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As issei hyoudou with twist ( dxd) [ in rewrite]

it's about a man who died due to a god's irresponsibility and was reincarnated in dxd world as issei hyoudou but with a wish and a different sacred gear instead of boosted gear but wait why does he have a brother ?how exactly will he change the plot ? , follow the new issei in his journey from a dragon emperor to dragon god harem yes but maximum 3 to 4 girls Note : first few chps aren't that good but I have made improvements as the story moves on [ I DON'T OWN ANYTHING BESIDES MY OWN OC'S , THE REST BELONGS TO THE ORIGINAL CREATORS ]

winter_flake_ · Fantasy
4 Chs

Fighting Destiny

Sue is a daughter of an elite but she is just another girl with an ill-fated destiny. With preparations already in order to Damien Thorne, Sue has decided not to be a slave of anyone .Can she fight to change her destiny or end up accepting her fate?

Megan_Immanuella · Fantasy
44 Chs

Aprendí a amar

Esta historia gira alrededor de Shin Hyun un estudiante universitario promedio procedente de Corea del Sur, cuya sexualidad vive y experimenta con mucha cautela, algo de lo que aún es prohibido o incorrecto hablar en pleno siglo XXI , por otro lado la relación con sus padres la describiría como algo complejo e incómodo, sin embargo Jun Seo, su mejor amigo es su gran apoyo, pero a sus vidas llega Edna, una chica mexicana que va de intercambio, quien se hará rápidamente cercana a ellos marcando el inicio de una amistad incondicional, por otra parte llegará Hye Joon, el presidente del consejo estudiantil con quien se involucra Shin Hyun y que podría decirse que es su primer amor, aunque nunca pudo haber imaginado que podría ser un trago tan amargo, pero con ayuda de Jun Seo y Edna podrá salir de una relación marcada por abusos, violencia y confusión, que dará inicio a nuevas facetas sobre él mismo que no conocía, conocerá nuevas personas y nuevas maneras de relacionarse, que le ayudará a forjar nuevos lazos de amistad, familiares y de pareja, pero lo primordial, de ver que es alguien merecedor de amor y que también es capaz de ofrecerlo, pues la nobleza, la gentileza y el amor nunca han matado a nadie.

Cale_07 · LGBT+
Not enough ratings
91 Chs

What if goku was in highschool dxd

What if goku was in highschool dxd. Were going to used manga goku will all of this abilities but he is around the age of a high schooler. Meaning Perfect Master Ultra instinct and all of goku's abilities. This happens before the rating match and the story will continue on before the rating match. No! Goku will not get a harem. Goku isn't the guy to have one.

Greater_Oat · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
26 Chs

En un Nuevo Mundo Cómo un Dios Shinobi

tras haber sellado a Kaguya "La diosa conejo" en Naruto con ayuda de Sasuke, sakura y kakashi y haber liberado a todos del "tsukuyomi infinito". Naruto y Sasuke fueron a "Valle del fin" para resolver para saber cual es la verdadera forma de salvar el mundo. Tras haber chocado sus últimos ataques, donde los dos murieron en el proceso. en un lugar oscuro donde no había fin se encontraba Naruto donde se encontraría con un viejo conocido, que le contaría que le iba a pasar algo muy grande con el y su nueva vida con regalos y ayuda de familia, viejos amigos, nuevos conocidos y antiguos ¿enemigos? como el nuevo Dios Shinobi. Aclaraciones: Los personajes de naruto, naruto shippuden, highschooldxd, de otros animes y películas no me pertenecen si no a su respectivos creadores

EsCarabajal · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
36 Chs

Her Professor

Dixie D'Amelio, now in her final year of college, is at a loss—a loss for love, passion, wrath, violence, and more. Her life changes when she meets Noah Beck, an attractive, affluent, and sadistic man. A big problem lies between them: He's her teacher. She's his student. Love and deep feelings will inevitably get in the way, but they try to resolve and keep it to a minimum. What will happen when they embark on an expedition to learn more about sadomasochism? Secrets are difficult to keep, dangerous to know and even more reputation shredding to hold, but is this one worth keeping?

jmwreads · Urban
Not enough ratings
56 Chs

I'll teach you chemistry

MATURE CONTENT!! EROTICA (STRICTLY 18+) SLOW BURN ROMANCE It all started with him placing his soft hand on my thigh then pulling the hem of my short school skirt up, practically sending wild tremors down my spine. The touch of Chevy, the playboy was sexually arousing... really good. He stroked and lightly kneaded my thigh which turned me on and made me feel awfully horny. The sound of the bell ringing startled me and I adjusted my skirt. I peered into his ocean blue eyes lurking with lust and could tell he didn't want me to leave. "I'm up for the chemistry lesson." I muttered while picking my chemistry books from the counter. "Not so fast," he grabbed my arm and pulled me to his embrace. "Chevy! Let go, I'm serious." I knitted my brows sternly. "We can have our chemistry class right here, I'll teach you chemical bonding, how about that?" He winked trying to win me over. "C'mon pumpkin, say yes!" He pestered me when I took too long to respond. I sighed silently giving in because I couldn't resist his charm...... ******* What will happen when Gigi falls in love with Chevy, a playboy experimenting his stamina on every damsel's peaches? Was he worth fighting for or would she stop giving herself to him generously? Catch up on this highschool roaller coaster and have fun reading. Like it? Add it to your Library. I'm also the author of : My Mother's Hot Boy Toy (completed) The woman he couldn't have (ongoing)

Pinky_Julie · Teen
Not enough ratings
14 Chs

Fiona (Life As A Nigerian)

This is a Bildungsroman and an autobiography of Fiona, where she tries to explain her life and struggles as a Nigerian.

AndyPercy02 · Teen
Not enough ratings
38 Chs