4 A new day

Six Months Later

"That's good. You are really an intelligent boy, my son" Mr father said, ruffling my air as the palm of his hands soothed my scalps.

"But don't force yourself too much, I have already decided to teach you everything there is about being a head butler when you are seven. So enjoy your free time as it is now because there won't be much of it in the future".

I nodded. He too nodded when he saw me nodding my head in understanding. He knew that I was smart enough to understand his words, and possibly comprehend anything he teaches. But he would rather hold out till he has deemed me of age to do so.

"Alright, I have to start going to work. Your mother will be back home before six o'clock as always and I will be back by exactly nine o'clock…. as usual" He added, arranging his bowtie properly before tucking his handkerchief into his tiny chest pocket.

Giving me another nod, he turned around and left.

As I had mentioned before, it was improper. Absolutely improper to leave a child locked in a mansion, all by himself, without any friends or playmates from seven in the morning to six in the evening and not expect any negative consequences.

Yet again, thankfully, I wasn't just any ordinary child, however, I still felt pity for the innocent child that would have been born in my place if I wasn't reborn.

Turning my gaze to the pile of new books all arranged neatly on a small bookshelf, I walked towards them as my brain tasted for knowledge, and such taste, trickled through my fingers and legs, propelling me towards the bookshelf.

Even though my father said that he will wait for me till I am seven, I couldn't sit idly and wait for him to come back every single day just to turn on the radio and then repeat the process over and over again, until I am seven.

I couldn't! I absolutely couldn't!!

Because doing so would be nothing but torture for my caged mature mind. I needed to be productive, secretly at least.

"Art of stewarding'

'The butler's guide to running a home'

'Guide to excellent listening and verbal communication skills'

'Setting household standards'

'The power of self-discipline'

'The power of Patience'

"Skills for expecting the unexpected'

And lastly…

'10 natural laws of successful time management'.

Each book is what my father thinks, or to phrase it in his own words 'It will make me a better butler than he ever was'. And if I interpreted it myself then, these books were meant to provide me with the theoretical knowledge of being a good butler, thus moulding me into a 'perfect butler'.

If I needed to live comfortably in this world then I needed to read these books first.

The butler's guide to running a home and the guide to excellent listening and verbal communication skills were explanatory.

In fact, they were all self-explanatory!

Dragging a small stool that I could use to level my height and reach the top of the shelf, I grabbed the 'Art of stewarding' which was the first that my father had listed in chronological order.

Removing the thick book, possibly filled with hundreds of pages, I threw it to the ground, jumped down from the top of the stool, comfortably arranged myself as I flipped the book over, flicking the front cover to the first page, and then I started reading.

And so, it was in this manner that I read as time ticked by slowly, with my nose lost between the pages of the books.


Three weeks passed, and I was done memorising every page in the two books -'Art of Stewarding' and the 'The butler's guide to running a home'. Only for my father to come back home the next day with volume two of 'The butler's guide to running a home'.

Nonetheless, I still read everything in under one week. And since I was doing all this at his back, knowing that he was still making preparations to teach me in the future, I had no room to argue since I wanted to be ahead.

"Thump!" I closed the book shut and picked up volume two of the 'Art of Sterwading'.

Needless, to say that he kept on replenishing the books, each from volumes two to three until he had to construct another shelf for the extra books.

Regardless, I had no choice, because if I wanted to keep up at this pace, then I needed to keep on reading.


Although I am impressed and astounded by my father's perseverance to teach and turn me into the perfect butler, so that I won't have to worry about my daily bread, I was still....

Mother-fucking-annoyed at his determination.


Hah!! That should be it.

Within the thirteenth week, I covered the entirety of volume two and volume three of 'Guide to excellent listening and verbal communication skills' and 'Setting household standards'.

Although the task was irksome, the feeling I got after finishing the last chapter was incredible. Sometimes, I think that my memory as a child and the unnatural concentration of an adult is what turned my hippocampus into a beast.

