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Cinta Sang Monster

COMPLETED. Snippet: Satu tahun yang lalu Raine dikeluarkan dari Rumah sakit Jiwa dan harus hidup di Panti Asuhan. Itu memang bukan tempat yang terbaik, tapi setidaknya tidak bagi orang sepertinya. Sampai suatu malam yang menentukan Raine bertemu dengan pria itu… *** Pria itu menghentikan mobilnya. Sementara itu, genggaman Raine pada selimutnya mengerat ketika dia bertanya- tanya dalam hati; apakah dia telah melakukan kesalahan? Dia dapat merasakannya ketika Torak mengulurkan tangan kepada dirinya. ‘Apakah dia akan memukulku?’ Raine gemetar karena pemikirannya itu. Namun, Torak membuka hoodie dari kepala Raine dan dengan sangat lembut menyelipkan helaian rambutnya ke balik telinganya. “Jangan,” kata Torak dengan lembut. “Aku ingin melihatmu, jadi jangan menyembunyikan dirimu…” ************** “Kekuatan jiwa dari para Guardian Angel akan bernafas di kehidupan baru dari anak manusia. Tiga Guardian Angel akan lahir ke dunia terrestrial dan sekali lagi, kalian bertiga akan menjadi pelindung mereka.” “Kau akan membuat kami menjadi budak dari makhluk lemah seperti mereka?!” Torak bertanya dengan tidak percaya. “Tidakkah dirimu takut kalau kami akan mematahkan mereka menjadi dua?” Para Guardian Angel itu sangatlah rapuh dan mereka, sebagai Lycanthropes, sangat tidak mengapresiasi segala bentuk kelemahan. “Tidak, kamu tidak akan melakukan itu.” Selene berkata dengan sangat sabar. “Kalian tidak akan menjadi budak mereka ataupun meyakiti para Guardian Angel, kalian akan menghargai mereka dalam hal apapun.” Tapi, suara Selene selanjutnya di selimuti dengan sebuah kebahagiaan saat dia berbicara. “Kalian tidak akan pernah menyakiti pasangan jiwa kalian.” ==== Ini adalah cerita werewolf dan Lycanthropes (dan sudah pasti fantasi)! Didalam cerita ini ada beberapa istilah yang merujuk pada dewa dan dewi yunani kuno. Kalau kalian suka membaca tentang fiksi makhluk supernatural pasti ada beberapa istilah yang tidak asing bagi kalian. Pertanyaan mengenai hal yang kurang jelas dan saran dapat ditulis di kolom komentar, sebisa mungkin akan author jawab. ************************ Update setiap hari Pkl. 13.00 wib. ************************ Meet me on instragram : jikan_yo_tomare

jikanyotomare · Romansa Fantasi

Nero, My Existence is Perfect

Nero begins his new life in a different world, in a body that does not belong to him. Along with a system he still needs to learn and understand it.

Lruska · Fantasy

My Angel system

In old times a boy named Luis had lost his parents at a very tender age, he never even got to know who his parents were. With his parents gone he had to be taken care of by his wicked aunt who hardly fed him once a day, in effort to get food Luis was adviced to steal by a strange book without minding the punishment of burning given to thieves. When Luis was caught he ran into the forest and the villagers including his aunt chased him down with torches. "I think it's best I surrender now" Luis stopped running and was panting now. "I think I can see him!" he heard the village blacksmith shout. He took a little step backwards and down a hole he went. "Noooooo!!!" Luis screamed as he went down the hole, the last thing he saw was a red glowing light and then it was lights out for him. "What happened?" Luis groaned. "Where am I? And why is my body so cold" he said touching his arm" A screen appeard in front of him. [ System revived ] "What?" That was where the true journey began. Now the fate of mankind lies in his hands as he keeps completing tasks and quests to get stronger. Luis keeps getting stronger but the question is: Will he be able to stop Lucifer? Join my discord channel for more info about the novel. https://discord.gg/7DvJCBfvSy You can support me on Patreon and ko-fi for a better work and release ratio. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=66717636 https://ko-fi.com/franklinnwakamma1

Franklin_Nwakamma · Fantasy

Becoming An Ancestor In Another World From This Day On

With the birth of Romo’s 18th generation descendant, something beyond the realm of consciousness has been awakened! Romo Nicholas had been dead for more than 500 years. He has just been forcefully revived by the System called the Ancestral Simulator. To his shock, someone is plundering his descendant Little Arthur’s luck! Romo has to save him! But how? The System has only revived his spirit but not his body. He is now without the magical powers he had as a powerful Mage in his previous life. After his death, his Nicholas family clan has fallen into dire straits and fled to Winterfrost, a desolate place, where they have been oppressed by the two large local family clans in Winterfrost. Sinister forces are plotting against his descendants. Romo can only rely on the System, exchanging Faith Points from the worship by his descendants for Meditation Techniques, Luck Points, Magic Pills, Talismans, Magic Weapons etc. Can he, the Old Ancestor, who remains stuck in his tablet in the ancestral hall, save his clan, protect and prosper his descendants?

