First Demonic Dragon

Author: AnathaShesha
Ongoing · 4.9M Views
  • 622 Chs
  • 4.6
    81 ratings
  • NO.88

What is First Demonic Dragon

Read ‘First Demonic Dragon’ Online for Free, written by the author AnathaShesha, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, R18 Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Carter Williams was your typical twenty year old loser. After a fight in the street leaves him unconscious he wakes up i...


Carter Williams was your typical twenty year old loser. After a fight in the street leaves him unconscious he wakes up in the body of a young dragon in an entirely new world. Armed with a system to assist him and two beautiful wives to support him, Carter vows never to live his life hiding in the dark again as he seeks the title of dragon king. - Additional tag : Yuri Discord link is : https://discord.gg/q68P5JPnNz

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‘Burning....’ She kicked and thrashed until the blanket fell from her bed, long black hair matted to her forehead and neck as she spread out on her bed, seeking some sort of relief from the burning that was happening within her body.... ‘I...I am burning...’ She squeezed her eyes shut as she felt every cell in her body shaking, She tried to stay within the realm of dreams as her body continued to burn her... ‘ Fire...Everything around me must be burning...’ The flames engulfed her room. Bright red and orange morphed to hues of green and blue as delirium took her mind to wondrous imaginations... she grasped at pleasant dreams and memories as the fever within her body physically presented itself in the form rare and exotic colors that seamed to burst from her body and dance around her... whispers of images and memories danced within the colorful swirling flames.... ‘Is this hell?’ She was clammy, hot, unbearably uncomfortable... her clothes were burned away from her body that was physically shaking as she started to whimper aloud... ‘Have I come to hell?’ Her cellular shaking was beginning to burn her joints and her bones... she could feel them tearing apart thread by thread... She could feel every fiber of her being ... it felt as if a dull hot blade were cutting her layer by layer...fiber by fiber stretching... ‘Is this how it feels to be torn apart?’ Every nerve tingling with raw energy, shaking, creating more friction within her body; making it burn even more... Her heart was pumping so fast it felt as though it would burst out of her chest at any moment. The new pace was bruising her sternum, making the now golden eyed girl gasp for air as it was sucked out of her room- her windows shattered to give her the fresh air she needed. ‘It...hurts...’ Her chest constricted as her body refused to obey her commands, she wasn't even aware of what she was commanding her body to do... she could hear screaming, thumps and thuds... but she could not make out anything else... she could feel a thunderous shaking rumbling from her bruised chest... ‘Make it stop...’ Everything hurt....everything felt unbearably sore...everything felt too real to be real... Part of her wondered if the burning fever drove her mad as it hurt too much to produce a coherent thought... ‘Is this... how I die?...’ She screamed as painful convulsions ripped through her battered body. The burning came back tenfold and she felt the air leave her body as she gave into the smothering darkness... “Wake up young one...” A mystical melodic voice whispered from within the darkness... “It is time.... To Wake!”

Annalysia_Ybarra · Fantasy
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i really hope his mommy joins the harem c'mon author san do it


I clicked this because it was on feature and piqued my intrest with over 100 free chapters and thought it would be bad or something but I was so wrong it’s honestly one of the best novels I have read on this app definitely top 10 and if there’s a mistake in the spelling or whatnot if you comment on it Anatha is quick to fix it and he/she seems like a nice person so I highly recommend not only is the world,character,and plot 10/10 but Anatha gives their best to make it great


I found this in my recomendations and I can honestly say that I am very impressed with this novel. The quality of the story, so far, in regards to pretty much everything is amazing. The overall grammer and spelling of the novel is just awesome, and the world building has been great. There are some cliches but they are still added to the story pretty well. The character all have there own personalities and thoughts, and I appreciate how the author changes POV every so often to let us see into the minds of the main characters (he states whos POV it is as well). The authors titles for the chapters are funny and overall very good which gets me excited for what I’m about to read. The only thing I question about the story so far is how early in the book Exedra is to accept things like killing and exterminating bloodlines over something that didnt really hurt him. Which happened on only the second day of him being there. Other than that I am honestly shocked at how good this novel is despite it being the authors first novel. If you are into fantasy, reincarnation, and a bit of seggs this is a great story (though the seggs aint necessary). P.S. the seggs are pretty good.


