Divine Son Reincarnated With A Domination System Book

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Divine Son Reincarnated With A Domination System


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Accused by his enemies, Tang Yin was led to a dead end and died at the hands of his enemies. Even so, fate gave him a new chance, and his soul traveled to a lower world, where he managed to reincarnate. His new body had no cultivation and no family either, so he was now a total cripple in an unknown world, with enemies lurking at his door. Yet, he is the proud Divine Heir, dubbed the 'Divine Son' of the Upper Realm. How could something so simple stop him? That is why he will forge his own path and rise again, this time by the hand of a mysterious power that belongs exclusively to him. 'Even if I don't understand why I was chosen as Divine Heir, I will create my own path and forge my own power.' He thought. At the same time, a strange and mysterious system with an attractive power, which it said could help him complete his revenge, appeared before him. [You must become the Host of the Domination System] [Do you accept?] ***** *Discord Server: https://discord.gg/NYYPdAzcAz **The first 92 chapters are in the process of being rewritten; thanks for reading! English is not my native language and I am a person who is just learning the language, so you might find grammatical mistakes, I apologize for them. Bonus chapters for your gifts: For every Castle (5,000 Coins) = 3 Bonus Chapters Bonus chapter with PS: Soon, again!


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