Magic Principal · Fantasy

Ancient God in the Modern World

The God of Life and Death was assaulted by eight other Gods and went to his divine slumber. When he woke up, he was no longer in the era that he knew. He woke up in the modern era where there were no Gods. Follow the protagonist as he returns to his peak. But, the question is: can he still return to his peak? Or will he return to his divine slumber never to wake up again? ... In ancient times, the world was dominated by the gods. They rule with love and care for their subjects. They protect and treat them as their own. But where do gods come from? Some say they are the manifestation of beliefs. Some also say that gods exist along with the universe while others say they are supreme since they are the ones who created the universe. Read the book and discover the secrets of a God and the eternal secret of the world. Disclaimer: the pic is not mine and will belong to its owner. Feel Free to DM to remove the image. (Young Master Jay#1823) Regular Chapters count: 2 Discord Server: https://discord.gg/P2GwKby43H

Young_Master_Jay · Fantasy

The Devil’s Fallen Angel

*This is an R-18 story. It involves foul language, sexual content, and violence.* Lucifer ll, the son of the Devil and half-demon, is not only forced to marry, but he is marrying an angel. His father made a deal with God that he now has to honor if he ever wants to take the throne of Hell as his own. He's convinced that she will be no more than a nuisance, but when his bride-to-be arrives in a fiery explosion reserved for those angels that have been cast out, his new wife and her secrets take over his world. Follow Lucifer and his Baby Girl through their relationship and adventures as he tries to rise to the throne of Hell with his queen by his side. excerpt: "What do you propose then?" She asked, lifting her head off his leg and taking a drink from her glass. "You're letting me decide?" He smirked, putting his drink on the side table and leaning forward. "I didn't say I'd agree." Kathrine Ann rolled her eyes before turning and leaning her back against his legs, placing her own glass on the ground next to her. Lucifer leaned back against the couch and stretched his arms across the back of it, "I was just going to suggest you make right on our deal from earlier." He proposed. "Ahh." She answered, tilting her head back so she could see Lucifer's face, which held an amused look and a genuine smile, "You really think you held up your end, huh?" She asked with her own smirk, once again letting her head rest on his legs as she looked straight up at the star-speckled sky. She was a wee bit tipsy, and maybe that had something to do with how she was feeling, but it really was a beautiful night. With the warmth of the little balcony playing alongside the moment of sharing their deepest pains with one another, Kathrine Ann found herself not only feeling closer but also quite comfortable with her Devil. "Undoubtedly." He replied to her question, and she raised a brow, "Admittedly, there was a hiccup or two, but nothing that ruined the evening." He defended, "Plus, I resolved them, did I not?" "A hiccup?" Kathrine Ann scoffed, looking as far up as her eyes would allow so she could see him, "Someone tried to kill me, Luce." Lucifer placed a hand on each cheek and leaned over her so that he stared directly into her eyes. Pools of blue looking down and sparkling emeralds looking up, "Tried." He said in almost a whisper. Kathrine Ann felt his warm breath on her forehead while his hair tickled her face, "Didn't I protect you? Kept you safe?" "I suppose," She agreed, blushing as he shifted forward a bit more so that his lips were now just an inch or so above hers. "Then may I please have what you promised me?" Lucifer asked again. She swallowed and gave a slight nod.

TheYoungLadyL · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Ymir's Holy War

Everything has an end, as well as its own beginning. The never-ending cycle of the world. Which every living being is caged.....A cage of fate. A cage of endless possibilities. From where stories and epics are born. Follow the life of Aiden, caught between the apocalypse. Where humanity was caught sort during their time at the top. Following its inevitable extinction. Aiden, a fellow human. Blessed with a miracle, a wish. What will he do? Who will he save? Is humanity really going to go extinct between the epic war of supernatural beings like Angels and Demons? The monumental war, prophesied in many bibles and Epic stories. The war, known as Ymir'sHoly War.

Highelder · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Enigma of the V

What would you do if a pigeon told you that you had to save the world? This is what happened to Legend, a ten year old kid that was originally a seventeen year old named Jonas. Now he's in another dimension called the Arkana, and after accepting his new reality he's become a wannabe adventurer. After meeting new friends along the way, they uncover an evil conspiracy to open a dimensional doorway allowing something unholy into the Arkana. Will Legend and his new friends be able to stop those that long to see the world burn?

Jonkohrr · Fantasy