This novel is extremely cringy. I can't read anymore as it kills me to try. Please forgive my harshness but I only reviewed this because webnovel recommend it. [img=faceslap]


Reveal spoiler


None human MC with evolution as long as he doesn ’t become a wife collector this should be a fun ride


TLDR: solid story, interesting take on the relationship between gods (author clearly knows a lot about that stuff), A little glossy on the details about powers, but makes up for it with decent character development, overall funny without beating dead horses too much. feels a little rushed in story development at points but I can see it being fine if it takes the route I believe it will. i wish the author would update a wee bit more but as long as the posting stays consistent it's no big deal.


review from chapter 88. story so far has just been meh. It really is a nice read but bland. I feel as though the Mc is a Gary stu. most females easily fall for him. gets married out of nowhere easily. Mc constantly keeps having things go his way. He is op for his level. fighting above his level constantly. So if you really like op Gary stu Mc read this. I'm not trying to be mean as well. It is just the way I see it. which has made me drop it. Since I just find to boring at this point.


Started off pretty interesting to say the least. However, it’s another story where the author interprets dark themes meaning mass sexual assault of women… it’s not an interesting plot point, and quite obviously not enjoyable and yet the descriptions of the actions are decently in detail as if I’m supposed to enjoy it. Within like 5 ch you get introduced to one of the new harem members and the noble that is famous for kidnapping women, physically abusing and assaulting them with vivid detail on how he forces them to use their mouths before tossing them aside. How he wants his servant to go get the husband and brother out of the dungeon so that they are forced to watch… The women of the story are pretty well thought out, but the rest of the story will give me some new form of ptsd at this rate Are you alright author?


could you please stop with PAV PIV POV ? it feel lame,its reduce the fun of reading a books,


the story is really good it has really good world building the quality seems really high as well since there not many spelling errors


Good job author, incredible story but please don’t drop it!


Absolutely fantastic. So far I feel like the harem has progressed really well, nothing seems forced and although there are some women who I would love to see with the Mc ,the author does a really good job at limiting the pace of the harems growth. The story is pretty good so far and has kept me interested since the beginning. The writing is fantastically well done with very few spelling errors that you probably won’t even notice. The one and only problem I have with this novel is that there aren’t enough chapters, I cought up to the current chapter 78 and now I don’t know that to do😔.


I love the story. Yuri chased a lot of people away. Even if I don't like it too, I still enjoy the thrilling parts of an overpowered Mc novel.*currently in chapter 125.


Good work for a novice writer. The novel has potential. It's just that the streams of events happen very quickly.The characters are well written. If the author continues to improve himself, I'm sure his future works will be outstanding. I hope the author doesn't lose his motivation.


I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! When is the next chapter coming? 😵‍💫I need a new one please I'm begging.


It has be good so far I really like it!!!!!😆😌😁😁😁😁😁😁


Good read, I like the Mc and his harem a lot but hope the harem doesn’t grow to big. Can’t wait to see how the story progresses and how the Mc will evolve.


Finally a good novel where the mc is not a human, release is pretty good, story is good, sad that mc looks better then me, should give you only 4 stars for that😇😂 Hope you dont drop it and are able to finish the story with many chapters ^^


I hope you write at least 1500 chapters cuz I'm hooked. Definitely one of the best novels I've read. Love the world-building, Abaddon, his wives and his interaction with his children. There's a ton of mythology which you've seamlessly integrated like the different pantheons and the abyss. It's so rare to find a dragon mc that actually behaves like a proper dragon with all the greediness, sometimes impetuous and ofc is reasonably op. Ignore the haters because they will never offer constructive criticism and they have nothing to accomplish in their lives so they try to make other people miserable and drag them down. You just focus on your health and please keep writing this gem.


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