Closing the books, I placed them back on the shelves and removed the stool, putting it back in its usual position to avoid suspicion.

Moving towards my usual spot as I waited for my mother, I couldn't wait to hear how Prince Wyatt defeated the monstrous sea beast in an epic quest to get back control over the seas.



As the only means of entertainment, you seriously can't expect me not to be excited.

…...Sigh… But still, I would do anything to watch this on my ultra HD 4k led 42 Inch Tv.

Minutes trickled by as silence was entertained by my thoughts. Looking at the wall clock, I frowned.

"Shouldn't she be back by now?" However, the time says that she should have been back about 30 minutes ago.

Although there were rare times when she returns home late, it has never been this late.

Gritting my teeth together, I thought about the repercussion of her lateness, There was no way that I would miss such a very important scene. I absolutely could not miss it.

And so without hesitation, I stood up.

Why should I wait for them to come back home before I used the radio?

Aren't I a mature man with decades of experience but just trapped in the body of a little child?

If so, then I could just watch and then switch it off when they get back!!

With such conviction in my heart, I walked towards the radio along with my stool. Dragging it along the rugged carpets, I placed the stool in front of the radio that towered me significantly in height.

Climbing up and balancing myself on the stool I switched on the radio and tuned in to my favourite station. Although it took some time as I occasionally tuned in to some static frozen stations that 'hisss' only, I continued until I arrived at the station I was looking for.


"We bring to you another evening daily show of Prince Wyatt and his jolly crewmen"

Whenever they arrive, I will just switch it off and pretend as though nothing happened.

"Last time on Prince Wyatt's adventures, he battled with the…..Hiiiisssssssss"

The station turned static.

.... What the fuck is going on?

Tuning in and out of the station once more, the static noise playing in the background made my heart leap into my mouth. I thought that I might have broken the radio because it has never done such a thing before.

Except for now, when I touched it!

I tried. Again and again, only to be met by the same static noise.

Trying for one last time before I pulled the plug and switched it off, and then run off to a corner and pretend like nothing ever happened.

But, all of my worries were for nought as the station sprang back to life.

"Shii--- Infortmatio ----Hiisss…"

I sighed.

"Breaking news. Information has just reached out now that there is some kind of wormholes, presumably 'portal-like doorways' as termed by the Mr Hogwarts -An 'Astrophysics scientist' that's currently in our midst, and someone who is going to help us understand what we have seen".

I blinked.

"Now, what do you think these 'wormholes' that have been springing out all over the states in the past few hours"

I blinked again.

"Point of correct, Mrs Clint, these are 'Doorways'. And it is my understanding that, possibly. Theoretically. One way or the other, another world is trying to crash into ours"

Wha- - -

"Well, Professor, I don't really understand what you are saying, but how are you sure that these wormholes are doorways leading to another world?.... I am well aware that the scientific community is still trying to prove or dismiss the fact of whether or not we are alone in this universe. But, please, can you clarify on how you came to such a conclusion?"

Wha--- What the fuck is this?

"I don't need to explain anything. In a matter of months, days or maybe god help us, hours, I assure you that there will be creatures or some form of sentient life never seen before by the likes of science walking out of those portals"

What the hell is this?

"Alright Professor, if you wo…. Hiisssss---Hissssss" The station went static one more time before it instantly sprang back to life.

"Hissss--- What is it?----Hisssss--- Come on! Talk-----" A loud gulp made its way out of the radio "Professor....Hissss--- We have just been told that something has come out of the portal...…."

"BOOOOMMMM!!!" My ears pricked as I ran to look outside the window, hoping, praying that I might have misheard and the explosion right now had sounded from the radio.

"BOOOOOM!!!!" I blinked again while using my hands to wipe my eyes clean.

I repeated my actions until I was sure that I wasn't just seeing things and the large fumes of smoke rising into the clouds were indeed happening in front of my vision.

My arms dropped down dumbly as I stared in utmost disbelief.

Is this what happens when you listen to the radio without any form of 'Parental guidance'?

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