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Re-create based upon the characters, the plots, the backgrounds and other elements of Fate.
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Wife of The Demon Prince

To save her family from dying unjustly like they did in her previous life she has to marry a Prince rumored to be a demon. A marriage that was only a deal on paper turns to something they both can't resist. ** Two people who transverse through a lifetime of difficulty and hardship only to find each other again in another lifetime. Will their love transcend over the forces of time and the evil that lurks behind the power of a wish? Or will fate tear them apart to regain the world's stability. *************** Excerpt "How ridiculous, just because you saved my life, now I have to pay you back by marrying you?" Hamon looked strangely terrifying as he gave her a mocking laugh. If he wasn't already wounded Ara might've beat that laugh off his face, for her own peace of mind. "Your Highness if you keep laughing like that, your wound will open." Her voice sounded muffled behind the armor making it quite gruff. "Shut your disgusting mouth, even your voice is disgusting." "Your Highness, listen to what I ha-" "I'm going to say this one last time. I'm not going to marry you....so You can take your sorry self and leave this place right now while am being nice!" Ara wanted to fume At him when he kept on interrupting her again and again. 'He thinks I'm disgusting, after I risked my life to save him? What an arrogant pompous Prince!' Despite her anger boiling beneath the surface, she said in a calm voice. "Can you please just listen to me first?" __ Excerpt 'Without Arabella...Hamon is nothing.' 'Die? How will you die when I'll be here to bring you back? Not even death can take you away from me, wife.' 'If anything happens to you...I will ruin the entire world!' Memories of his words to his wife began to echo in his head, then images of her smiling face. And what she said earlier. 'If you tell me to split up with you again, I'll get very mad at you. And I won't allow you hold me to sleep tonight!' 'Hamon, I'll be dead before I leave your side, I am your wife and once your soldier, I am not a coward. I am staying by your side!' Hamon sat frozen on the cold forest ground as he held Ara's dead body in his arms. There was no longer any signs of tears in his eyes, all that was left was a pair of soulless eyes. He slowly glanced down at her pale lifeless face, the reality began to sink to his mind. His wife was dead, Ara was dead... She died saving him, taking the arrows meant for him. As those thoughts went through his mind, his face slowly began to darken, like cloudy storms of an incoming typhoon that could tear the skies and the earth apart, gradually his forearms veins started to turn purple and it spread to his neck veins and forehead. He pulled away from Ara's body and stood to his feet. Eyes as red as blood, claws long and sharp pierced through his fingers cutting his skin, but he didn't so much as flinch as the blood dripped from them. Purple dark veins appeared on his face as his sharp fangs peeked out of his clenched lips. There the Demon stood with flames blazing in his hands, it looked nothing like Hamon. Just his soulless eyes were enough to make one crawl away in fright. __ Note: this book is a slow burn romance, and there's no major tragedy. You can also check out my other book. Title: Bound To The Ice Dragon King Happy reading! Disclaimer: Cover image isn't mine, will take it down if the owner wants me to.

Ash20 · Fantasy
341 Chs

CEO's Clumsy Secret Wife

Wang Yu Yan, the youngest princess of the ancient chinese empire. Is bullied by her mother the Queen and her older sister. She is forced into an arranged marriage with a Prince she has never met. Instead of reaching her destination she travels in time to find the man she always saw in her dreams. In the modern world she is deemed crazy however Unexpectedly the man she was fated to meet falls in love with her. However unknown things from the past keep following her. Will the love of this out of place princess and the non expecting millionaire heir stand the test of time? _____ Follow the story of a princess from a past era( Wang Yu Yan) and a CEO of a family company as they navigate love. This is a slow burn romance filled with sweet, adventure, mystery, funny and emotional moments. Can they survive twists and turns fate has for them?

Yanie_Long · Fantasy
133 Chs

Fighting Destiny

Sue is a daughter of an elite but she is just another girl with an ill-fated destiny. With preparations already in order to Damien Thorne, Sue has decided not to be a slave of anyone .Can she fight to change her destiny or end up accepting her fate?

Megan_Immanuella · Fantasy
44 Chs

[GL] Aurore

Between heaven and earth there is much more than humans can imagine. The gods take advantage of myths to act and rule over everyone without raising suspicion. Immersed in their desires and luxuries they survive amid the misery and bankruptcy of the kingdom of men. Hela is the goddess of the Dead, tired of seeing the living frightened by death and especially withering away in life. She firmly believes that the gods have forgotten their true purpose in the universe. After being betrayed, she was humiliated, imprisoned and sentenced to marry Ina and live with her for a thousand years in exile in the kingdom of darkness. Ina, the holder of the secret of eternal life and the key to paradise, was punished by all the gods after they felt disrespected in the face of the possibility of the finitude of their own powers. The two accepted their intertwined fates and lived together for a thousand years until they realized that they had ambitions to live together for all eternity. When the thousand years finally ended, one of them would be able to return to her life in the Kingdom of the Dead, while the other would remain imprisoned in the realm of darkness as a mere mortal ready to die at any moment. A countdown began with Hela desperately looking for a way to make Ina immortal once more, without any concern if she would be forced to fight or kill whether they were men or gods, no one would disturb her again. Only one thing was certain: Hela would not fail a second time. __________________ Support me and give me a gift! https://www.wishtender.com/moonsside __________________ I don't own the rights to the cover image, it's an image taken from the internet and I couldn't find the author to offer the due credits.

moonsside · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
97 Chs

Uprising: Book one

Eleven races conquer this world and hope to coexist together. When one thing leads to another, it would be inevitable that conflicts would break out eventually. Craigavon Stormfrost; a human, ends up in the middle of it all; from grudges of old to newly arising conflicts. In midst of all the chaos he discovers many things, including a terrifying secret that threatens the lives of all. Will he be the hero that others can depend on, or will he fall to the clutches of evil. Dig in and find out for yourself in this epic fantasy story - Uprising. >>> This is my entry into the spirity awards competition. Please show your support and help this new and upcoming author. Don't judge a book by it's cover and give the first few chapters a try, I'm certain you won't regret it :) With your support this just might be the next big hit series :) :) :) :) Ps. Book cover personally created by me ;)

Ladrakeus_Allen · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
63 Chs

Gilgamesh template in Naruto

From MTL -------- |•| Updated Every Day At 06.00 |•| Become Naruto's brother and unlock Gilgamesh's template system (Golden King) [ I took this story from MTL so this is not mine, and i use translation so sorry if my grammar is bad][Naruto and Fate (Type-Moon) Not mine][ Cover taken from pinterest ]

Pandaaa_ · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
26 Chs

BTS Jungkook's Ff (Cold ceo)

Jungkook is a CEO of his own company while Yn is a simple girl who has been appointed as Jungkook's secretary now. But suddenly Jungkook makes a deal with Yn and she Agreed for it not knowing the consequences after. Will this deal lead their life to something they didn't expected? Thanks for showing so much love on my fanfic!! If you're liking my writing then please check out my other account @Elsie_ot7army and @Elsieyuji... i wrote many one shot fanfics there :)

LOt7army · Realistic
Not enough ratings
23 Chs

Fate/Avenger | Reborn in Marvel

Angel Aparicio is a not very common young man, when he discovers that God is an alternate version of him, with everything against him, he is sent to the world of Marvel with the powers of Gilgamesh If you want to read my work in Spanish, I'll be uploading it later

Puffy03 · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
5 Chs