical exam for any medical course in India for that I have been busy with classes so sorry for this but I hope readers will understand I can't compromise with my career lastly thanks for reading this book and waiting patiently for next chapters. (please notify me in the comment section if any grammatical errors are found thank you) .....................*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.................... story kind of follow the CEO in a contract marriage with female lead but it's a gl version ( gl x gl ) girls love. my other noval are 1. sweet without sugar it's a story based on my dream but it's not a romance novel so if you're only looking for romance you should stay away from this novel.but if you want something light which makes us smile from seeing the innocence of children u should probably check it out.\(^⁠_⁠^)/ 2.the aim of queen this novel is also a glxgl and its historical and magic world based content.

white_cat23 · LGBT+
Not enough ratings
50 Chs

Transmigration: As A Stepmother In The 80s

Qin Shi died saving someone, and the system gave her three options for rebirth. 1. To transmigration to the 60s to be a daughter-in-law for others. 2. To transmigration to the countryside in the 70s and be an educated youth. 3. To transmigration to the 80s to be the stepmother of three children. Qin Shi resolutely chose 3; she couldn't bear the suffering of the 60s or the 70s! * --------------------------------------------- At the scene of the blind date: Lu Zetian had a serious expression: "If you don't want to, I don't want to drag you down either." Qin Shi: "I understand." Before Lu Zetian could relax his expression, he heard the other party speak again. Qin Shi: "You need someone to take care of the children; I need you to take care of me; we can agree to get married." Qin Shi: "My task is to raise and educate the three children while they grow up, and take care of the food, daily necessities, and life, as well as act as a loving couple when necessary. You only need to pay all the family expenses and my salary. Of course, I will give you the account books to ensure that the accounts are clear and not false." Lu Zetian: "...?" * --------------------------------------------- The three children of the Lu family heard that they would have Stepmother. This means that they will not have enough to eat, have warm clothing, and will most likely be abused. They made up their minds to show their stepmother their strength and let her know they were not easy to bully. As a result, the stepmother saluted them solemnly as soon as they entered the door and then squatted in front of them. "Hello, my name is Qin Shi. In the future, I will take care of your daily life. I swear and promise to treat you fairly, justly, and openly. I hope you can cooperate with me and let us live a good life together." The kids: stunned: ⊙﹏⊙!? ----------------------------------------------- This book does not belong to me and all credit goes to the amazing author Author: hor: Sihua Additional Note: I originally didn't write this. All credit goes to the author I just translated and edited. The words, phrases, and sentences might differ from the original. I tried to keep them as close as the translation but had to add or take out some things. This way, it would be easier to understand the text in English.

hope_hope · Urban
Not enough ratings
22 Chs

Teen Wolf System

Damian gets hit by truck-kun while making a pizza delivery, then meets Sam, a god of sorts with bright golden eyes who reincarnated him in the universe of Teen Wolf which I don't own but a parallel universe that will be my creation. This might be very terrible as it’s my attempt at writing my second book as a high schooler so read at ur own risk and don't get scared.

MadaraUzumaki · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
3 Chs

Nogizaka Harem

There had someone who loved their member too much and they have something else to do with her body.

Famous46 · LGBT+
Not enough ratings
9 Chs

Unexpected Travel Into The Omniverse.

A soul which was floating in the void with near unlimited potential. meet Nathan who was a below-average guy there was nothing special about him at all he wasn't good in studies or wasn't the smartest or most cunning guy or a Casanova. he never had a girlfriend or had any good intentions with a girl before and he is on the plus side(fat) on the body scale. so it also didn't give him any kind of confidence, but he is a simple guy who just wanted to enjoy his life. his love for marvel is really great. he was one of the first to buy tickets and other stuff related to marvel. he didn't miss any movie of the Avengers till now, as he was watching the avengers endgame in the final battle scene. When Thanos said ‘I am inevitable' he can feel his heart pound in his chest and a small layer of sweat forming on his forehead, he kept thinking 'is this going to be an end to the Avengers, everything the Avengers did is for nothing or are Avengers meant to fail to this mad Titan'. as he was having an emotional turmoil, the theater was in an uproar when he saw what happened he can't believe his eyes he saw iron man having the stones in his hand and as he said ‘i am iron man’ and did the snap it was an epic Scene to witness at that moment. but thinks about what he will do if he has unlimited power then he got abducted by a multidimensional being who becomes his jump Chan to help him to get unlimited power, but he knew it was wishful thinking. As he got out of the theater, as he was about to cross the road he saw a purple and violet portal opening in front of him in shock as he tried to move he was unable to move. people around him didn't seem to notice this abnormality and kept going on while talking about the film. the portal quickly sucked him in and then any indication that Nathan was alive or born in the world slowly started to erase. In his flat thing started to turn into dust and being replaced by someone else's things his name on certificates and his collage and the school attendance started to erase, and the memory of him was fading from his friend's and parent's minds. on that day the change was nothing to the world but it was the whole world for a little soul. look into the chapter to continue --------------------------------------------------------------------------- new chapters are being made, I am stacking them up and start to post them when I am done. please support me on pat_reon patreon.com/Tony_stark_3000 and I would appreciate any kind of support I can receive. also possible to crossover with some shows like big bang theory, not the main point but a fun one. also possible world travel. but let's see if he even survives the first one. this is my discord link join me and help me with the novel by giving me your suggestion, I will do my best to add them https://discord.gg/PBd2tFvH (cover is not mine it belongs to David Ali from Pinterest show him some support)

tony_stark_3000 · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
17 Chs