Reincarnated as a Son of the Sword Saint and the Sage Book

novel - Fantasy

Reincarnated as a Son of the Sword Saint and the Sage


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"You are chosen to be reincarnated in this era." A plain 17-year-old high school boy involved in a truck-kun incident met a goddess upon waking up. He was given abilities that he wished for and was reborn as the son of an aristocratic family. He found out that his parents were actually the strongest couple on the continent. But that's not the thing for which he was shocked. He discovered that both his biological parents were actually women?! With his cheat skills, he will live his life as much as he pleases and build a nation in the process. ___________________ PLEASE READ THE REVIEWS IF THERE WERE SOMETHING THAT WERE NOT IN YOUR CUP. WARNING: Yuri, Incest, Selfcest [READ AT YOUR OWN RISK] The story will run at a slow pace. I apologize in advance if the story had slow development. PS: This is my very first work, so there will be mistakes. Please consider my writing skills, if anything. The cover is AI-generated.


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