195 Chapter 195

Rumble, rumble—

Kee hee hee hee hee hee—

The sounds of dark ghosts flowed out from Warth's black sword. The sword was the source of the laughter of the souls, these castles, and the rage that filled the whole dungeon.

"You know me, but you still attack me with a sword?" Wrath gnashed his teeth. His eyes were as cold as ice. "How dare you...!"

"Of course, I won't defeat you only with just a sword."

Su-hyeun was an outstanding awakener, but his opponent at the moment was a genius who had wielded the sword every day since he was a baby. If Su-hyeun had to fight with only a sword, he wouldn't be able to win against him.

"But fighting is—"


Su-hyeun rushed to Wrath.



Wrath's body was pushed back by the strong attack. His eyes widened at the shock. He felt like his hands were tearing apart.

"—not just a matter of technique."



Su-hyeun swung his sword once more at Wrath's head.


Tingling, numb—


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